Collective Korean Skincare and Cosmetics Haul: Dr. Jart, Skinfood, Kiss Me Heroine Make, Innisfree, Missha

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
As you all know, Spring is coming around and so many stores have launched their spring collections. They've done an amazing job as well. Among my favorite collections are Skinfood's Milky Rose Collection and Missha's Lotta and Wanna collection. Everytime I walked into those stores, I can't help but want to pick up something. Here are some of the things I've picked up over the past two weeks. Some products are repurchases. 

Skinfood Rosy Essence Moist Make-up Fixer: When Skinfood's Spring collection first launched, I knew I had to get something. I really love the packaging. I needed a makeup fixer for the humidity of the summer anyways.

Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher in 02: I'm a big fan of this color because it's so natural and beautiful. It's a cream that once applied and spread becomes matte. It's incredibly easy to use and easy to spread out without losing it's color. You can also build up color.

Missha Time Revolution Aqua Youth Cream: I've ran out of my Primera Watery Cream so I thought this might be a good replacement. Boy was I wrong. I tried this twice before I gave up. Both times, my skin stung. I love the classy packaging though.

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream: This is the third time I've repurchased this. It's my favorite eye cream so far. I really like how it feels and the convenience of the pump dispenser.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara: This is a repurchase as well. It came with a box of three Smooth Gel Shadow Pencils. The packaging says Made in Korea but I'm pretty sure this is a Japanese brand.

Missha Glossy Lip Rouge in Wanna Coral: I've finally gotten over my fuschia lip phase and entered a pink-coral phase. This is the color chosen for their Wanna Coral Collection and it was the initial lipstick that sucked me into Missha. There are three in the Wanna collection: Wanna Orange, Wanna Pink, and Wanna Coral. This lipstick is really smooth and glossy. It doesn't last long at all though.

Missha Signature Glam Art Gloss in Lotta Coral: While I was browsing around Missha, I found out that they had two main collections: Signature Lotta and Wanna. This is the gloss chosen for the Lotta Coral collection. I debated in getting this or the color above but I ended up getting both. This is a beautiful pink with coral undertones. It's not sticky at all.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream: This product has been raved about everywhere. I've seen it on a few Korean beauty shows now and on tons of blogs. After I had that stinging reaction with the Missha cream, I decided to try this out instead. It's made in Korea but I've heard that you can buy this at Sephora as well.


  1. I've been wanting to try some of Skin Food's Rose Essence products, especially the cream blushes. I'll probably end up with the coral shade if I do end up trying one. It's cool that it becomes a matte finish!

    Would you say that the Innisfree Eco Science eye cream is helpful in moisturizing a dry under-eye area? My eyes have been dry these days and lines are starting to show haha. I need an eye cream that will keep wrinkles at bay.

    Great collective haul!

    1. Thanks Terri! The Innisfree Eco Science cream has worked really well for me over the past year. I'd say it definitely moisturizes very well. It also claims to be an anti-wrinkle care product. In terms of the Skin Food's Rose Essence blush, the only one that's not very pigmented is #3, so I'd avoid that one.

  2. How is the SKINFOOD Rose Essence Moist Make-Up Fixer working out? Im tempted to buy it.

    1. Hi Shirley, it's been ok. It keeps my makeup in place. I'd like to say more about it after I test it under humid weather. Right now, the weather here has been decent - not too dry nor too wet. It smells like real roses so you definitely get a wift of that every time you spray it.

  3. I really need to venture more into other brand esp chosunga..always got stuck with u have the review for dr.jart ceramidin cream?

    1. I haven't written one but I can if you want :)


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