Aritaum Wannabe Longwear Shadow Sticks Review

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

These are SPARKLY ~ Probably the most sparkly make up items I've ever used

These shadow sticks along with the lip tints have been quite a rage in Korea this summer season. They are long wearing and easy to use.

I got three shades: Rosy, Caitlyn, and Raven. I think Rosy is the most popular of the three and it is also my favorite. 

I never used to be a fan of sparkley eyeshadows until I came to Korea. Something about the trend just makes sparkling eyes so attractive in the summer. I like to use Rosy as an all over color and then layer some matte eyeshadow over it to give it dimention and not to over bling my eyes. 

These are easily to apply on and once set, won't budge. I think you have approximately 30 seconds to smudge it with the brush at the other end of the stick.

             It comes in a stick pencil/marker form with a  brush at the other end. 


These do wear really long without budging or transferring. However, application can be quite messy especially if you blend it out. The sparkles can move everywhere. It is really easy to blend out if you brush it within 30 seconds of application but once set, it won't budge for the next 8 hours or so. I could rub my hands over it and it won't smudge.

If you over blend, the base color can sometimes disappear, thus leaving you with a whole lot of sparkles.

Texture: It's smooth, almost powdery if you blend it out right away. 

                                       Caitlyn - Rosy - Raven

What I Love About It: 

- smudgeproof - you can't believe how hard it is to find a good eyeshadow or good eyeliner that won't budge during the humid summer. ( I sweat more than most Koreans and literally have bb cream running down my face no matter how much I prime or fix-spray)
- long - lasting
- affordable
- easy to use
- pretty and packed with tons of sparkles

What I Don't Love About It:
- can be a bit too shimmery and sparkly
- hard to control the sparkles because the tips are a bit thick and sparkles can fly everywhere
- easy to over blend - thus leaving no color just tons of sparkles

Price: 6 500 Won. 

               Caitlyn: A dark bronzy gold base with silver sparkles. 

               Rosy: A pink base with gold and silver sparkles. I like to use this as an all over shade during the summer. It really blings up the eyes really prettily. 

                       Raven: A muavey - purple base, with gold sparkles

Rating: B+

The only reason this didn't get an A is because the base color basically disappears if you over blend.
These are great for the summer and have really great quality and are affordable as well. If you're not a fan of sparkly things, then I would skip these.

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