Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher Review in #2

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you're a regular to my blog, then for sure you would know by now that I'm nuts over the Skinfood 2014 Spring collection. The blush that I'll be reviewing today is the blush that got my eye at the beginning. Although I had my doubts, in the end I got it.

Skinfood's Rose Essence Soft Cream Blushers come in six colors ranging from baby pinks to nudes to bright fuschia pink. They are a slightly moist cream consistency in the pan and blends out ot a matte finish. 

Disclaimer: this is my first cream blush

Swatches of Other Colors:

They are housed in a small pink plastic compact with gorgeous rose designs. There's also a large mirror on the inside which makes this product extremely easy to apply on the go. I use clean fingers to dab and blend out the product on my cheeks.

Wear Time:
Compared to my other blushers, this definitely isn't the most long lasting but it is one of the most natural ones.  I would say this lasts around three to four hours on my cheeks when I use the Skinfood Rose Essence Moist Makeup Fixer. I notice that if I lightly layered another powder blush on top, the cream blush will lasts longer.

* I added more product to get the color to show up in the blended out picture
As you can see the color, is a very natural neutral pink. It's not as cool as the natural lighting picture would lead you to believe it is.

Although, I was really enchanted by the packaging, I was also really nervous about having a cream product that is so widely exposed to air. With powder products, I can use a brush or disinfect the surface with alcohol from time to time but there's no way of doing that with a cream product. I was also worried that it will melt in the summer as the other Skinfood tin blushers are known to do. 

Clean and hygenic products are reallly important to me so I know that I probably won't be able to keep this product for as long as the other products. At the moment, I'm being very careful and only using this after I wash my hands.

The cream is really moist and soft so you have to touch it with a gentle hand. When I swirl my finger in it, you can definitely see the finger marks. I like to dab the product on my cheeks first and then blend it quickly. When it's blended out, it becomes a powder form. If the color is too sheer, I can easily build up another layer over it without it looking unnatural. It has worked well over my Hera UV MIst Cushion so far. When the color fades off during the day, I can easily touch up in the washroom and the color looks fresh again.

After first swipe

Scent: It has a light real rose scent.
Price: 8000Won

The Good:
- convenient
- pretty color
- decent color payoff
- easy to blend out
- buildable 
- smells nice
- pretty packaging
- natural finish
- soft
- affordable

The Bad
- unhygienic 
- might melt in the heat
- not super pigmented

This product is lovely on the outside and on the inside. It's so easy to use and convenient to bring around. Because it dries matte and has no shimmers, it's also really naturally looking. So far, I'm happy with my purchase.


  1. such pretty swatches! i like the idea of a matte finish, but do you find it drying at all?

    1. Not at all! I unusally set it with the Skinfood Rose Essence Moist Makeup fix so that might add more moisture to my skin. If your skin isn't normally dry, then I don't think you would have a problem with it feeling dry ^^

  2. The packaging caught my attention with those flowers and cutie design, would love to try this collection as well!


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