Aritaum Pudding Tint: Lollipop Review

Monday, April 21, 2014
Hi everyone! How are you?

Today I've got the Aritaum Pudding Tint in #4 Lollipop to review for you. I'm not quite when this product came out but I'm certain that it was sometime not long ago.

As many of you know, Benefit came out with Lollitint this year. It's suppose to represent the color of the year, orchid (according to a Sephora sales lady).  Although I love the color purple, it hasn't always looked all that great on me. Because of this, I haven't picked up the Lollitint. 

When I saw this in stores at Aritaum, I thought, "Wow, that's just like Lollitint" and so I picked it up.

I love Chupa Chups lollipops. They always have really yummy flavors like chocolate vanilla ice cream and strawberry and creams... They remind me of my childhood when I would always buy one whenever I visited the Asian supermarket. 

The model is wearing Lolli Pop.

There are four colors available in this line. Polka Pink - a baby pink, Swing Coral - an orange, Tango Red  - a red based orange, and Lolli Pop - an orchid color. They retail for 5 000Won (about $5 U.S.)

Gradient Lips Vs. Full Color

Packaging: It's a glass bottle with a doe foot applicator and a plastic lid.

Texture: It's kind of milky and watery, like the Peripera Milky Tints.

This tint sets really quickly. As you can see in the picture, during the time it took for me to take a picture and to blend it out, some of the product has already set.

Color: Looking at the swatches of this and Benefit's Lollitint, I can't say that they are exactly the same shade. They are both orchids but the tone is different. 
However, for me, it's close enough.

Because of it's milky - watery texture, this product is really easily to spread. I usually dot it across my lips and let it sink a bit before blending it and adding a seond layer. If you blend right away, I find that the color  disappears really quickly. Although this is a light color, it's still really powerful! I have pigmented lips, but even just one layer allows the color to show up. It's more of  a berry pink color instead of a true orchid (which I don't mind) due to the pinkness of my lips.  Two layers allow the color to show up even deeper. If you want to create gradient lips, you can use a lip concealer and add this in the middle. I like to use to do this and then add another lip color onto. The color sinks in really quickly, so it's hard to blend it out after 10 seconds. 

My, oh my. Lip tints have gone a long way since they first came out.  Although this is in the traditional lip tint packaging, it is not drying at all. Even after this product set, I didn't notice any dryness. 

This tint, lasts pretty darn long!  I would say it lasts for over 6 hours. Even after using a cleansing oil, it is really hard to remove everything.

One layer hid the dry patches - very impressive.

I used a lip concealer over the lips before adding the product to the center. After applying the lip concealer, the product looks truer to color.

The Good:
- very cheap
- pretty close dupe to Benefit's Lollitint
- light color that still shows up on pigmented lips
- easily spreadable
- unique color
- great lasting power
- not drying
- sets quickly 

The Bad
- can't see the condition of the product or how much product is left because the bottle is opaque.

Overall:  I would say this is absolutely great if you want to try out Lollitint but don't want to splurge. As you know, it colors come and go. Although this product isn't disappointing, it's not mind blowing either. This is a decent lip tint with a unique color.

Missha Flower Bouquet Cherry Blossom Cleansing Oil Review

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Hello everyone, today I have a requested review. It is for Missha's Flower Bouquet Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil. 

Before this, I've used a few of the Shu Uemura cleansing oils and Nature Republic's Chamomile Cleansing Oil (which you can read about in my previous post). Shu Uermura's cleansing oils are definitely my favorites but Missha's Flower Bouquet Cherry Blossom Fresh Cleansing Oil is definitely pretty good as well.

As you can, I've only been using the 30ml sample that I receieved with my purchase. The full product is at 150ml. 30ml has lasted me for quite some time, and I definitely think it's enough for me to do a review on it. 

As you can see, it is clear like water.

Here are some pictures from Missha's website.

I definitely feel this effect whenever I use this product. I can feel the sebum and whiteheads popping up when I massage this oil over my skin.

Price: I think this is around 14 000Won for 150ml.

Scent: It's has a soft cherry blossom scent. It's not too strong and it usually disappears after you cleanse the oil off. 

Texture: It's of a thin, almost watery consistency - definitely very easy to massage around the face. 

