Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off Review

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Hi everyone! I was wandering around Skinfood one day and I noticed that they came out with a new face mask - the Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash Off. Black sugar AND honey? Two of my favorite skincare things, a win-win combo. Since I still have a bit of the original Black Sugar Wash Off Mask left, I didn't purchase the product but I did receive two large samples of it with the purchase of another product.

Normally I don't like doing product reviews on samples but I figure I can give you a first impressions kind of thing since there really isn't much information on the web about this product yet.

How the full product looks like.

Claims:  "A skin - softening exfoliating mask that contains mineral - rich Brazilian black sugar and moisturizing honey for soft, glowing skin."

To Use: Massage onto damp, freshly cleansed face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Add water or toner if necessary. Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Freshly squeezed.

Spreaded out - the little clear bits is sugar.

Texture: It is very syrupy with a bit of sugar granules. There is definitely a lot less sugar than in this than the original black sugar mask. They syrupyness of it makes it easy to spread on the skin without the need to add water.  It's very sticky but definitely less abrasive than the original.

The original black sugar mask is much drier and solid and has a large sugar content in it which you must MUST add water to make it more spreadable.

Whereas the original is primarily made of primarily of sugar - this one definitely has - I would say - half sugar and half honey.

Scent: It has the same smell as the other products in the black sugar line but with a STRONG bit of sweet honey. It's overwhelming. I can still smell it even when it's on my face. It's so sweet that it hurts my throat.. - is that even possible?

First Impression Performance:

Before I apply the mask, I make sure my skin is damp - as advised in the instructions. The mask is very easy to spread onto my skin due to it's syrupy consistency. As I gently spread the mask over my face, I can feel the small bits of sugar. The sugar feels just like the bits in the original mask but still too large for exfoliation, so I was extremely gentle when I massage it onto my skin. After 15 minutes, the mask is still wet. I wet my hands with some lukewarm water before I rinse off the mask.  Removal is a breeze since it doesn't dry like the original mask does. My skin feels smooth but I don't notice much of a brightening effect. With the original black sugar mask, I usually notice the brightening effect immediate after.

Conclusion:  I prefer the Original Black Sugar Mask over this one. The original brightens my skin much more and the scent is not over whelming like this one. 


  1. I really love the black sugar line from skinfood. have you tried the Rice wash off mask from them? I made a review for it and hope you can check it out!

    1. Yes I have tried it! I think it's a lovely product :) Will check out your post!


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