VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture in 606 Flower Power Review

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi everyone! During the VDL Beauty Week, I picked up a new lipstick. I've heard a lot about VDL's new range of cube lipsticks from a few Singaporean bloggers and I really wanted to try one out. I kid you not but I went into the store 4 or 5 times, trying to decide which to pick up. In the end, I picked up 606 Flower Power from their new Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture line. Since there isn't much information about this online, I'd like to provide you a quick review and swatch.

If you have never heard of VDL before, they are a new brand launched under LG. VDL stands for Violet Dream Luminous - very unique and cool name.  I think most big beauty brands in Korea are either under AmorePacific or LG. VDL is relatively new to the Korean beauty scene. The first time I can across a store was around Ewha University last year. Since then, they've opened up a few more stores. They're known for their amazing lipsticks and Lip Tint Bar Triple Shots. Their website is also more English reader friendly than most of the other Korean websites.

There are two lines in the Expert Color Lip Cube range. The original line is the Expert Color Lip Cube which has been released in Singapore as well. The lipsticks in this line are super pigmented, matte, and long lasting. I first heard of this line from Singaporean bloggers. There are eight colors in this line. The new line is the Expert Color Lip Cube Moisture line. I think they are not yet released in Singapore as they have just been released in Korea (correct me if I'm wrong). They should be released sometime soon in the future. There are six colors in this line. 


"The architectural depth of color and shape created by the lines and planes of the cube takes the lipstick to a whole new level. Enhanced with silky, moisturizing texture and long - lasting elegent colors defined with cubic edges, VDL Expert Color Cube presents to you inimitable attitude and confidence."

Oh my word, it's absolutely the definition of sleek. Just check out the picture. It's gorgeous.

606 Flower Power
I had a really  hard time choosing which lipstick to pick. They're all so beautiful but in the end I went with 606 Flower Power as it was the most wearable and appealing color to me. I would say it's a coral with pink undertones. It's an extremely natural color alternative to pinks.


Although, I was a bit worried that the square shape of the lipstick would be a bit difficult to use, it's actually really not that hard. The edges are really useful in getting the color to the corners of my lips. 

The color isn't as pigmented as some of the other colors in the original line but it still shows up nicely. It applies on smoothly and doesn't catch onto any dry skin nor bunch up. It feels really light and moisturizing on my lips. 

Without eating and drinking, I would say this lipstick lasts around 3 hours on me. It transfers a bit. After eating, the lipstick pretty much disappears completely, without feathering nor staining. It disappeared in a nice, non-messy, even way. Moisturizing lipsticks tend to fade and slip faster than matte and intense lipsticks. If you really want a highly intensely pigmented, matte lipstick, I would recommend the original expert cube line. 

The Good:
- really beautiful color
- feels absolutely great on the lips
- smooth
- easy to apply
- looks sleek
- has SPF 10

The Bad:
- didn't last as long as I had expected
- not cheap ( 20 000Won regular price)
- transfers

I really love this lipstick and I'm really impressed with VDL. I would say the comfort and the moisture that this lipstick gave was phenomenal - not to mention, the color is just perfect.   I want to pick up another Experct Color Lip Cube before the sale is over but I really can't decide which color to pick up. I'm thinking something from the original line. 


  1. Pretty color! I will definitely have to check them out soon.

  2. Please do and let let me know your thoughts on them^^

  3. Reading your review on this product makes me want to get it and try it out!:)

    1. I promise I'm not being sponsored or anything haha!


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