Performance: Because of the consistency, this product is a breeze to massage around the face. I don't need to apply any pressure. I do need to massage around my eyes a bit more than the rest of my face to get the waterproof eyeliner and mascara off. During this time, I can using feel little bits of sebum (the ones that you can feel but you don't want to squeeze) come out of my skin. When I add water, it emulsifies to a milky liquid which is really easy to rinse off. It doesn't emusify nearly as much as the Nature Republic Cleansing Oil.  As I rinse my face, usually all my makeup comes off, even my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. If you have a hard time getting those off, just let the cleansing oil sit on your face for for about 20 seconds (I don't recommend any more than that because this product does have mineral in it), it should lift the makeup off. My eyes get a little blurry if I get this product in but if I rinse a few times, it usually clears up really easily.  After I cleanse off this product, my skin feels reallly clean and refreshed. There isn't any residue left over. I usually follow up with a cleansing foam, just to make sure my skin is clean.

On my skin from left to right: lip tint, concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow. As you can the cleansing oil is slipping off my arm easily.

After I massage the oil over the makeup and given it one rinse: Even before I add water, I can see that all of the makeup with the exception of the lip tint has lifted up.

After a couple of rinses: Unlike with the Nature Republic Cleansing Oil, you can see that almost all of the milky liquid has been rinsed off. There is still a bit of lip tint on my arm - that little bit is almost impossible for me to remove with ANY of my cleansing oil stuff.

Ingredient: The ingredients aren't listed online but I've seen pictures on some blogs. The second ingredient is mineral oil. 

The Good:
- cheap
- really effective
- cleans my pores - I can feel clog pores unclogging
- takes all my makeup off (with the exception of a bit of lip tint).
- relaxing scent
- easy to use

The Bad:
- The second ingredient is Mineral Oil 

Overall: A
I love using this product to remove my makeup because it does the job and makes my skin feel so fresh and clean afterwards. I'm planning to pick up the full size once I'm finished with my Nature Republic Chamomile Cleansing Oil. 

Nature Republic Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil Review

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Out of all the cosmetic brands in Seoul, Nature Republic has to be the one that has the most sales. They have sales days and Nature Day. Sadly, there aren't a lot of reviews on their products as compared to Innisfree, Etude House, Skinfood, etc. because it is still a relatively new brand. However, they are EVERYWHERE. Their image is that of a "Natural" type of brand like Innisfree. I've tried quite a few of their products and I'm quite satisfied with their quality for the price that they charge. Their cosmetics tend to be very affordable but some of their skincare can be quite expensive. They cover a range of different products and often have dupes of popular cosmetic products. 

Today I will be reviewing Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil (NN6413).  The reason I chose this one was because it had a Get It Beauty Sticker on it. I wanted to get the Green Tea one as well but the store I went to was sold out on that.

Claims: "Cleansing oil with the active ingredient of natural chamomile protects sensitive skin. This refreshing cleansing oil gently removes makeup without leaving a sticky residue behind. Its active ingredient of natural chamomile water protects sensitve skin from harmful materials and stress, moisturizing the skin and leaving the skin feeling soft and healthy."
7 Non Added Formulas

How To Use:
1. Dispense an appropriate amount (2-3) pumps on your dry palm and gently massage it onto the dry face.
2. Wet your hands with water, continue to lightly massage it onto the face until the oil turns into a milky color, wash off with warm water. 

CAUTION: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. (Uh oh... I've been using this as a regular cleansing oil and removing my eye makeup with it... I did that with my Shu Uermura Ulti8 and had no problems. However, this specifically says avoid contact with eyes.) Discontinue use if signs of irritation appears. Keep out of reach of children.

Price: Around 13 000Won / 200ml.

Packaging: It looks like a mini of the Shu Uemura 450ml bottles. 

Texture & Scent: The texture of this is of a light, runny oil which is very similar to the Shu Uemura Ultim8. It has a very soft floral scent.

1. Normally I take two pumps of this and massage into my face and on my eyes like I would with any other cleansing oil. It feels very slick and a bit heavier than the Shu Uermura Ultim8. I also find that when I use the Shu Uermura Ultim8, sebums pop out easily but that is not the case with this cleansing oil. I didn't feel any sebums popping out until after a minute or two. 
2. After massaging it into my face and eyes, I splash my face with lukewarm water. At this point, the product emulsifies into an extremely white milky liquid. It emulsifies much more than any of the other cleansing oils I've used before. My eyes get a bit blurry but they do not sting.
(After reading the instructions on the box, I don't recommend you to use this on your eyes.)
3. It takes quite a few splashes of water to rinse off the product from my skin and eyes because of the heavy emulsion.  It took off most of my makeup and left just bits of my eyeliner left.

