Skinfood 2014 Milky Rose Collection + Blush Swatches + Quick Reviews

Monday, February 24, 2014
Hi everyone, today I'm going to do something I don't normally do which is make a post about a new collection of items. The reason which I am blogging about it is because I am super excited over the extremely cute packaging. I'm a not a rose fanatic and I'm also not really a big Skinfood cosmetics fan. I've tried a couple of their makeup items and I have to say, their skincare products are much better.

Anyhow! For the Spring 2014, Skinfood has launched a Milky Rose collection. I know Etude House came out with a rose collection last year, but the packaging of the Skinfood 2014 Collection appeals to me much more.
Large display at one of the Skinfood stores in Myeongdong.

There are six major products in this line: Moist Makeup Fixer, Lip mousse, nail polish, cream blusher,  Make up remover, and Easy Nail Stickers

Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher:

This has got to be the product I'm most excited about in this line. It's the Rose Essense Soft Cream Blusher. Like the name says, it is a cream blusher but when it comes into contact with your skin, it becomes powdery and dries to a matte finish. It's not sticky at all and very creamy in the pan. It also has a built in mirror. 

These are swatches of the cream blushes under natural daylight. Tester #2 was missing. As you can see, #3 a light beige didn't appear too well on my skin. These pictures are extremely zoomed up. Once again, the blushes are (moist but not sticky) cream in pan but once you've applied it onto your skin, it dries to a matte. They are extremely blendable.

Vita Color Lip Lacquer

This is a lip lacquer. The consistency is like a mousse.  It is a click pen applicator with a built in synthetic brush. One end is the button where you push to dispense the product (like a mechanical pencil) and the other end, the product comes out onto the brush. The negative to this is that the brush gets very dirty looking very easily. It would also be hard to wash the brush so it's not very hygenic. 

The colors look really pretty and comes in a variety of corals and pinks. The product is a liquid mousse form but dries to a matte finish as well. 

Make Up Remover

Next up is the Make Up Remover - it's a milky pink liquid that removes makeup quite well. I tested it in stores. I'm not sure how well it works against waterproof mascara and eyeliner though. The bottle reminds me of the Skinfood Point and Shake Remover.

Rose Essence Make Up Fixer

Here we have the product that I am most likely to buy - Moist Make Up Fixer. I've been in the market researching for a good makeup fixer since I know that it's going to be EXTREMELY humid very soon. I tested this in store as well. A lot of liquid comes out per spray so I don't recommend you spraying directly at your face. The mist isn't very fine. Spray it into the air and then move your face to catch the product may be the best way to use this product.

I'm not really a nail polish fan, I especially haven't had much positive experiences with Skinfood's nail polishes, so this has to be the part I'm least excited about. However,  you've got to admit, these are really nice colors for spring - very floral and very feminine. 

Easy Nail Stickers! I'm tempted to get the rose tip one but I'm a bit of a clutz when it comes to doing my nails and handling my nails with care.

Overall: I absolutely adore the rose packaging of this new spring line. It tempts me to buy it just to have it displayed on my vanity.  I think I might definitely pick up the Moist Make Up Fixer and the rose tip nail stickers but not the cream blush nor the lip lacquer.  The cream blush looks like it may be high maintence to keep clean and the pen applicator can get really messy if you dispense too much product. 

Does the Skinfood 2014 Milky Rose collection excite you? If so, which products do you want to try out? 

Primera Watery Cream: Alpine Berry Alpine Strawberry Sprout Review

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Hi everyone, today I'm reviewing the highly hyped Primera Watery Cream Alpine Berry! Primera is a relatively new brand that launched under Amore Pacific. (Amore Pacific is a large company that owns many Korean businesses such as Etude House, Innisfree, Iope, Hera etc. ) The thing that makes Primera different from other brands is that it focuses on pureness and nature. This cream has been highly raved about in the Korean beauty community and it is also the first Primera product that I have tried.
Primera in Myeongdong

This is really how the inside of the store looks like! I feel very peaceful when I'm inside because it looks so clean like a very ideal fictional science lab that studies plants. Their store and their packaging reflect their image - that they are very simple, natural and very scientific. Sadly, at the moment there's not a lot of English information on this brand nor their products.

You can open the box to read some information on the inside.

Main Claim: A cream that provides rich hydration with alpine strawberry and aloe vera leaf extract whiel vitalizing the skin with papaya fruit extract containing vitamin C and keratinoid.

What makes this product so amazing:

Onto the actual product!

Packaging: The lid is a simple round, white plastic lid. The jar is a light blue glass. There is a thin cover between the lid and the jar. It's a bit heavy because of the glass. I like how the simple and pretty it looks.

Consistency: It has a gel- cream consistency. The gel is able to hold its shape a little when you take it out of the tube. It feels very slippery and spreads easily on the skin.

