Shabu Shabu Day

Saturday, August 24, 2013
There is no such thing as Shabu Shabu Day but today I had it so I just thought I would walk you through my experience of eating Shabu Shabu in Korea (in case you've never tried it)

Shabu shabu places are relatively well known and common in Korea, next to samgypsol but much healthier. It is beef, vegetables, and dumplings boiled in a salty yellowish brown broth.

In other countries, shabu shabu may also be known as hot pot.

Basic Ingredients:


Vegetables, tofu, and dumplings


Dipping Sauce: Sweet hot chili sauce with minced garlic, seasame seeds, and some spring onions

Optional Side Dish: Kimchi

Optional: You can add long thin noodles into the broth to cook after you've finished cooking the meat and vegetables ( and etc.)

Let's Start!
First,  we heated some broth in a wok (?) over a gas range

Second, we added vegetables, dumplings, and fried tofu into the hot broth

Third, we added the thin slices of beef (it takes only a few seconds to cook)

Finished! We used a ladle to bring out the broth into an individual bowl and then added in the other stufff.

Here's how it looked like. There's some enoki mushroom, beef, and a fish cake.

I dipped the beef into the dipping sauce for a spicier taste.

Ta Dah! Finished :) Delicious!


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