[REVIEW] Missha The Style Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon Dolly Coral

Monday, November 30, 2015

Missha is one of those brands where I tend to experience the most hits and misses with. Although I usually really like their packaging and the concept of their products, the actually quality and performance of the products either works really well with me or it does not. They also have different things under different lines, for example their Signature line is much more expensive than The Style line. 

"Bold, vivid colors for beautifully defined lips.
Long-lasting crayon on one end and soft cushion tip on the other end.
Cushion applicator provides smooth adherence with a natural smudge blending effect.
Fast and easy, multi-functioning smart makeup with the all-in-one lipstick + lip liner + cheek tint."

Picture Source:  Missha US Website

When they released the Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayons, I was truly intrigued with the pretty colours.  I like how none of the colours in this line overlap. They're all very distinctively different to each other even though they might not be unique.  The colour I gravitated towards the most is Dolly Coral.  I don't like to using testers in stores, so I really had to depend on the promotional material to gauge whether it would work for me.

Picture Source: Missha US Website

The concept of the Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon is really similar to that of Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints (reviewed here) - one end is the actual product, the other end is a cushion tip, and both products twist up. Both products allow the user to achieve a lip gradation. I'm personally not a fan of how that looks on my lips so I use it full on.

The size of the crayon is similar to the Clinique Chubby Pencils. 

Twisted All The Way Up

I would describe this as a warm tone coral red that is very similar to but warmer than the VDL Cube Lipstick I reviewed in the past (reviewed here). The formulation is different though. 

After seeing how pretty this looked on the model in the promotional pictures, I really wanted to like this pencil. However I have some issues with it. As a colour, it's indeed very beautiful but doesn't compliment my skin tone. It seems to bring out the yellowness in my skin. This isn't much of an issue because I'm sure it would suit other people better. 

The biggest issue I have with it is the formulation.  Even after I have exfoliated and moisturized my lips, this product applies on very patchy. On dry lips, it sinks in the cracks and dries to a matte finish. On moisturized lips, it still catches onto ridges and patches up. If you use the crayon for gradational purposes, you can smooth out the patches with the cushion tip. Over blending will shift the colour around so it's not very easy to control. 

The biggest merit for this crayon is its long lasting ability. One time, I had applied this crayon on in the afternoon and even after dinner I could still see the colour. It wasn't as fresh and vibrant as right after application but it had faded beautifully and the coral colouring was still there. It's quite amazing since I had oily fried chicken that night. 

Overall, I would pass on this lip crayon. The color is beautiful (just not flattering on me) and it's long wearing but I found this product hard to control.  Missha makes many wonderful products that I do like but this was just not one of them and I don't see myself reaching for it.


My Mostly Korean Highlighter Collection

Friday, November 27, 2015
These days I've come to the realization that I will probably never finish any of my makeup before their expiration date and the only time I've seen pan was when my Wet n' Wild trios smashed. To be more mindful of what I currently own, I've decided to sort through my collection. I've decided to take pictures along the way to keep track of everything and to analyze what colours I tend to gravitate towards. 

Today I will be showing you guys my highlighter collection since it's the smallest collection out of all my cosmetics. Highlighters are beautiful but they're also something I always, always forget to use. Almost all of my BB & CC creams have a glow factor to them so adding highlighter on top tends to make me look like a grease ball. 

1. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex (BR801): This was my very first highlighter and it used to be housed in a very bulky tin case. The Face Shop has repackaged this entire line with a clear, acrylic rectangular cases which are much more storage friendly and easy on the eyes. I believe this is now sold as #1 I Make You Brighter.  It is a beautiful, natural yet visible glowy highlighter that is more visible than the Tony Moly but less shimmery than the rest. It's similar to my skintone so it blends in really well. The texture is buttery soft, similar to how Urban Decay shadows feel. 

