Monday, February 20, 2017
Hi everyone, today I'm reviewing the Innisfree Oat Mild Moisture Sun Cream. It's part of their Superfoods line. As I'm sure you know, oat is really soothing for the skin. I'm not quite sure what percentage of oat is actually in this sun cream but nonetheless, it's an excellent product.

Sunscreen is important. By now you've probably heard a billion YouTubers/ Bloggers tell you the same thing. I know that through my early twenties, I was really lax about sun protection. I depended on my bb cream's sun protection. Now that I'm starting to see several sunspots, especially around my eyes, I've been trying to take better care of my skin.

One of the reasons why I didn't use sun screen in the past was because I couldn't get past 1) sunscreen scent 2) texture of most sunscreens 3) how oily they made me and 4) how they usually ball up my bb cream. I think I may have found one that does not do any of the above and with SPF 50 + PA+++, I think we're pretty much getting the most coverage possible.

Like most of their products, the Innisfree sun cream comes in simple packaging with a white tube and semi-opaque lid. You can really control the amount of product squeezed out and cut the tube when you're trying to scrape the last bit out. 

The texture of this sun cream leans more on the thicker side. Because true to it's name of "Mild Moisture", it's doesn't seem very emollient. I usually experience some difficult trying to spread this out onto dry skin because it will patch up and become somewhat resistant. Try using this on freshly moisturized skin and you won't experience a problem. 

Unlike most sunscreen that has the traditional sunscreen scent, Moil Moisture Sun Cream has a clean, slightly citrusy scent. It smells nice and not overly fragrant. After initial application, you really can't smell it.

Because the sun cream leans on the thicker side, it can leave behind a white cast even after being spread out. Once I put bb cream or foundation on top, it doesn't really show though. One of the things I love about it is that it doesn't interfere with my makeup at all. It doesn't make my skin oilier nor drier and just sits so well. In fact, I think due it's slightly thicker texture, it acts like a primer in that it holds my foundation in place and prevents any slippage. The downside of this is that, even if you wore this on its own, you have to use a cleanser to massage the cream off. It really will stick to your skin.
In terms of whether or not it's effective in protecting my skin damage, only time will tell. Although there's a lot of UV reflections from the snow here, I haven't really felt any skin irritations and with SPF 50 +, I don't feel as if I need to reapply it as often as SPF 30+.

It's pretty clear to say that I really, really like this product. I will definitely repurchase it before I run out of my current tube. If you've got any questions, please leave it in the comments!


  1. Hey! I was just wondering if you've tried the Missha Safe Block Essence Suncream? I think there's a few variants with the pink or white tube and I was wondering how you think it compares to the Innisfree one! Great review as always Xx

    1. Hey Jessica, I've tried three of the ones in "sun milk" before: Missha All-Around Safe Block: Mild essence, soft finish, and waterproof. The ones in the hard bottles and gold caps are "sun milk". They're really runny (like milk) and applies easily without leaving much of a white cast. They do roll under my makeup and just on my skin in general. I also tend to look pretty oily after wearing these so they're not really favs.

      If you're talking about the Missha Safe Block Essence Sun in the squeeze tubes, they're a bit creamier but still roll under my makeup and makes me look oily.

      Hope that helps!

  2. There's a difference between sunscreen and sunblock.Does this one work as a sunblock?


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