Travel: Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul

Friday, March 7, 2014
Recently, I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae. It's located on a hill in a small alley in Hongdae. I've  seen it a few times before but this time it was the first time I went in.

It was super cute, just as I had imagined, and very, very pink.

 Although Hello Kitty originated from Japan, there are many things related to Hello Kitty in Korea. In HomePlus (a Korean store that sells practically everything- grocceries/ clothes/ makeup/ electronics.. etc - like a Walmart Superstore except with 5 or 6 floors) you can find a half a shelf dedicated to Hello Kitty things - from stationary to mugs.

Hongdae is a district in Seoul, known for Hongik University. It's also known for it's trendy fashion, bars, and clubs, Hongdae is very popular to young people. It's also the place where the StyleNanda flagship store is located. To get there, you need to go on subway line 2, Exit 9.

Here is the outside view. As you can see, there are some people posing outside :)

First Floor: Cute kitty head cut outs in the wall and plush sofa seat. It was quite spacious considering how tiny it looked on the outside.

Second Floor: There are more seats than just the ones shown in this picture but I forgot to take pictures of them. Sorry!

Some really cute pictures of the menu on the wall.

They also sell stuff like mugs, t-shirts, and plushies and yes - those are Hello Kitty heads stuffed into jars - cute but kind of freaky at the same time.

And yes, that's Hello Kitty's picture on my latte :) 

I didn't think the drinks would be that great since the main selling point was the decor of the cafe but I was wrong. The drinks were actually quite tasty and better than some of the other cafes that I've been to. They also lean on the sweet side. They weren't that expensive either -  most drinks are around 4 000 Won to 6 000 Won ($4 - $6) which is really kind of low- normal prices for coffee drinks in Korea.

Hello Kitty cups and placemats!

Hello Kitty napkin!

Overall: If you love Hello Kitty, then you should visit this. It's extremely cute, not far from the main shopping district of Hongdae Station, and affordable :) 

There's also a Hello Kitty museum and cafe in Jeju Island. I really want to visit that one too!


  1. I HAVE TO VISIT THIS CAFE! I heard about this Hello Kitty cafe awhile ago but completely forgot about it. It's so adorable - even the napkins!

    1. yes you have to! haha. I really want to go to the one in Jeju now too!


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