K-Palette Real Lasting 24HR 1 - Day Tattoo Eyeliner WP Super Black Review

Friday, August 23, 2013
Let me introduce to you, my favorite pen eyeliner of all times .... the beloved K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo in Super Black and Waterproof!


This eyeliner has a thin brush tip that lets you easily control how thick or thin of a line you want. The product dispenses perfectly in just the right amount. Not too wet nor too dry. It provides a clean, pigmented and solid line.  It's even darker and better than the Clio Kill Black that everyone loves. It's easy to use as it is a pen type and you can easily flick the tip to create a very natural cat eye line. What more can you want from an eyeliner? (Well the tip is very thin and sturdy. You can poke your eyelid with it if you're not careful and it will hurt just a tinny bit.) 

Although, I've never worn it for 24hrs,  I have tried for 12 hr. I've worn it on several hot and humid days where there is literally sweat rolling down my face. I've even worn it once during hiking and once during rafting where I had dived into the lake.


It is the most dependable piece of makeup I've ever worn and honestly, I don't know how they can make it so good. 

Price: 18 000 Won (so overpriced in Korea) or 1 200Yen.

What I Love About It:
- easy to use
- convenient to throw into a bag
- long lasting -> smudge proof and waterproof
- extremely dependable
- easy to make a think line or a thin line
- very pigmented
- comes with a brush tip, I dislike felt tips

What I Don't Love About It
- a bit expensive if you can't get it in Japan
- tip can be a bit hard and pointy

Rating: A+ HG
This is my HG liquid liner of all times and has gained my trust with its dependable quality. I never have to worry about raccoon liner with this on. Even though it is expensive in Korea, I will purchase this again when I'm finished.


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