Kate Mascara Base Review

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I've heard many good things about this mascara base on blogs but it has to be one of the most difficult things for me to find online. I was so happy when Olive Young started selling Kate Cosmetics. 

This has fiber strands attached to a brush comb. The fibers are white like the Majorica Majolica and they attach to your eyelashes as you comb through. After combing through, I follow up immediately with mascara. The brush is like a thin mascara brush with many short bristles.

 Performance: I had really high expectations for this macara base because of all the rave reviews but sadly, it did not meet my expectations. The fibers did not attach onto my lashes easily at all. They tend to stick to the brush and I'd have to comb through my eyelashes several times. After they attached on, they didn't create the length that the Majorica Majolica did. It creates a very natural lengthening effect that doesn't clump. It barely volumized my lashes and it did not hold curl as well as the Majorica Majolica did. I think this is a decent base, better than many but not as good as the Majorica Majolica. 

What I Love About It:
 - It holds the curl fairly well
 - It creates natural length
 - It doesn't clump the lashes
 - sleek and simple packaging 

What I Don't Love About It"
 - expensive
 - doesn't volumize 
- doesn't create tremendous length
 - difficult to find 

Rating: B+ While it does create natural length and no clumps, it doesn't give me the length I need nor does it hold my curl as well as the Majorica Majolica. Nonetheless, it is still quite a decent mascara base and it might work better for those who different eyelashes from mine. My eyelashes are very short, straight, stubborn, and sparse. It's really difficult to find mascara products that will work well for it.


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