2. Urban Decay Flushed Palette (Native): This is very similar to but slightly warmer than The Face Shop BR801. Although I'm not  a big fan of the bronzer and am on the fence about the blush in this palette, the highlighter is definitely a winner. The tone of it is very similar to my skin so when I use it, it's really brings light onto my face without being visible as a product.  

3. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher (#16 Pink Bright): This my most natural highlighter and the only that  is matte.  It's very fine and soft. I've reviewed this product here.

4. Etude House Aloha V-Line Sim Maker (#02 Sun Pink/ Cherry Brown):  Sun Pink is very pretty but the only times I reach for it is when I use Cherry Brown (the contour half).  Etude House has discontinued the Aloha line BUT this product has simply been repackaged. It's now sold as the Face Designing V-Line Slim Maker and is part of their permanent collection. The design on it is not nearly as pretty as the one Aloha but the colours remain the same, Sun Pink and Cherry Brown.  Sun Pink is very pigmented and despite its name, it's got more of cool white than pink tone to it. I've reviewed the product here

5. The Body Shop: This is a shimmery blush that is part of the Leona Lewis Limited Edition 2013 collection. The white colour section is large enough to be used on its own as a highlight. The deer design on it was what made me purchase this product. It reminds me of Forest Spirit in the movie, Princess Mononke. As a highlighter, it's has a very beautiful pinky lilac iridescence to it.  Despite being so beautiful, I rarely use this highlighter as it's very stiff and tends to accentuate my pores.

I'm pretty satisfied with the highlighters in my collection. If I had to choose a favourite, it will probably be The Face Shop BR801 for it's natural colour and buttery soft texture. 

What's your favourite highlighter?

[REVIEW] Ryeo Anti - Hair Loss Shampoo

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Due to being under a high amount of stress this past half year, I've been losing a lot of hair. It's gotten so bad that I'm constantly conscious of a certain area around my temple. During this time I began to use the Ryeo Anti-Hair loss shampoo.

Find a good shampoo in Korea can be overwhelming as there are many to chose from and the sizes are often quite large - around 710ml. Ryeo has been my favourite brand of hair care so far. To suit people with different hair needs, they have come out with many ranges and colour coded their products.  In the case of the product I am reviewing, Anti-Hair Loss is purple. You can find Ryeo almost everywhere in Korea - Aritaum, HomePlus, OliveYoung, etc.

Ryeo Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is meant for people with oily scalp. As with all Ryeo hair care products, it contains several herbal ingredients. With Anti-Hair Loss version, the main herbal ingredients are ginseng, baekjain, peony, and wormwood extract. Additional ingredients like  ginseng, honey, bokryeong, and saengjihwang are use to strengthen hair follicles. Ginseng, black beans, green tea, and dangyak are used to add nutrition to the sculpt.

One of the things I noticed about this shampoo right away is its strong herbal scent. It's so strong that it tickles my nose the way peppermint does. While it's not overly offensive, I'm not particularly fond of it. The scent lingers on my hair even after rinsing and drying. It lathers up nicely and cleans my hair sufficiently. I haven't noticed my hair feeling particularly dry nor oily so I'd say this is a very decent shampoo.

Now for the big question, does it help with my hair loss? Yes, it does but it doesn't stop hair loss entirely.  I've been using this shampoo for over half a year now and after switching to another brand of shampoo, I notice a significant increase in hair loss.

Overall, this is a decent shampoo that will help slightly with hair loss. I really enjoy Ryeo hair products but this was was just average to me. If you're just looking for a good shampoo, I recommend trying their original version (the one in red bottle). 

Everyday Favourites: Autumn 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'd like to say I'm a pretty simple person and even with my love for beauty, there are very few things I wear on a daily basis.  Today, I'd like to show you some of these things that I've been consistently gravitating towards this season. 

