[REVIEW] BEYOND Alice In Glow Oil Tint

Monday, March 14, 2016

Around last autumn, Beyond released an Alice in Wonderland themed limited edition collection. Although, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite fairytales, there wasn't much I wanted to get from the collection. It wasn't until I was looking for dupes of the YSL Oil Tint that I found interest in the Alice in Glow Oil Tints. Review of these is way overdue as it's been around for so long and a Beyond x Alice Season 2 has just been released! You can still find this product around eBay and Korean shopping sites. They retailed for 10 000 Won (~ $10 USD) in Korea.

Isn't the packaging just adorable? The Korean beauty scene is really killing it with their packaging. 

If you're not familiar, BEYOND is a brand that focuses on the environment and animals. I recall that a few years ago they had a cute lipstick line where a portion of the revenue was given to a wildlife charity. They're also really well known for their crazy, animal masks.
This pretty much sums up the brand!

There are five colours in this range: #1 Care #2 Orange #3 Pink Red #4 Burgundy #5 Violet

The two colors I chose are #03 Pink Red and #04 Burgundy


The Card Soldiers are the main theme for these tints - being on the box and on the actual tint tubes. They're so cute!! The tubes themselves are plastic, with a plastic lid. The white area near the top is opaque but the bottom is semi-transparent so you can still see the product inside.

The wand is really similar to the YSL Oil Tints. There's a hole in the centre but excess product is squeezed out when you pull the wand from the tube.

The wand is slightly curved and I find that it really helps give more precision (which is really important!)

This has a soft, fruity scent that is unlike anything I've smelled before. It's very distinctive.

When I was looking for reviews, this colour came up the most. For some reason, it tends to give me a natural gradation every time I use it. Despite the outside tube showing a orangey colour, the swatch of this is pink with a bit of red. 

I really wanted this to be a true burgundy but it actually ended up looking almost exactly the same as #03 Pink Red but with a bit of purple berry. 

The tint that's left behind from both colours are the same. You can see how it's already drying into the lines of my lips.

After hearing all the raves on this product, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When I finally received it, I put on #4 Burgundy immediately and fell in love with how beautiful, absolutely beautiful it looked. It gave me shine and colour that just made me feel like I've just put 100% more effort into my appearance. 

The gloss applies on easily and smoothly. It doesn't feel thick nor sticky. Initially, it honestly doesn't feel like there's anything on my lips. The only way I could tell that I had it on was the shine! Although, it initially applies on rather light and almost clear, the colour intensifies quickly to a brighter colour.  You got to be careful with how you apply this. I've used it like a clear gloss before and went slightly over my lip lines. The results? I looked like a kid who had drank a bowl of Kool Aid - yes a bowl. After the shine wore off, it started to feel drying. It felt like the tint started to really cling tight onto my lips. The shine was probably the oil and it lasts only about 2 hours on me. The tint that is left behind lasts forever - really. I had to scrub my lips with remover to get the remaining tint off at the end of the day. Although the colour is beautiful, I found it to be very drying and lip balm doesn't seem to help. 

How does this compare to the Innisfree Lip Treatment? They're both glossy and the packaging looks similar but that's about it. The texture, longevity, colour intensity, hydration are all different.

There are some serious pros and cons to this item. It's very beautiful and the tint effect is amazingly strong and vibrant... but it's also very drying and the colours seem really similar to one another. Personally, I like these. For how pretty they look on and off, the dry lips may be worth the price.

[REVIEW] Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream

Friday, March 11, 2016
I've been a BB cushion user for the past three years, yet with the arrival of more and more types of BB cushion, I find myself falling off the wagon. There's just too many types and I find the temptation to collection them all a serious issue - which is why I'm just hopping off and going back to the plain old bb creams. I don't think I'll ever stop using BB cushions because they're great for on the go, but the amount that I buy and the rate that it dries are factors I need to consider before I decide to go ordering every single type because really, now almost every brand has one now.

With over 30 million tubes sold, it's easy to say that Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is one of the most famous of all BB Creams. Is there anyone who hasn't heard of it? Seeing that it's still selling well up to this day against newer and younger competition, I decided to give it a try. The great thing is that Missha offers smaller versions of their BB creams so I was able to get a 20ml tube for 7 700 Won (~$7 USD). The full size is 50ml and comes with a pump. 

Although, originally Missha only offered two colour choices, 21 and 23, they now offer 5 on their US Website. I've used their Signature BB Cream before and I find 21 the perfect shade for me so I just stuck to that.


