[REVIEW] Ryo (Ryeo / Ryoe) Yangnyeongwon Grey Hair Covering Cream 4.0 Deep Brown

Thursday, September 10, 2015
I've been wanting to colour my hair for a while now. Up to this point, I've always used the Mise En Scene Bubble Dye (the one with Shin Min Ah on the cover). I really liked that product because it was affordable, easy to use, and didn't make hair feel like straw. I've always gone for the Brown/ Red colours and I loved having red hair. However, after a few months my hair colour would fade. Usually it just fades to an auburn-ish colour. Recently, my hair colour faded like crazy and I couldn't stand it.

When I went to my local Amore (a.k.a. Aritaum), this hair dye was the only kind they stocked. Even though it's meant for covering up grey hair, I purchased it. I've asked the sales representative if it was okay first. She said because my hair is already coloured, this hair colour will still work but it might fade a little bit. I'm absolutely find with that. I will just have to take more precaution in keeping my hair from fading. 

The model on the box is absolutely gorgeous. Even though I know that these pictures are often photoshopped, I still believe my hair will come out just as glossy lol.

Ryo ~ $16 CDN


100% Traditional Korean Herbal Medicine Ingredients - camellia seed oil, wilfordi root, ginseng, arrowroot root

"Camellia Seed Oil Covers Grey Hair"

"The shine coating care system improves your dry, brittle hair. Yangnyeongwon grey hair covering cream is a hair color dye based on oriental medicine. This contains domestically cultivated oriental medicine ingredients to increase the health of your scalp. In addition, camellia oil nourishes your fragile hair with the nutrients and moisture it needs to give you smooth and shiny hair."

Effect: Darkened hair color

Doesn't it sound awesome? I really believe in oriental medicine so this was a big seller to me. I know dyeing hair isn't great for my hair but this box really sounds like it's as good as it gets. I can imagine that the Camellia Seed Oil will give my hair the glossiness it needs.

On The Package It Says:
"Precautions: Read the insert throughly and understand the instructions before you start. Do not use on eyelashes and eyebrow. It is for use only on hair. If the contents get in your eyes, rinse them throughly with water then see your doctor. After dyeing your hair, rinse your hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. "

Directions: "Before applying, mix well with a ratio of hair dye (1)/ 60g and developer (2) 60g. Then apply evenly to the hair. After 20 ~ 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water, wash your hair with shampoo or soap, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Depending on the length and thickness of hair the amount to use may vary."

This product comes in four shades: 5.0 Golden Brown, 4.0 Deep Brown (the one I have), 3.0 Black Brown, and 2.0 Black

Neatly Packed Goodies

Everything in the Box

Interesting looking comb. You use the brush side to mix the product and the comb to evenly distribute the dye in your hair.

Information Booklet

Do NOT leave the dye in your hair for over 40 minutes.

The Ryo Grey Hair Covering Cream is not a bubble foam type (although I do believe they've recently came out with a bubble foam).  It was my first time working with a cream dye and I was really nervous.  

The hair dye (1)/ 60g

The developer (2) / 60g

left - right: Hair dye and Developer in EQUAL portions. This will be tricky for people who aren't using the entirety of both tubes as there are no measuring tools.

Mix it together with the brush side of the comb

After you mix the dye and developer together, you can start applying it to your hair. It looks pretty light after you mix it but the developer will soon change the dye to a darker colour so don't worry.

Since this was the first time I've used hair cream that allows me to control the amount of hair dye and developer to squeeze out, I wasn't sure how much I needed. I started out mixing a third of the tube but it wasn't enough and ended up using the entirely of both tubes.

I am really satisfied with the results. I never knew how awful my hair looked until I saw the BEFORE pictures. As you can see, in the AFTER pictures, my hair color looks incredibly natural. It does look darker in person.

My Thoughts
I really like this product. I was surprised that after the initial rinse, my hair felt pretty normal and less dry than it did when I used the bubble foam dyes.  I followed up on the rinse with the small packet of conditioner provided and left it in for a few minutes before rinsing out. My hair felt soft and smooth afterwards. This product is great for people who want to touch up on roots as there are lids provided for the hair dye and the developer. You can control how much product you want to use instead of using the entirety of the item as in the case of bubble foam dyes.

 However, there are a few things I didn't like about it. One was that it did get messy because I couldn't put my hair up. When I use the bubble foam dyes, I could usually push my hair up on top of my head and it would stay there. This is not the case for the dye creams so remember to use the plastic bib provided (I forgot to and thus the different shirt in the AFTER picture).  Applying the cream to the hair was also quite a bit messier than with the bubble hair dyes since the cream dye is runnier than foam. When I was massaging it through my hair, I was afraid there would be areas that I didn't cover so I had to be extra careful.  However, in the end it turned out pretty nicely and I've got even coverage throughout my hair.

Scent: One thing you must know is that even though it doesn't smell like ammonia, this hair cream really smells of ginseng. It's very strong and it's definitely going to bother people who are sensitive to smells. The smell is really similar to the Ryo Anti Hairloss Shampoo, that I've mentioned in my recent empties post, but 10x stronger.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. I think my hair looks and feels even healthier than when I used the bubble foams (which I didn't think was possible). It was relatively easy to use and it has really nice ingredients which I do think makes a big difference from other hair dyes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below. Thanks for reading!

*I purchased this product.

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  1. Hi, i love this hair dye and 4.0 is my color as well, but unfortunately is not in stock anymore in my local Amore store , where did you buy yours? i will be very thankful if you share a link for online purchase! Thanks!


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