Victoria Secret's Victoria: Gone are the fresh, sparkling, fruity and floral scents of the summer and in comes the warm and musky scents that remind people of sweaters and hot cocoa. Victoria is by far one of the most unique scents I've ever smelled. Since I don't particularly have a good nose that can differentiate scents, this is saying a lot. Although it's still kind of fruity (Berry notes) and floral (Victoria roses) it's soften by the mix of warm note from creme brûlée creating a lovely autumn appropriate scent without being overly sweet.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 80 Creamy Beige: I'm sure you've all heard about the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. Creamy Beige is from their Leather Collection that's part of their permanent line. It's a nice, matte beige colour that I like to throw on just to give my eyes a bit more depth. I found out that I like applying this with a flat brush more than with my fingers. I just pat the colour on my eye lid and blend out the edges with a brush. When I apply this with my fingers, I find that the product sticks to my finger and tugs when I try to blend it out on the lids.

Etude House Surprise Concealer: This is an amazing concealer that doesn't get enough hype. It's got a doe foot applicator and blends like a dream. It's also really pigmented and affordable.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Barely There: Worn on it's own, this lipstick ages me. I'm sure that this is a beautiful MLBB on many people, but with my light skin tone, this is definitely a bit brown on its own. However, combined with soft brown smokey eyes and a nudey mauve blush, I look mature and put together and it's a look that really differs from my usual of pinks and fuchsias. I wore it in this MOTD.

Physician's Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil: This has made such a difference in my skin that I think I'm really addicted. I add a few drops into my moisturizer during the day and during the night and it just leaves my skin super soft, hydrated, and supple. Reviewed here.


English Breakfast Tea (not in picture): As I was making myself a cup of tea, I realize that English Breakfast tea is something I enjoy having everyday. Orange Pekoe was my previous favourite but I've ran out of that so English Breakfast it is.

[REVIEW] It Might Just Be Liquid Gold - Physicians Formula Argan Wear Nourishing Argan Oil

Friday, November 13, 2015

There's been one product that has made an amazing difference to my skin - the Physician's Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil: Argan oil is a gem and this one from Physicians Formula is definitely my favourite in the drugstore market. It's easily accessible, affordable, and is 100% Argan Oil. It has really helped my skin recover from the dry patches I was dealing with.

It's a myth that if you have oily skin you can't use oil. Even if you have oily skin, your skin can actually still be dehydrated. If you're afraid that argan oil will make you look oily, try using it only at night time. By morning it will have absorbed.

This can be used on your face, body, hair, and nails (basically everywhere).

"100% Pure Argan Oil, known as "liquid gold" for its rich conditioning benefits, can improve skin's brightness, tone, texture, and elasticity."
"This magical ingredient from Morocco transforms skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines, brightening dull skin and renewing suppleness, helping to enhance skin's youthful looking glow without ever leaving a greasy feel or finish."
"The silky texture absorbs instantly and creates a beautiful even canvas so you can apply your makeup flawlessly."

Physician's Formula Argan Oil is marketed as a Multi-Tasking Miracle. It's 100% pure argan oil. It claims to be a moisturizer, primer, brigtener, protector, and treatment. I actually find this to be a pretty decent description of the product. During the last few weeks, my skin became extremely dry which resulted in dry patches everywhere. I decided to take this out again after having stopped during the summer. A few drops mixed into my moisturizer has made a world of a difference. I definitely see my skin looking much brighter and more moisturized than it has in the past month and the dry patches have almost completely disappeared.

I wouldn't recommend using this as a primer unless your skin or foundation is really dry. Even then, I recommend mixing only about a drop into your foundation. This can help create a dewy skin appearance. I find its claim at instant absorption a bit of an exaggeration. Whenever I apply argan oil onto my skin directly, it takes a while to absorb. This is why I rather mix it into my regular moisturizer which speeds it up a lot.

The oil itself is slightly golden and runny.

The bottle and the dropper are both glass. I really like the shape of the bottle because it is curved. It fits into my palm perfectly allowing me to have a firm grip on it. Although, the dropper allows for pretty decent control, sometimes an extra drop slips out. As with most oil products, it can be really hard to have the lid on tight. Oil tends to get between the lid and the jar which makes this product easily prone to leakage. If you're traveling with this, I highly recommend that you keep it separately in a ziplock bag.

