Sephora Birthday Gift 2016

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Every year Sephora comes out with a birthday gift for their Beauty Insiders. This years gift was a choice between a duo of Fresh skincare products and  Marc Jacob makeup duo. 
This  Marc Jacobs makeup duo contains the Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner and the Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Both items are in deluxe sample sizes. 

 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a beautiful deep rose, neutral shade. It's neutral enough that it will suit everyone and nude enough to be worn daily. The formula is really creamy and I'd say that it dries down to a semi-matte. While it is really comfortable at first, I did find it to be slightly drying after an hour.

 I've used the Highliner Eyeliner when it came in the Sephora Eyeliner Favourites set before and really loved it. It's super pigmented, glides on and does not budge afterwards.

Overall, I'd say that this year's set has to be my most favourite set that I've gotten so far. Sephora has really outdone itself. Marc Jacobs is rather expensive and this is a great chance for everyone to be able to try it.


Friday, May 20, 2016
Hello everyone, how's it going? It's suppose to be spring here but I've just witness random little chunks of hail flying everywhere! Today, I've have another lipstick to review - Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in #1 Pink Bud. I've had this lipstick for a while now but I haven't worn it til now (which is not like me at all)! Since I'm going through my lipstick stash right now, I've decided to bring this out and try it. I'm glad I did because this lipstick reminds me of fresh spring flowers.


The Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipsticks describes itself as "a highly pigmented, long-lasting moisture lipstick that delivers rich color in a stroke." I'd say that this is half true. It's really pigmented - so pigmented that this is probably the reason why I haven't used it until now! However, I wouldn't call it moisturizing.

The colour at the end of the tube is the same as the colour on the inside so that's super nice when you're trying to find the colour you want!

"Vivid Colour, creamy texture, long lasting, camellia oil, 3 - free system"

I don't notice much of a scent so I'd say it's unscented. 

When I first looked at the lipstick, I really though that it was a simple, typical red-pink colour. However, when I tried it on, I really have to say I love it. Even though I've got so many red-pink / pink-reds in my collection, this one is truly differently. True to its name, I really think of a budding rose when I have it on. There's something vibrant and bright about it. One layer gives quite a lot of colour so sometimes I just apply a bit and smudge it out - this way I can get a bright lip and still be wearable!

I've accidentally smashed the top of the lipstick to the cap because I forgot to twist it down. Now it's all rounded and hard to get precision.  Regardlessly, I recommend you to use a lip brush simply because this lipstick is PIGMENTED.

There's something very florescent about this colour.

This is the lipstick full on. It really packs a punch!

 This is when I apply a light layer and smudge it out.

I love this colour. It's fresh and springy - just what I need right now. It applies on smoothly and gives opaque colour in one swipe. Although it goes on like a cream lipstick, there's something powdery-matte about the finish. It does transfer when you eat or drink but it leaves behind a stain, which is typical because of the bold colour. I would say that this is a medium moisture lipstick that doesn't completely hydrate my lips nor dry them out. Lip balm prep is not necessary but I would recommend that your lips be in decent condition before you put this on. 

Overall, I'm really impress with this Innisfree lipstick!

Joe Fresh Cream Lipstick: Rose

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

One of the brands that I've been really curious about is Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh is a designer that creates really affordable clothing. It's got a makeup line for a while now but I think things have been repackaged and redistributed. It's readily available in Shoppers Drug Mart (Canadian drugstore) yet there's hardly any information on it. The item that intrigues me the most are the lip products. I think you should know by now that I'm a huge lip junkie. I practically hoard products of the same color.