Scent: It has a very herbal scent. It really smells a bit like ginger to me.

Performance: I use this cream twice - three times a day - morning, aternoon (after nap), and night time after my toner and serum. It feels cool as I spread it over my face and sinks into my skin right away. Although it has a very slippery feel when you touch it -  almost like an oily cream, it doesn't feel oily at all. It feels very light and it hasn't clogged any pores. I've used this cream for about 4 weeks now  and I'm half way through my jar.

Although it claims to be a cream that provides rich hydration, I don't think it does. After switching to this cream from Scinic Snail Matrix Cream, I noticed that the areas around my nose felt a bit dry and flakey and the skin aroud my cheeks had a slight tight and dry feeling. It could be that it's winter here in Seoul and the floor heating system is making everything much much drier that any other season. However, I am still a bit disappointed in this cream because the Scinic Snail Matrix Cream and Nature Republic Watery Max Cream were able to perform during this time of the year but this cream could not. Not to mention, this cream is much more expensive than those two. The Primera Watery Cream retails for 35 000 Won - about $35 U.S.D. 

I was also really excited about the natural ingredients and I had hoped that it would treat my skin well but I don't know how exactly how effective the ingredients are either since I don't have the full list of ingredients, just the main three which were listed on the box. I haven't really noticed any positive changes in my skin other than the nose area becoming a bit drier.

This cream wears fine under makeup. It doesn't make my bb cream roll up as some creams do. (*cough* the newer version of Nature Republic Watery Max Cream).

You can see that even though it is a gel-cream texture, it still holds its form pretty well.
It spreads easily across the skin like a gel, leaving no residue nor stickiness.
In the After picture, you can see that the skin looks more moisturized.

Price: 35 000 Won

I'm not really impressed by this cream. I really like the texture but it just doesn't live up to the claims. I think there are many more affordable creams out there that can do  a much better job in taking care of my skin. Maybe I will try this again in the Summer but with its high price tag and lackluster performance, I'm not sure. If you live in a more humid area or planning to use this cream in the spring or autumn, it may hydrate your skin better than it has for mine.

Nature Republic Angel Lip Balm Review in 01 Peach Tint Balm and02Cranberry Tint Balm

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I think I've hit a lip craze in January because I bought more lip product than ever. It's probably because I know I don't need any more eyeliners or eyeshadows so lip products were my only justification to keep shopping. This is what happens to you when you live in Seoul too long. There are always fabulous sales and fabulous new collections coming out. 

During Nature Republic's Nature Day sale, I noticed this product. The name really jumped out at me: Angel Lip Balm. Was this some kind of miraculous product that will make my lips look full, shiny and soft? The only color left was 02 Cranberry Tint.  It's a bright fuschia pink - my favorite lip color. Without hesitating, I bought it. 

I got so many compliments that day on my lips that I went out to Myeongdong, where I could find 5 separate Nature Republics together in the same area, to look for 01 Peach Tint. None of the stores carried the full line which I was very surprised by but eventually I did find 01 Peach Tint. Unlike its peachy name, it's more of a subtle, natural pink...or was it?  BAM - within 5 minutes later - it had turned into a very vibrant but natural pink. This, my dears, is another color changing lip balm. :)

01 Peach Tint Balm - this is perfect for work. I find the it similar to my Dior Lip Reviver at first. However, the Angel Balm applies much more smoothly and easily than the Dior and it also leaves a healthy lively pink tint with a lot of shine.

* This promotional picture is wrong. On the packaging - it says 3.3g of product. 

Claims for 01 Peach Tint Balm, 02 Cranberry Tint Balm, and 03 Orange Tint Balm
- gives moisture and tint to lips
- contains jeju tangerine honey and shea butter

                                           Initial Application vs. Tint left after the gloss has worn off

First Application
 Although this color starts out sheer, after a few seconds, it turns into a brighter pink.


02 Cranberry Tint Balm - I wear this when I want to go for a bold lip but want it to look really natural. Since I'm no good with the gradiant look - using a bold balm color is my way of keeping a bold lip natural.  I often wear this alone with a simple cat eye.

                                           Initial Application vs. Tint left after the gloss has worn off
It's a hot pink - fuschia color with tons of shine

After Initial Application

Tint after gloss has worn off.


Claims for 04 Mango Butter Balm and 05 Shea Butter Balm
- contains 98.8% natural ingredients
- contains 7 different moisturizing butters

How cute are these promotional pictures?

According to Nature Republic's korean website this is a new product. That kind of explains why certain stores only stock certain colors. This line offers five variations. The five products in this line are 01 Peach Tint Balm, 02 Cranberry Tint Balm, 03 Orange Tint Balm, 04 Mango Butter Balm, and 05 Shea Butter Balm. The first three are tint balms but the last two are only moisture balms with no color - just shine. I find it a bit strange that the line isn't consistant. I am a little disappointed that the last two aren't tint balms because I really love 01 and 02 for it's tinting purposes.