If you're looking for an easy fix to your skin problems, this may not be it. Skin is such a complex organ that we really have to find the base problem before we can solve it. In my case, my skin was lacking oil from the products that I was using. Argan oil filled in that need and so I was able to get rid of dry patches.  However, if oil is what your skin needs, argan oil is an excellent choice.

I purchased mine for about $18 CAD at local drugstores but it does go on sale quite often. Each bottle comes with 30ml. You can also purchase this from iHerb which delivers internationally. 

[REVIEW] Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Wipes

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Josie Maran Bear Naked nail wipes are brilliant. Seriously, there's nothing else like it in the market. I'm one of those people who can't stand the smell of nail polish remover. I find it suffocating and overwhelming. It's one of the reasons I don't paint my nails all that often. However, nail wipes have changed that.

Josie Maran ~ 40 wipes Grapefruit $18CAD

It used to come in two quantities: 40 wipes and 20 wipes and in two scents: peppermint and grapefruit. However, Sephora currently only sells the 20 wipes in Grapefruit scent.  The 20 wipes retail for $11 CAD.

Removes polish without a trace. Saves the polar bear race. Removes nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails with these portable 3-in-1 nail wipes. The naturally scented, acetone-free formula removes all traces of polish and nail art while organic Argan Oil moisturizes cuticles and supports healthy nail growth. 

How: Use one wipe to remove polish on all ten nails. 

According to Sephora:

What it is:
Multitasking nail wipes formulated to remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails.

What it does:
These portable three-in-one nail wipes remove nail polish, repair dry cuticles, and promote healthy nails—naturally. Acetone free and grapefruit-scented, Bear Naked Nail Wipes are infused with organic Argan oil to moisturize cuticles and support nail growth.

What else you need to know:
With their adorable little faces and big floppy paws, polar bears are irresistible. But with global warming on the rise, the ice is melting under those big bear paws, threatening the species with extinction. Josie Maran Cosmetics believes in being part of the solution, so they are donating a portion of every sale to the Polar Bear SOS initiative, a project of the National Resources Defense Council 
One of the things I really like about these wipes is how portable they are. Nail polish always chips within a few days for me. If I'm on a trip, it's extremely unlikely that I will bring a bottle of nail polish and cotton pads with me. This saves the trouble of doing that. It really does!

The plastic lid helps keep the tissues moist. 

I only have a few wipes left, so that's why it looks so hollow here. 

Each wipe is quite thin. It's damp with solution but not soaked.

Even though the wipes look fragile, they're actually surprisingly durable. I haven't had any issues with it tearing or finding lint on my nails. The exception is glitter polish. These bear naked wipes removes glitter polish with great difficulty.  I find that glitter just tears through the wipes. I have this issue with regular nail polish remover as well.

Here my nails are just painted with the Aritaum Modi nail polish. The wipes don't magically remove everything like a Mr. Clean eraser in a video. It will take a bit of effort. One tip I have is to hold the wipe over your nail for a few seconds to allow the product to sink into the nails. With a little bit of rubbing, the nail polish comes off easily. 

This is how my nails look afterwards.  One wipe really does remove my nail polish on all ten fingers. The shininess from the oil doesn't stay but my nails still look and feel strong. I'm a big fan of argan oil and as usual, it does not disappoint. The result is much better than what I would get from a regular bottle of nail polish. If you are unsure about whether or not to get it, I highly recommend you try a wipe at Sephora before purchasing. 

Dimethyl Glutarate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethyl Adipate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Dimethyl Succinate, Parfum (Fragrance)**. (Organic*, Natural**)

Overall, I highly recommend these to everyone. It doesn't have the strong scent of nail polish remover, it's convenient, and it really does remove regular nail polish off all 10 fingers with one wipe. These wipes are probably the best things to come out in the nail polish scene for a while now. 

