[REVIEW] The Face Shop High Lighter Beam

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
The Face Shop ~ The High Lighter Beam 13ml ~ around 7 000 Won($7 USD)

As one of The Face Shop's best selling products, The High Lighter Beam should be familiar to most Korean beauty lovers. My first impression of this was that it looked a lot like the Benefit's High Beam. The entire bottle looks the same and even the name sounds the same. I've never tried the Benefit's High Beam before so I can't compare the two.

There is also a gold version called the Gold Highlighter Beam. I believe that one is for darker and warmer skin tones.

The product comes in a glass jar with a plastic lid. It reminds me very much of a large nail polish jar.

 The nail polish- like applicator is okay for precision. You can apply the highlighter to specific areas but it can often apply on too much product.

 The actual product is a pinkish pearl. It's a nice consistency that is not too watery nor thick. It doesn't contain any noticeable shimmer.

It blends out easily. However, on my face, especially on top of makeup, I can feel this product blending a bit patchy. It definitely looks like I've got noticeable highlighter on. As a result it really looks like I've product on my face rather than the glow from within lit.  I would say the finishing result of this product appears more like a powder highlight than a liquid highlight. For a more flawless application, I recommend that you mix a bit of this into your foundation before you apply it. The staying power of this product is really nice. I could still see the product at the end of a long day.

Over all, I think this is worth a try if you are looking for a cheap liquid high lighter. The finish is a little bit too noticeable for my taste so I will just be sticking to my regular high lighters.

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  1. Oh my god! I can't believe there's a dupe por Benefit's High Beam and I have never heard of it!!
    Judging by your photographs it really looks like an amazing dupe and for... 1/3 of the prize of the benefit one? I am amazed honestly
    The thing you say about looking patchy on top of makeup... it happens to me to with High Beam! Sadly :( But I discovered that it doesn't look patchy and it looks a lot more natural when applied before makeup, and then applying makeup with a beauty blender or a makeup sponge- it does give a very natural glow, and it doesn't fade away, so I'm guessing it could be the same with this one?

    I know what I'm buying when I end up Benefit's high beam to be honest...

    1. It's a lot cheaper than the Benefit High Beam so I think it's definitely worth the try especially if High Beam has a patchy problem as well. ^^


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