PerformanceThis product has excellent color payoffs that intensify over time. You can layer the product on your  lips to get a more intense look or you can dab it on for a softer, more natural look.  It goes on the lips smoothly like light oil. It feels like kind of like a light oil as well. This shine makes the lips look full and supple. Although it doesn't dry out my lips, I feel that the oily moisture of the products stay on the top layer only. It doesn't sink into the lips. But even when the oily moisture has rubbed off, the tint stays strongs and moisturized somehow. The tint feels really light on my lips.  I don't feel like I need to apply a lip balm on top of it at all. The tint doesn't rub off onto cups nor does it flake or wear off unevenly. It really stays on the lips until you remove it with an oil remover. The shine however, disappears quickly. I find the 02 Cranberry tint lasts longer than 01 Peach.

I've swatched all 5 of the balms in store recently. 03 Orange Tint in stores and it's actually more of a soft pink than an orange. The texture is similar to 01 and 02. However, 04 Mango and 05 Shea Butter were really solid. They didn't glide across my hand easily and they were also colorless and shineless.

01 Peach Tint - sweet candy peach scent
02 Cranberry Tint - sweet candy berry scent
03 Orange - I don't know
04 Mango Balm - I don't know
05 Shea Butter - soft shea butter scent.

Packaging: I find the packaging of these lips balms very similar to that of Innisfree Glow Lipsticks. Both products are housed in white, sleek, slender, plastics tubes. Nature Republic's lid is semi-transparent while Innisfree's is opaque.

What I Love About It:
- easy to apply
- makes my lips look full
- not sticky
- gives off vibrant colors 
- tint lasts all day
- adds pretty shine

What I Don't Love About It:
- gloss/ shine fades very easily
- moisture doesn't feel like it sinks into my lips

Overall:  It's a great product, especially for those who love natural looks. It keeps my lips from going dry and I don't need to worry about it when I have it on my lips. I would definitely repurchase this if I could find it again and after I finish some of my other lip products.

Price:  I think it is around 10 000Won at full price for 3.3g of product.

Heroine Make Mascara Remover Review

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
I'm pretty sure that everyone, by now, nows that Japanese mascaras are darn hard to remove. Yet they're the only things that really work with my stubborn eyelashes. When I first saw the Heroine Make Mascara Remover,  did I think  "Yaya! No more rubbing my eyes to get my mascara off!" ? No. I did not. But I did have some expectations for this product as it is designed for the sole purpose of removing mascara.

As I didn't have high expectations for this product, I waited for the opportunity to buy it when it came as a set with my second HG mascara. (My HG mascara is the Majorica Majolica Lash Expander Frame Plus but that has been discontinued in Korea since the arrival of the Majorica Majolica Lash Expander Edge Meister.)

It's a black wand with solid ridges for your eyelashes. You can reach all of your eyelashes easily.

How I Use the Product:
1. I apply the product to my eyelashes as I would when applying normal mascara.

2. I wipe the wand with a tissue before putting it back into the tube so that I don't get mascara mixed with the product inside.

3. I wait a few minutes.

4. I gently dab my lashes with a cotton pad. Usually the mascara comes right off.

5. I proceed with regular make up removal routine.

Consistency: it's a very runny clear liquid. When I first used it, I had to be very careful tilting the wand so that I don't get it in my eyes. When I touch the liquid, it feels like oil. It also has an oily smell.

The product is really runny so when, I was applying the product to my eyes, I really had to tap the tip of the wand to the tube for excess product to drip back into the tube before applying to my eyelashes. This product does its job well. After wiping the product off my eyelashes, the mascara also comes off so easily. There's no need to tug or reapply and wait. It's absolutely great for really tough mascaras. My eye area doesn't feel oily nor does it feel irritated. It feels like mascara has been lifted off.

On my eyelashes: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara

Left on my cotton:

What I Love About It:
- it does what it claims - removes mascara without any trouble
- mascara lifts off with no need to tug
- I can reach all my lashes with the wand without any trouble

What I Don't Love About It:
- the liquid is very runny
- have to wait a few minutes for it to work
- is expensive (I think about 16 000 Won/ $15) for only 6g
- no English instructions

Overall: A+

I think this is a very simple and effective product that does what it promises. However, for lazy people like myself, it does feel like an extra unnecessary step to my makeup removal routine because of the wait. Yes I'm impatient. I don't like waiting at all. Even though I've removed my mascara, I still have my eyeliner and makeup to remove. I soak a cotton pad with remover and press it to my eyes. Usually during that step, my mascara comes off anyways. I would only feel like this product is necessary for days when I've got massive chunks of mascara and primer on. But for what it promises to do, it does perform and it exceeded my expectations. 

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