[REVIEW] Faith in Face Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming Mask

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Youth doesn't come twice, hold it tight."

One of the best hydrogel masks in the Korean road shop market has to be the Faith in Face masks. There are quite a few variations of this mask and a few years ago, I reviewed After Shower Look - which is still my absolute favourite. The one I'm reviewing today is the Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming Mask.

On hydrogel masks: I find that hydrogel masks tend to be more effective and hydrating than regular sheet masks. They come in this jelly form. Unlike some other hydrogel masks that I've tried, the Faith and Face masks actually have a grid lining on one side of the gel mask. This ensures that the gel does not ripe when you're putting it on. Make sure you place the real gel side on your face and not the grid side (a mistake that I made before and I'm not talking about the plastic guide sheets). Hydrogel masks typically come in two pieces - one for your upper face section (forehead to nose) and one for lower face section (around the mouth). This allows the mask to fit the face better than sheet masks.

The Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming mask aims at anti-aging.  Although, the recommended time is 20 minutes, I left it on for 30 minutes to get the most benefit from the gel. The essence it left behind is very sticky. Even half an hour after I removed the mask, I could not let my hair touch my face without it sticking. How sticky was it? It hurted when I pulled my hair from my face - that was how sticky it was. True to its name, it really did hold my face tight - tight to the point where it was almost painful to move my face. This tight feeling lasted for 30 minutes. However, my face did feel significantly firmer and more hydrated. The dry patches on my face were completely gone after I used this and I made sure to place another cream on top to seal in the moisture that this mask has given me.

The packaging is just so cute. It really reminds me of Soap and Glory with the whole retro + baby pink feel.

Because of the firming effect that this mask gives, this will be nice for people with more mature skin looking for a quick fix before a big event.  Effects from masks tend to wear off after a few days, so it's never a magical fix.  Due to my skin needs, I will probably just keep purchasing the After Shower Look. It really helps with the appearance of my pores (temporarily) and hydrates my skin. 

Overall, I find Faith in Face Masks to be extremely effective. I highly recommend finding one that suits your skin needs and trying it out. These are available at Olive Young in Korea and YesStyle online.

[MOTD] Rosy Brown Lips with Essence's Barely There Lipstick

Friday, November 6, 2015
Nudes and browns have never been my color... or so I thought. I watched this Bubzbeauty video, and I was really inspired by her Mac Velvety Teddy lip color. It's hard to wear a brown lip color and pull it off on its own if you've got pale skin but I've discovered that if you combine the look with brown eyeshadow and contour, you can look really put together. 

I'm not confident that I will be wearing brown lipstick often enough to invest in a Mac lipstick, so I searched online for the next best thing which is Wet N' Wild Bare It All. That's unavailable where I live, so the next alternative is essence Barely There.

 This is actually my second time trying a brown lipstick and I'm so glad I did. The first brown lipstick I tried was a mauvey brown lipstick that looked horrible on my skin tone. It made me look so sick that I was just convinced that browns and mauves aren't for me. While mauvey browns still don't work for me, rosey browns do! Once again, I am reminded that colours work for everyone as long as you find the right tone. 

The camera is picking up slightly more pink than there is in real life. 

Essence's 06 Barely There is an excellent way for pale people to test the water with brown lipsticks and it would also make a nice natural, My Lips But Better color for people who have darker skin tones. The rosiness makes it look quite natural but the brown gives it a slight uniqueness. The essence Long Lasting lipstick formula is quite moisturizing and creamy. It's really comfortable and easy to apply which is really amazing. Despite the name, I would describe the staying power to be decent but not what I would call long lasting. On my lips, it does come off onto things like mugs and napkins and when it does that, it fades beautifully. 

I've actually recommended Barely There to a couple of friends before and both backed from it due to how dark the lipstick bullet looks. In the swatch below, you can see that Barely There is a nice and natural colour. Nothing to be afraid of. 

