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Monday, December 26, 2016
It's been so long since I've been in the beauty blogosphere/ Youtube that when I wrote the title of this post, I spelt Haul ... Hall. On another note, there's something about December that really got into my head.  I've purchased a lot of things that I've been eyeing and there is really nothing in this haul that I haven't been thinking of for a long time. I'm usually not an impulse shopper but since I've steer clear of shopping for the past few months, I think things just built up and over a random stressful evening, it just all came out. In no means is this a show off. I really enjoy reading other people's hauls to get a feel of what's worth purchasing and just thought you might want to see as well.

Innisfree Ampoule Intense Foundation (C21) - I love Innisfree and loved their Ampule Cushion. However for the foundation, I'm really on the fence about it. It's oxidize like crazy on me and really not as glowy nor moisturizing as I had imagined. 

Innisfree Oat Mild Moisture Sun cream - I've heard really good things about this sun cream and it lives to the hype. Unlike many other sun creams I've tried, this one smells amazing. It's a bit citrusy and really fresh. It's not the most moisturizing but it doesn't turn me into a grease ball.

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask - this is decently good although I still prefer my Innisfree Honey Sleeping Pack more.

Missha Matt Lipstick in Maple Latte - this is a treasure. It's a bit of a pumpkin, brown but still manage to get a bit of mauve it. I LOVE it and I'm not used to finding such a unique colour in a Korean brand. 

Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadows - yes, they're back! I've reviewed three colours earlier this year and I honestly love these stick shadows so much, I had to get them in different colours. 

Aritaum Real Lash Fixer - my eyelashes are tiny, sparse, and basically invisible. I really liked the Etude House Lash Fixers so I have high expectations for this one. So far, it has not disappointed. Unlike the Etude House one, this is a fixer and mascara in one.

Same Tip Concealer - I believe this is the brightener. You really have to layer a real concealer or foundation on top of this because it's super light. 

Innisfree Lip Treatment Tint in Honey in Orange - I've been using Honey in Cherry all winter that I knew it was time to get this one. Between this and cherry, I prefer the cherry one. Despite the 'tint' part being minimal, Honey in Cherry's got a livelier pink. Honey in Orange is somehow less moisturizing and doesn't do much to liven up my lips.

Laneige Hydration Trial Kit - although I've taken better care of my skin since purchasing Cosrx, I kind of wanted to get back on the full Korean Skincare ways. I'm not getting younger and it's crazy dry here. I've always been a fan of the Lineage Sleeping Pack but really haven't tried much of anything else so I thought this would be a good way to pick out the winners. So far, I'm really enjoying everything but especially the cream and the serum. 

That's it for my beauty haul.


  1. Cute haul!

    I'm really liking honey in my skincare products lately. I'll have to give the Innisfree Honey Sleeping Pack a try at some point, because the Cosrx Nourishing Rice Mask is just okay for me. I do love the products in the Laneige Hydration kit though! I think I've used most (if not all) of them, and have repurchased the serum, cream, and sleeping pack at least once or twice. I'm actually on the third jar of the Water Sleeping Pack, lol.

    1. Honey is the best! I think I actually enjoy how thick honey products are and really, as long as I'm not going outside looking like a sticky, gooey ball I'm fine with it! I've also repurchased the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack numerous times. It's one of my favs :)


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