[REVIEW] Tony Moly Crystal Blushers #3,4,5,12,16

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

If you're a blush lover and want to collect many different colors for your collection, Tony Moly Crystal Blushers are a great option to consider. They currently have 16 colors in their collection.

When I first started purchasing Korean makeup I was looking for a good bronzer. Since Koreans don't wear bronzers the way that women in North America did, I had a hard time finding one. There were many options for glowy skin, but each Korean store I visited seem to only have one shade suitable for bronzing. At that time my friend recommended me #7 which had just won the Get It Beauty Blind test award. 

Tony Moly had two bronzers at that time: #5 and #7. I meant to purchase #7 but somehow I managed to grab the wrong shade ^___^;; 

At that time, I also purchased #3 Pleasure Peach and #4 Milky Violet because it was an interesting color. I was completely blown away with the staying power and as a result have added more to my collection, especially as they began to add more colors to their collection each year.

The Crystal Blusher collection currently has a wide range of colors - 16. With such a wide range of colors, I an sure there is a color for everyone. They are also really affordable at 5 200 Won (around $5). Among all the colors, the most popular ones are #7 Bronzing Brown and #12 Pink Heart. 

There are currently 16 colors in this collection but this picture only shows 13. 

L - R: #3 Pleasure Peach, #4 Milky Violet, #5 Sugar Brown, #16 Pink Bright, #12 Pink Heart

TONY MOLY ~ 5 200 Won each

Amongst all the road shops in Korea, Tony Moly definitely has the widest variety available. I really feel that the colors in this collection are the most interest that I've seen so far. There are colors here, that you won't find at the other stores. I also like that I can have my highlighter, blusher, and bronzer in the same sturdy, plastic packaging.  It's convent and pretty for me to store in my collection.

Although these blushes are one of the cheapest amongst the Korean road shops, their lasting power is definitely amongst the best. This is one of the reasons, I started to collect them. I've had these last on me for as long as eight hours before. However, it does varies slightly from color to color. As far as I know, all the colors in this range, except some highlighting colors, are matte. The five colors that I have are all matte.

The overall texture of these blushers are powdery and a little bit dry. They pick up on brushes easily and applies pretty smoothly. Like most Korean blushes, they aren't super pigmented so it's nearly impossible to over apply - except for #4 Milky Violet. 

#3 PLEASURE PEACH: this is the perfect everyday, peachy shade. I've compared it to the Etude House Cookie Blusher in #6 Grapefruit Jelly which I prefer over this. Although this is a really nice shade, I feel that the texture is extra dry compare to the other Cristal Blushers which also makes me a little hard to apply. 

#4 MILKY VIOLET: this color was one of the reasons I started collecting the Crystal Blushers. It was one of the only violet/purple blushers at that time. The other alternative was Candy Doll which sold something similar for $20. Although purple blushes may be unusual, they are definitely very wearable and really brightens up the face. Amongst the five blushes I have, this one has the best quality. It's very soft, pigmented, blendable, and extremely long wearing. It's easy to over applying this one though.

#5 BROWN SUGAR: This color is very light even on my fair skin, and it still hardly shows up. I usually use it around my temples, just to give it a bit of shade and dimension before applying a darker contour color on top.

#12 PINK HEART: This is a cool toned pink. It's has good pigmentation and staying power but still a touch dry.

#16 PINK BRIGHT: This is my favorite, natural looking highlight. It really brightens up areas of my face without leaving any trace because it doesn't contain shimmer nor sheen and it doesn't catch too much attention. Out of the five, this is definitely my favorite.

Overall, Tony Moly Crystal Blushes are definitely worth looking at because they have such a wide range, good staying power, and are affordable. The only downside is that they can be a bit powdery and dry. 

Hopefully this review has helped you and as always, you're welcome to leave questions in the comment. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I want to try this blusher but it always out of stock. I want to try all of the shades! :D


  2. Thank you for this great overview! :) #3 Pleasure peach is my favourite color wise.
    #5 Brown sugar actually looks a lot darker on the stock photos & more yellow in real life? =.= That's weird! :D

    1. #3 is also my favourite! #5 Brown Sugar is really light to the point that it's not really noticeable. I guess on stock photos they have to make it visible so they make it darker. I'd recommend #7 if you're looking for a bronzer tho. I heard that it's quite natural as well.

  3. I love these blushes! :D
    I once bought #4 on a whim (because I love everything remotely lavender) and to my great surprise it's so wearable! Especially when I'm tired, I love dusting a bit of this on top of a 'normal' cream blush.
    Brown Sugar would maybe work well for nose shading...? I love how the highlighter looks, though, and will have to swatch and buy! :D

    1. I was also amazed at how wearable #4 was! I haven't tried it on top of other blushes before so I will have to do that now. Thanks for the suggestion :) I think Brown Sugar would make for a nice, very natural shading but I don't think it would work for everyone. I'm seriously pale but I still have a hard time getting it to show up. Yes, the highlighter is awesome! It's very natural and great for the no-makeup look ^^

  4. I feel like Bronzing brown is too orangey so I was opting for Sugar Brown but it still looks orange??


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