[REVIEW] Innisfree Lip Treatment Tint: Orange in Honey

Monday, January 2, 2017
Earlier this year, I reviewed Innisfree Treatment Tint in Cherry in Honey (review here). I really enjoyed the product at that time even though the weather was heating up. Since we are now in the middle of winter in Canada and now my lips are crazy dry, I knew that this was one of the only products that could save them. Sadly, my Cherry in Honey tint had started to separate, though it was only obvious when I shook the tube. I decided it was time to buy Orange in Honey.

Normally I stay away from my oranges because they make my skin look shallow. I've seen Orange in Honey on some YouTubers and it wasn't so bad so made the purchase. Like the Cherry in Honey, Orange in Honey is a slight tinted, slightly gooey, liquid. It adds even less colour than the Cherry in Honey and really looks more like a gloss. Like the name suggests, lip treatment, it works wonders on dry lips. I really felt the product sink into my lips and really comfort them. The best part? It's not sticky.  Hair does occasionally get stuck on it, but I can stick smack my lips together without problem.

Like Cherry in Honey, this product wears well for a couple of hours before fading off. While with Cherry in Honey, a slight pink tint is left behind, Orange in Honey did not leave anything.

The same, strange little weird much applicator.

I apologize for getting the names backwards. Here you can see that my Cherry in Honey has deepened over time and has started to separate. As I like the colour much more than Orange in Honey, I've ordered a backup. I think this also shows that this product isn't the best in terms of preservation. I only opened Cherry in Honey in March!

On my lips Orange in Honey slightly mutes down the natural pinkness of my lips as most orange colours do. It's more natural and appears like a gloss for everyday makeup. 

If there were more colours in this line, I'd gladly purchase them all. They're fantastic on the moisture front and have done an amazing job at keeping my lips plump and hydrated. As I've tried both colours now, I think I definitely prefer the Cherry in Honey over Orange in Honey as it just adds a bit more of a lively kick to my lips. Both are still lovely and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good bit of moisture in this dry winter.


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