[REVIEW] Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds: Midnight Merlot & Berry Bossy

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Would you believe me if I said I've never purchased any Maybelline lipsticks until now? I've used a few of their Baby Lips in the past but the colour selections of their lipsticks in Canada have never called to me. I purchased these lipsticks from Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Loaded Bolds were just recently released for the Summer 2016. I saw a few swatch videos on YouTube before I went out and made my purchase. I've got to say, the colour selection of this line is incredibly out of the ordinary and I'm so happy for it. I'm not sure how popular this line will be since this is most of the colours aren't really the typical "safe" colours that people wear on the daily. When you're wearing any of these lipsticks, you're making a statement.

Maybelline offers a range of 20 colours in this line but as usual not every colour is available in Canada.  They've got some really unique colours like blue, black, white, violet, brown. I know that this isn't the first time these colours are made, but it's the first for the drugstore market isn't it?

Picture Source: Ulta

Source: Ulta

Going - kind of - out of my comfort zone, I've purchased two colours: Midnight Merlot and Berry Bossy.  I wanted to try some of the other colours like Gone Greige and Violet Vixen, but I know that I'd probably never wear them outside so I didn't bother.

Midnight Merlot is a dark, purple wine colour. People kept saying that it's like a burgundy but I've always imagine burgundys to be red with a brown base. This one is definitely a bit more like a dark purple with red base. It doesn't have any brown in it at all.  It's also like nothing I've own before so I'm kind of glad to have it in my collection. I can't imagine wearing it often though as it's much too contrastive against my skin.

It looks a bit scary in the bullet doesn't it?

This lipstick is a bit patchy. I really struggle to just get it within the lip lines. 

Berry Bossy is a fuchsia, true berry colour. I absolutely love this colour.  I was a bit worry that it would be too bold or dark on my skin, but it's perfect.

Also looks a bit darker in the bullet. The slight curve of the tip is perfect for application.

These swatches are better representations of the shades. It's pretty true to colour here. 

Although the tester in stores felt a bit hard and applied splotchy, I'm please to say that these are incredibly creamy. The slight curvature of the tip allows the lipstick to fit on my lips easily which is great because control and precision is definitely needed when applying these lipsticks. Although they are creamy, it's not to the point where they start slipping around and getting onto teeth. They are also pretty moisturizing.  Though at first they might have a slight creamy sheen, it starts to look a bit matte after a bit. After application, the colours can look a bit patchy, but if you press your lips together, it evens out a bit. Both lipsticks are very pigmented. With both, I had to use a lip brush to outline my lips first, Berry Bossy applied a lot smoother than Midnight Merlot. Feathering wasn't an issue for me but I recommend using a lipliner to keep everything in place as precaution. 

In terms of longevity, I would say that these did really decent. They did smear onto cups and and rubbed off when in contact with something, but it wasn't horrendous. Both lipsticks left a berry - pink tint on my lips after they wore off. With Midnight Merlot, I had to be a bit more careful because the outer edges could leave a dark outline on my lips when the product at the centre starts wearing off. To increase the wear time, you could dust a bit of translucent powder on top. This will also make it more matte. 

They've got a bit of a subtle, vanilla-y scent. I've seen quite a few people say that it's the typical Maybelline lipstick scent. 

Source: Ulta
I'd highly recommend you go try a colour. These are not only incredibly unique in the drugstore market, they're also comfortable and affordable. 

* I purchased these


  1. Wow! You've never tried Maybelline lipsticks before?? You need to try the Matte line! I think you'll love them. In my opinion, Maybelline is probably the best for drugstore lipsticks. And it's great to see such bold colours on you. You really pull them off nicely :)

    1. Thank you :) I think there's a bold colour for everyone in this line! I've heard amazing things about their matte line too. I wanted to try Divine Wine but it's not available here.

    2. Yeah I was looking for that shade but at the time when this line was blowing up, it was always sold out. If you would like, I can totally ship it out to you! But now I hear Canada Post is going on a strike in July? :/

    3. Aww Lily, that's really sweet of you but it's totally okay. I've been hoarding lipstick like no tomorrow. Also, I didn't know Canada Post is going on strike. I will have to check up on that since I've just placed an order on some Korean cosmetics :/

  2. I just saw these tonight and was tempted to try some of the more unusual shades since I don't see these colours often in a drugstore (except for NYX, I guess). Glad to learn they're not so bad! Both the Midnight Merlot and Berry Bossy look great on you!

    1. Thanks! I keep forgetting that NYX is available in drugstores now! Let me know if you end up getting one :)

  3. I love maybelline lipsticks they have such a great range and these shades are ones I'll definitely have to add to my collection :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yes they have an amazing selection. Let me know if you end up purchasing one!


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