Summer 2013 in Seoul

Thursday, August 1, 2013


One of the biggest fashion trends in Seoul at the moment is.... STRIPES.

No matter where you go, you will see someone in stripes. I went shopping tonight in Myeongdong and it was crowded with people in stripes. No matter which way I look I could see people wearing stripes of all colours. You can probably sight up to 10 people in stripes within 5 minutes of walking down a crowded street.  It's like the UGGs trend among college girls in Canada.

Stripe clothing comes in t-shirts, skirts, and dresses. They are almost always on a white shirt and the stripes come in various colours. 

 I own one stripe shirt and one skirt, but after seeing all these stripes all over town, I don't think I'll be wearing them any time soon. Quite frankly, I'm sick of this trend. 


Monsoon wasn't as horrible as everyone claimed it to be. Yes, it rained often, almost daily but it also felt cool and refreshing. Many korean's dislike the rain as they say it is very polluted. With the amount of pollution in Seoul I am sure they are right. Even if it was only drizzling, they'll be carrying an umbrella.  The season was over before I knew it. How time flies.

We are having sunshine everyday. People (usually just women, especially older women)  carry a different umbrella now. A parasol. I want to get one too but at Lotte it costs about 25 000 - 50 000 Won. 

Now, it's also soo humid. As a foreigner, my skin is not used to this type of humidity. Within a minute of stepping outside a non-A/C area, there's a sheet of sweat on my face and sweat dripping off my face. I might just keep a handkerchief in my pocket from now on. The funny thing is, I don't see Koreans having sweat drip of their faces. 


August is peak vacation season. It's hard to travel anywhere in Seoul as many places are booked and almost all hotels and pension stays cost double of what it normally costs. Because of this reason, I am staying home during my 4 day vacation. 



In this hot weather, bingsu is a very popular snack. You can order them at almost any cafes. It is red bean on top of shaved ice. Different cafes will offer different toppings on the bingsu. The one in the picture is Green Tea bingsu from Caffe Bene, one of the largest coffee chains in Seoul. It cme with one scope of green tea ice cream, wiped cream, almonds and red bean. Bingsu's are only available during the summer season so get it before it's gone!

This is a fruit bingsu from Paris Baguette, of the more affordable coffee chains in Korea. It came with an assortment of fruits on top of shaved ice and red bean. 


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