This is more true to color.  This lipstick has lovely pigmentation.  If you want to sheer the color out, you can apply it with a lip brush instead of directly from the bullet. 

Products Used
essence 06 Barely There, Tony Moly Circle Lens Mascara, Etude House Surprise Concealer, Maybelline Color Tattoo in 80 Creamy Beige, Innisfree Eco Gel Liner in Brown, Too Cool For School Artclass, Tarte Off The Cuff Blush Palette (dark mauve shade), Holika Holika Single Eyeshadow in SBK01 (not in photo)

While trying to create a brownish smokey eye, I fell in love with the Maybelline Color Tattoo in 80 Creamy Beige. It's a few shades darker than my skin tone and the edges blended out beautifully. It really created a soft base for the other darker browns I pat on top of it. I finished off the look with a brown liner instead of black to keep the eyes soft. 

About essence
In case you are unfamiliar with essence, it's a German company that has recently expanded into North America over the last two years. You can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart if you live in Canada. They have a wide range of cosmetics with nothing over $5. What's amazing about it is that many of their products are fantastic for the pricing. As with all brands there are hits and misses. The hits of essence would have to be their Long Lasting Lipsticks, lip liners, and silk blushes. 

Have you tried essence? If so, what are you favourite items?

* As usual, everything was purchased by me. Not a sponsored post. 

[PROJECT] Depotting Wet N' Wild Trio Safely Without Fire

Thursday, November 5, 2015
I've probably mentioned this tons of times but the taupe in Wet N' Wild trio is one of my favourite eyeshadows of all times.  Since I've broke two of these trios already in which the taupe shattered to fine dust (no kidding), I've decided it's time to depot it into a sturdier case.

Almost two years ago, I depotted a whole bunch of my Holika Holika shadows (link here). I'm going to do almost the same steps to depot the Wet n' Wild trio. The Wet N' Wild trios are a little bit more difficult to depot because they don't have the little hole at the back that the Holika Holika ones have. Most of the tutorials I've seen used fire to melt the plastic on the back to pop the shadow out. Although that may be the fastest way, it will cause a burnt plastic odour which I 'm not fond of. This tutorial requires NO FIRE, just a hot flat iron and a bobby pin. 

What you'll need: 1 flat iron, 1 bobby pin or narrow sturdy item, 1 trio case.
Tip: If you are using a bobby pin, it will help to remove the round bit on the longer end of the pin. 

1. Remove the sticker on the back of the case.

2. Turn on the flat iron and let it heat up. Then place the trio between the flat iron and let it heat up. Leave it on for a minute or so. You just want to melt the glue that holds the pans to the case not burn or melt the case. 

3. It's thanks to this lady, Zabrena, that I've found out about the little crevasses in the trios. Through these crevasses, we can pop out the eyeshadow pans instead of burning a hole through the back of the shadow. 
Here, I'm just locating the largest crevasse out of the four corners.

Be careful when you are pushing the pan out with your bobby pin. The crevasses are quite narrow.  As you can see my shadow actually cracked a bit when I was pushing the pan out. I just patted it back  into place and it was fine. 

4. Repeat the steps for the other two pans

5. Place it into your case. There are a lot of cases out there to chose from, like the popular ZPalette. However, in my case, I'm just reusing my Clio Eyeliner palette to store this trio with my Holika Holika ones. 

This is the finished product. 

If you have any questions, please leave it down below! I am always happy to help you :)

[REVIEW] Innisfree Water Glow Cushion

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
(cushion case taken from Limited Edition Ampoule 2015 collection)
 Innisfree Water Glow Cushion SPF 50+ / PA +++ ~ 20 000Won (for case + cushion)
Refill ~ 12 000 Won
Ever since the weather started being a bit drier, I've brought out my Innisfree Water Glow Cushion to use. Out of all the new Innisfree cushions, I think this has to be the most similar to the original version and it's definitely my favourite. As I often do, I have only purchased the refill and popped it into one of my cushion cases. The last time I've checked, Innisfree cushion cases are compatible throughout their versions so you can just buy refills instead of collecting a whole lot of cases. These refills are NOT compatible with the Hera, Iope or Laneige. 