$10 CAD

Although I've only picked up one colour, I was actually really impress with the beautiful color range of lipsticks. Most of the colors were very elegant yet unique. The tones and shades were wearable yet distinctive. The color I chose is Rose it's a soft, muted pink. It really appealed to me because I'm currently looking for a soft, nudey, cool - medium dusky pink. On my lips, it's really just like my lip color but slightly muted out. One of the other colors that I've got my eye on is Scarlett - a purply burgundy. Rose is a MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade. I used to not understand this term or why people were so drawn to colors that look similar to their lips. It wasn't until I started to really get into nudes that I find myself unconsciously looking for shades that are similar to my own lip color. That's the best way to find the perfect nude - something within the same tones as your natural lips. Rose also makes a great base for gradation lips!

The formula of this lipstick is unlike anything I've tried so far. Although it's a cream type, it's practically matte on my lips. I feel that the formula is quite unique because although it doesn't tug on the lips, it doesn't glide either and neither is it moisturizing nor drying. It's got a rather good grip on my lips where if I were to press them together, the lipstick doesn't smudge, smear, or travel (it still transfer though). So think of it as a very creamy matte.

The scent is really hard to detect in this lipstick. I'd say it's like a powdery vanilla with a smidgeon of mint. Unless you're sniffing your own lips, it's practically unnoticeable. It's unlike anything I've smelt before.

Although my lips are naturally quite pigmented, this lipstick is pretty opaque! It covers my lips well but feels very light. Like I've mentioned before, it does rub off onto cups but it fades pretty evenly. Seeing how similar it is to my lip color, it's really hard for me to see if there's still anything on my lips unless I wipe it with a napkin. After the lipstick wears off, my lips feel fine which is amazing. These days, it's been really dry and cold here so not having chap lips after wearing lipstick all day is amazing.

I really like this lipstick. It's the shade I've been eyeballing everywhere yet was right underneath my own nose. If you're close to a Shoppers Drugmart, definitely check them out. Some of the bigger stores have tester. I'm curious to try more items from Joe Fresh.


Friday, May 6, 2016
Hi everyone, it's been a while since my last blogs but I'm glad to be back with a review of something I've been really enjoying. Back a few months ago, I hauled a MISSHA Eye Stick with my Snoopy haul. I was a bit disappointed with the color that I choose because it was a good deal warmer than the promo picture.  HOWEVER, I actually came to really like the actual product and since then I have purchased two more to review!

I don't usually use eyeshadows because my eyelid space isn't that large and I don't really know how to work eyeshadow nor have the time to figure out the whole contouring thing. However, eyeshadow sticks have been a huge time saver! Although, I'd say I've used quite a few from different brands, these have definitely been my favourites.

The Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadows are incredibly pigmented and creamy. While I've started out with a shimmery shade, SVL01 Dry Lavender, I really appreciate that they've also got matte shades which are equally as creamy and pigmented.

5 800 Won ~ 1.3g

In terms of packaging, Missha has done a really good job matching the ends of sticks to the actual colour inside. I also love how it's a twist up. However, the lid does not close tight. It feels almost like it doesn't sit right. It's similar to how the NARs lip crayon packaging where you kind of just shove the lid on top. I have a major issue with this kind of packaging because I usually end up cracking the lid from pressing it too hard onto the pencil.

The tips of the pencils are rounded which makes it really soft and easy to glide all over the lids. 


MBR01 MAPLE HONEY: A cool tone, tan brown.

MBR02 SAND CASTLE: A matte, pinky brown (reminds me of Etude House BR401)

SVL01 DRY LAVENDER: A sparkly, warm tone taupe with pink shimmer. It's slightly got a hint of purple. Although the promo picture reminds me of Wet n' Wild's taupe in Silent Treatment, in reality it's nothing like it!

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when I first purchased this because Missha products are either hit or miss and these were pretty much dirt cheap. However, these truly impressed me. They glide on like butter (smoother than anything I've used so far) and with pretty solid colour payoff. After application, they can still be smudged and they're not completely budge proof if I rub my eyes, but if I don't touch my eyes, they stay really put. These factors make these my go - to shadows for everyday. I really appreciate how these have a variety of matte, shimmer, and glitter shades. I really recommend these! They make getting ready so much faster and easier.

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