Although this product claims to sooth and moisturize my skin, I don't really notice this to be more soothing than any other cleansing oil. I still love my Shu Uemura Ultim8 the most but that costs 128 000Won for 450 ml ( about $128) whereas this cost about 13 000Won for 200ml (about $13). I think this is definitely a good alternative but it's not the best alternative. I find that I prefer the Missha Bouquet Cleansing Oil over this. That cleansing oil really removes everything which is what I want m cleansing oil to do. 

On my arm in order of left to right is lip tint, concealer, lipstick, gel liner. As you can see the product is very liquidy. 

It easily emulsifies to a milky walk liquid when I add water. The liptint is still holding strong.

After a couple of rinses - you still need to rinse your skin a few more times. Traces of the liptint and the eyeliner is still present but the concealer and lipstick is completely gone.

Ingredients:  Please note that the first ingredient is mineral oil. I know that a lot of people don't like putting mineral oil on their face because it can clog pores. I'm still looking for a cleansing oil that doesn't contain it. If you know of one, please let me know!

What I Love About It:
- very affordable. Nature Republic is almost always having a sale. You can easily get it for around 10 000 Won or less during sales.
- cleanses away most of my makeup without leaving any oily residue.
- easy to use
- sleek packaging
- soft floral scent

What I Don't Love About It:
- it gets much milkier than other cleansing oils and that is a hassle to wash off
- It's not meant to be used for eyes which means I should use a separate eye makeup remover - more time consuming
- it's not as heavy duty as other cleansing oils

Overall: B+

All in all, this is a good cleansing oil that will get your face makeup off easily. It's super cheap and pretty effective. However, I do recommend you check out the Missha Forest Bouquet Cleasing Oil. It's the same price as this one, but does not emulsify as much and is able to remove all my makeup.


Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge in GCR03 Wanna Coral Review

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello everyone! Today I have a quick review for you. It's the Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge in GCR03 Wanna Coral (워나 코랄). This is from their M section, Spring Wanna Collection. They have three main colors this Spring. Wanna Pink, Wanna Orange, and Wanna Coral. These are also hit colors all through Korea this spring. 

This lipstick caught my eyes right away with its familiar, simple and sleek packaging. It looks a lot like the Shu Uermura lipsticks! It has a SPF13 - not much sun protection but better than none right?

Price: 11 800Won

Isn't she gorgeous? Missha does well in its advertising :)

There are four products in each Wanna collection - A matte shadow, shimmery shadow, lipstick, and a nail polish. As I've already got far too many eyeshadows and nail polishes, I only picked up the lipstick.

I also chose the main color in their Wanna Coral line. I absolutely adore the color from the first time I swatched it. If you don't like coral, there's actually a whole range of pinks and oranges to chose from. There's also a matte section. 

As you can see, it looks quite soft in the tube. I'm worry it might melt in the summer.

Wanna Coral is a salmony pink color which is really popular this Spring. You can apply one layer for a very natual look or apply multiple layers for a more opaque color. According to the promotional material, you may add a light layer for a "shy-girl" look or multiple layers for a "glam" look. 

This has to be the smoothest lipstick I've ever applied. The texture is so smooth and soft that it really reminds me of an extremely moisturizing lipbalm. Although this lipstick claims to contain argan, rosehip, and brazilian nut oil, it does not feel oily on the lips at all. It feels very light, moisturizing, and nonsticky. It provides a glossy finish with sheer color in just one layer. I've had no problems with it clinging onto dry skin. However, the downside to moisturizing lipsticks is that they do not last long on the lips. Even without eating anything, this lipstick barely stays on for more than one and a half hours. I've notice that it doesn't transfer heavily at all but the color just seems to disappear as time goes by.  I didn't have any problems with reapplication after the initial color fades off so it's easy to apply a second coat

The Good:
- beautiful glossy shine without you lips looking overkill
- decent buildable opacity
- feels very light
- affordable
- moisturizing
- smooth application
- sleek packaging
- has SPF
- easy to touch up

The Bad:
- wear time is less than a couple of hours with no eating

If you love glossy lipsticks and don't mind reapplying every couple of hours, than this is a lipstick for you. 

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