Missha is infamous for their grey-tone BB creams and the Perfect Cover B.B. cream is a perfect example of this. Although #21 is a relatively good fit for my skin tone, I still find it to be too grey. It does look brightening but remember to match it with your neck! The consistency is really light but not overly liquidy at all. It's so light and smooth that I can apply this on with my fingers without creating streaks or uneven distribution.


I would say that this is light to medium coverage. In both pictures (above and below) I've got one layer on. Due to its light consistency, I did find it to be buildable. 


Since Missha's  Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is known for good coverage I really didn't expect it glide onto skin but it did. There wasn't any resistance and I was able to blend everything out with my fingers. It felt moisturizing but it wasn't greasy and it also didn't clump up over dry patches. It really didn't feel like I've got anything on my face as well. I was so amazed by it that I was going to order the full size right away. With just one layer (see picture below), it gave me light to medium coverage. If I wanted more coverage, the product was buildable.  You can still see my acne scars after one layer but it's not jumping out.  The finish was really natural as well - a semi-matte. I've still got the natural glow but I'm not looking greasy. With the exception of dark spot correction (because it's too early to say), I would say that this product really does what it claims.

At the end of night however, the product started showing - not due to oil but due to dryness. Around my nose, my laugh lines, the wrinkles on my forehead, product had dried and sunk into the lines. Not only that but it also clung onto dry patches. It's not too noticeable unless you're up close but it's different from the undetectable finish that it had originally gave. It probably looks particularly dry because the weather has been dry here. If you're in a country of humid climate, results may be different.

Source: Missha U.S.
I think this is a great B.B. cream. I enjoy how it applies and looks when it's fresh. I'm probably going to save it for the slightly more humid months because the finish gets too dry and noticeable in the winter months. If you can a shade that's right for you, definitely give it a try! I recommend getting the 20ml before committing to the full size. 


Thursday, March 3, 2016
I use to love matte lipsticks and I still love them but lately with the anticipation of spring, I've been really digging the glossy look. Glossy lips reminds me of youth and freshness like gentle warm breezy, sunlight and dewy grass. Can you just tell that I can't wait for spring to roll in?

It has been a long time since I've found something I can truly deem as HG status. Today, I'd like to introduce one of my recent favourites - the Innisfree Treatment Tint in Cherry in Honey! When I first saw this product online, I knew I had to buy it because 1) Innisfree rarely disappoints 2) Treatment + tint? Yes! 3) The packaging reminds of me of the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints (they're actually really different. A review for those ones will be coming up soon).


This product comes in two colours: #1 Cherry in Honey #2 Orange in Honey.

I couldn't find much information about the product and it also didn't come with a box, just a sticker seal with the product name on it.

10 000 Won ~ 5mL 

It has a slightly, slightly thick consistency that reminds me of honey. 

Very light to non-detectable

This lip treatment has a funny wand that reminds me of a little punching fist. The tip of the wand is small and curved into a C shape. I've never seen this type before and it really provides excellent precision in application.

Although initially I thought this was an oil tint, it's actually a honey "tint". I put "tint" in quotations because it really does not tint. However, that's the only disappointing thing about this product! Upon application, it gave my lips a slight warming feeling and a gloss of colour. The consistency of the treatment is just like honey but without being overly sticky. I can really feel the moisture sinking in. The thickness of this treatment allows the product to adhere to my lips better. While it was on, the colour didn't intensify but remained the soft wash of pink with a lot of shine. Within an hour, the super, pretty shine fades into a dimmer shine, and eventually within 2-3 hours, the shine wore off. However, my lips remain moisturized even when most of the product disappears because the honey had provided a barrier to keep moisture in. This is just what I expect from a treatment. Within 3-4 hours, the product is completely gone but my lips remained moisturized for another couple of hours. 

If you're looking for a long lasting oil tint with nice pigmentation, this is not it. However, if you're looking for a lip treatment that looks natural, glossy, and beautiful while providing suppleness to your lips, this is it!

(My top lip looks a bit full here because I accidentally, slightly busted it by dropping my iPad on my face that morning - D'OH!)


Overall, I'm really impress with this product. Even on days when I'm not going out, I like to put this on because it really makes my lips feel good - dare I say this makes my lips feel softer than my lip balm? If I wasn't so terrified of corals making my skin look shallow, I'd even go for Orange in Honey. 
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