[REVIEW] Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream

Friday, March 11, 2016
I've been a BB cushion user for the past three years, yet with the arrival of more and more types of BB cushion, I find myself falling off the wagon. There's just too many types and I find the temptation to collection them all a serious issue - which is why I'm just hopping off and going back to the plain old bb creams. I don't think I'll ever stop using BB cushions because they're great for on the go, but the amount that I buy and the rate that it dries are factors I need to consider before I decide to go ordering every single type because really, now almost every brand has one now.

With over 30 million tubes sold, it's easy to say that Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is one of the most famous of all BB Creams. Is there anyone who hasn't heard of it? Seeing that it's still selling well up to this day against newer and younger competition, I decided to give it a try. The great thing is that Missha offers smaller versions of their BB creams so I was able to get a 20ml tube for 7 700 Won (~$7 USD). The full size is 50ml and comes with a pump. 

Although, originally Missha only offered two colour choices, 21 and 23, they now offer 5 on their US Website. I've used their Signature BB Cream before and I find 21 the perfect shade for me so I just stuck to that.


Missha is infamous for their grey-tone BB creams and the Perfect Cover B.B. cream is a perfect example of this. Although #21 is a relatively good fit for my skin tone, I still find it to be too grey. It does look brightening but remember to match it with your neck! The consistency is really light but not overly liquidy at all. It's so light and smooth that I can apply this on with my fingers without creating streaks or uneven distribution.


I would say that this is light to medium coverage. In both pictures (above and below) I've got one layer on. Due to its light consistency, I did find it to be buildable. 


Since Missha's  Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is known for good coverage I really didn't expect it glide onto skin but it did. There wasn't any resistance and I was able to blend everything out with my fingers. It felt moisturizing but it wasn't greasy and it also didn't clump up over dry patches. It really didn't feel like I've got anything on my face as well. I was so amazed by it that I was going to order the full size right away. With just one layer (see picture below), it gave me light to medium coverage. If I wanted more coverage, the product was buildable.  You can still see my acne scars after one layer but it's not jumping out.  The finish was really natural as well - a semi-matte. I've still got the natural glow but I'm not looking greasy. With the exception of dark spot correction (because it's too early to say), I would say that this product really does what it claims.

At the end of night however, the product started showing - not due to oil but due to dryness. Around my nose, my laugh lines, the wrinkles on my forehead, product had dried and sunk into the lines. Not only that but it also clung onto dry patches. It's not too noticeable unless you're up close but it's different from the undetectable finish that it had originally gave. It probably looks particularly dry because the weather has been dry here. If you're in a country of humid climate, results may be different.

Source: Missha U.S.
I think this is a great B.B. cream. I enjoy how it applies and looks when it's fresh. I'm probably going to save it for the slightly more humid months because the finish gets too dry and noticeable in the winter months. If you can a shade that's right for you, definitely give it a try! I recommend getting the 20ml before committing to the full size. 


  1. I bought the 20ml of this BB a few years ago and had the same results as you. It looks amazing when it's fresh but then it sinks into every line on my face in a few hours. Also, it looked TOO grey on me. It was forgiving under certain lights, but I had to powder over it just to warm up the greyish colour.

    The BB cushion wagon is killing me. I just ordered two cushions on a whim. One was because a customer came into my work the other day and asked if we carried it. I hadn't heard of it before (the Aprilskin cushion), but she was raving about it, so I ordered it when I got home. :P I need to hop off this wagon too!

    1. I don't know what it is about cushions because they're starting to feel like Pokemon - gotta catch them all! I've never heard of the Aprilskin cushion. I'll be waiting to here from you how it is ^_^

  2. This is the first BB cream I've ever purchased and used. I used it for a couple years before I started to use something else. Now, I'm planning to go back to this because I remember how much I enjoyed this BB cream. I didn't find it too grey-ish tho. Maybe because of my skin tone.



    1. How grey it appears, definitely depends on the skin tone :) If you can make it work with your tone that's wonderful!

  3. It's really funny how I haven't touched any BB creams since I've started trying cushions. The only reason why I prefer cushions over BB creams is because they don't have that grey cast and I remember Missha BB creams having a really bad grey cast on my skin.
    I bought the small size of this BB cream for my friend and she said she likes it but gave the same reasons as you that it starts to look noticeable and dry because of the colder weather. I've only tried the Missha Wrinkle Filler BB cream and remember it giving a really nice finish to my skin but looked so grey and broke me out so much. :/ I was sort of afraid to use Missha face products again after that really bad experience but so far I'm having great luck with the Missha cushion!

    1. Hi Lily, are you using the Magic Cushion Moisture? I saw that in your haul post! I'm really curious to try it as well although I fear it will be too glossy in the summer. Missha is well known for their grey cast B.B. creams but despite that I really enjoyed the formulation of this one! I've also tried the Wrinkle Filler B.B. but I don't remember it being that grey. It really just depends on how the B.B. cream adapts to your skintone :)

    2. The Moisture will definitely be too dewy for the summer time so I'm trying to utilize mine as much as I can before it gets too hot here! I hear the regular version has a satin finish and definitely better suited for the summer time. I'm really liking mine so I'll possibly purchase a regular refill for the summer.


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