Tony Moly Floria Nutra-Energy Miracle Serum with Argan Oil [ AntiWrinkle Functional Proudct] Review

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
I've been looking for a good serum for a long time. Moisturizer after toner no longer felt enough. Moisture, brightening, and wrinkle prevention are the things I look for in a good serum. Also, it should not clog my pores.

The first time I tried this serum was when I received a small sample of it with a Tony Moly purchase. I didn't expect it to be so oily. In fact I had applied it on my face right before boring a car to go on a trip. It didn't absorb very fast at all and left my face looking as if I had oiled it (which, truthfully, I did BUT I had expected it to absorb ). Anyways, my co-worker told me my face was much brighter than the day before, and thus I went out and bought the full size.

This serum is part of the Tony Moly Floria Nutra- Energy line. This line contains a well raved toner, emulsion, cream, essence, and i think a massage pack.


" This rich & full - body textured serum which utilizing the natural and argan oil base, delivers skin empowering and moisturizing effects into skin. It gives rich and soft touch; and facial tone will look significantly lifted and visibly brilliant with the vibrant presentation "


"After cleansing, apply adequate amount o fthe product to all over face and neck. Use morning and night. For all skin types."

Performance: This serum lives up to its claims, my face does feel so soft and moisturized the morning after application. It also looks a lot brighter.

You'll want to apply this only at night time as it does leave your skin looking very shiny and oily. I find that if you mix the serum with moisturizer, then it absorbs quicker and also cancels out the shiny and oily effect. 
Some people say serum should be used before toner, but I tend to use this after my Missha Time Revolution Essence and ampole. I feel as if the Essence helps the serum absorb better and also because I feel that anything applied after the serum will have a harder time being absorbed by the skin.
Price: 24 000 Won for 35ml.

What I love about it:
     - It is effective. I can see that my face looks much brighter the next morning.
     - It smells lovely, very relaxing.
     - It is very moisturizing
     - It doesn't clog my pores
     - Comes in a convenient pump dispenser
     - Bottle allows you to see how much product you have left (VERY important)
     - Made with a lot of natural ingredients
     - The ingredient list is impressive.

What I don't love about it
     - It takes a long time to fully absorb which leaves you with a face looking so oily that you'll just want to apply this at night only.
     - Expensive for a Tony Moly item, 24 000Won for 35ml.

Texture: thick and slick. It feels slightly thicker than olive oil but definitely oily. They say that if you use oil products on your skin, you're going to be less oily than if you had used a oil-free product. The reason for this is because your skin produces oil to keep your skin hydrated. If you use an oil base product then your skin may not need to produce so much oil on its own.

Availability:  I purchased this in a Tony Moly store in Korea but I'm sure there are many online stores or ebay that sell it. The prices are probably going to be higher than 24 000Won.

Rating: A+

This is by far the best serum I've used so far. I will repurchase this after I finish up this bottle. It comes in 35ml but it has lasted me for about half a year, as I tend to only use this at night time.


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