[Review & Dupe Alert] Banila Co Style Eyeliner in Deep Black. Dupe for Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On in Perversion

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Banila Co. is one of my favorite brands in Korea. They are well known for their amazing primers like Its Shiny primer and their cleansing balms like Clean It Zero (reviewed here). Their prices fall in the mid range – more expensive than the average road shop but not as expensive as department stores (although you can find Banila Co at some department stores – but it’s likely that it’s on the women’s fashion floor rather than on the first floor with all the other cosmetic brands like Sum37 and Hera).

Today, I will be reviewing one of their eyeliners: Style Eye Love Eyeliner Pencil Deep Black.

·      Easy drawing
·      Water-proof
·      Longwearing
·      Smudge-proof

Banila Co Style Eye Love Eyeliner is a traditional pencil liner that has intense pigmentation and dries to a matte finish.

How does it perform?
I had a lot of expectations from this liner as it’s from Banila Co. It’s richly intense and easily one of the darkest blacks in my collection. It’s also really smooth.  However, here is a problem. The pencil is so smooth and buttery that it’s hard to get a sharp thin line. The tip gets blunt easily and the pencil needs to be sharpened regularly - even then, it's still hard to get a sharp tip. It does not twist up.

With one stroke, you can get a very dark black line which dries down to a matte finish. My eyelids are really oily and tends to smudge most eyeliners. This one smudges on me. I notice, the liner transferring onto my bottom lid within three hours. Because of that, I wouldn't say it's smudge proof nor long wearing on me. When I swatched this on my arm however, I notice that it was budge proof  so perhaps if your eye area isn't really oily at all, this will have a better staying power on you. I've tested this liner under running water, and it's true to it's waterproof claim.

The biggest problem of all? It gets on my contacts! This is a big issue because, once it gets onto my contacts, my vision gets all blurry to the point where I can’t really see and I have to wash my contacts. I wore this out one day to a park and every half hour, I had to wash my contacts. This has never happened to me before so I was both confused and annoyed. Contact lens wearers, you’ve been warned. I always use black liner for the upper waterline and the top lid. I've never had this problem before. Perhaps if you don't line your waterline, you can avoid this problem.

The consistency of this eyeliner really reminds me of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils Upon comparison, I've found that they perform exactly. This is an exact dupe if not even the same product just in different packaging.

Here are the similarities between the Banila Co’s Deep Black vs. Urban Decay in Perversion. 

  • They are both intense black liners that glide and melt on the lids.
  • Both pencil liners that need to be sharpen regularly
  • They have the same wet surface when first used and dry to the same matte look
  • They flake the same way and at the same time
  • When being removed, they both have the same dark ivy green base
  • Wear time, water-proof, smudging is exactly the same
  • Both are Made in Germany
  • Both shrink away from the wooden part of the pencil
  • Both can get onto contacts and create blurry parts. I've personally experienced this with the Banila Co. I haven't worn the UD Perversion with contacts so I can't say for that one from personal experience. However, reviewers on RedditAmazon, and Sephora have mentioned that UD Perversion creates blurry spots on their contact lenses as well. 

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On retails for $20 USD for 0.04oz on Sephora.
Banila Co. Style Eye Love Liner retails for 14 000 Won (around $14 USD) for 0.04oz in stores and $18.60 on Amazon.

I haven't actually discovered anything different about them besides the packaging.

BC = Banila Co - the top line is purely with Banila Co Eye Love
UD = Urban Decay - the bottom line is purely with Urban Decay Perversion

I rubbed the swatches about 15minutes after they were applied. Both didn't really budge but I did notice a bit of greenish shadow coming off. Neither of these pencil liners have glitter in them. The random glitter must've been from my hand.

Overall, I would not repurchase either of the liners. I've had pretty good results most Banila Co items, including their gel liners in the pot form, but this Style Eye Love Eyeliner just didn't. I am used to products smudging on me but getting onto my contacts and blurring my vision? I just can't deal with that. It's also pricey compared to other Korean eyeliners that have worked better for me - like The Face Shop Make Me Star Waterproof Gel Liners (around $7 USD).


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