Also, unlike the Hera, Iope, and Laneige cushions, each order of the Innisfree cushions comes with one cushion (15g) and one case. Unless there are special offers going on, refills are always sold separately. For Hera, Iope, and Lineage cushions, each case comes with one cushion (15g) and one refill (15g) - you can also buy refills separately of course. 

[Water glow cushion full of moisture]

1. 100% squeezed Jeju green tea water fills the skin with essential moisture.

2. Moisture coating effect from the water glow complex

3. It cools down your skin upon application to soothe the skin from environmental damage

4. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+ PA+++

It comes in three shades. I find that #13 Light Beige is extremely light and not very natural unless you are extremely pale. #21 Natural Beige is the color that I have. It's very light but natural unlike #13 which is super light and bright. #23 True Beige is just a shade or two darker than #21 Natural Beige. Overall, it's the typical shade selection from Korean base makeup so there really isn't much of a range and definitely does not cater towards people with darker skintones. 

The Innisfree Long Wear Cushion has a much wider range of six colors that does cater to darker skintones. 

Picture Source: Innisfreeworld
No. 21 Natural Beige

Currently there are three versions of the Innisfree Cushions: Water Glow, Long Wear, and Ampoule Intense. The texture, coverage, SPF and staying power in each of these versions are different. Long Wear is meant for use in the summer because it's much more mattifying compared to the other two. The staying power is also much better but I, personally, found it a bit dry on my skin. Ampoule Intense is meant for the winter because it is infused with ampoule. It can look oily if you use it in the summer. Water Glow can be used year round. When testing these in stores, I found Water Glow to have the nicest coverage and consistency for my skin. I would say it is a light to medium coverage. It adds just a bit of glow and has a good amount of SPF. 

Tip: One of the issues that I tend to have with cushions is that I tend to use up all the products at the top. An easy way to remedy this is to flip the cushion cushion upside down for a day or two. This allows the product to flow to the top of the sponge again. If this doesn't work, you can just flip the actual sponge over. I learnt this trick from the YouTuber: BeautyBemused in one of her videos. 

Further claims: lasting moisture, radiant glow, natural coverage, with mineral powder, and infused with Jeju green tea. 
The consistency of this cushion is true to its name. It has a slight watery, but not runny nor oily consistency, that pats on easily and sets quickly to an almost matte finish. In the picture, I've applied two coats onto the liner. I would say that it can be built up to a medium finish. 

When applied the Water Glow Cushion evened out my skin with a single layer. With two layers, it added more coverage. It  did a great job in cover the pores on my cheek and evening out redness. However, I did find that it caught onto and accentuated dry areas on my nose and some parts of my cheek. The focus of this cushion is using green tea as a moisturizing factor. While it definitely does add moisture, it's definitely more of a watery moisture than an oily moisturizer. I think this is what makes it useable even for the summer time. In comparison, the Ampoule Intense version would probably be more forgiving of the dry patches due to it being more of an oily moisturizer. 

The Water Glow cushion added a nice healthy and radiant glow to my skin. It's one that looks extremely natural yet quite matte. I find that to be quite an accomplishment as most cushions tend to give me the oily glow.  If it didn't catch onto dry areas on my face, this would have been the perfect cushion. Right now, the weather has been extremely dry and my skin is suffering from lack of hydration from my skincare so I don't blame this cushion at all. It lasts for around 5 hours on my skin before I start getting oily around the T-zone. 

Overall, I really like the Water Glow cushion. It's moisturizing enough for summer, spring and early autumn. Not only has it a really high SPF, it applies easily and has great coverage. 

If you've any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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