Innisfree Melting BB Cushion Review

Thursday, July 17, 2014
My first BB cushion was from Hera and my second BB cushion was from Iope. While both of them are nice they never really impressed me the way this one has. This review comes a bit late as this product has been discontinued and replaced already. I never expected to like it as much as I actually do right now. It is the Innisfree Melting BB Cushion. (There's a chance that you can still find this on online stores ).

Innisfree has released two new BB cushions for the summer: Long Wear Cushion and Water Glow Cushion. They are highly promoting the Long Wear Cushion for the summer. I've tried it out on my hands so far and I found it to be a bit dry. However, that might come in handy to combat humidity.

Price: 20 000 Won (no refill) - 15g of product
12 000Won / refill

When I first tried BB cushions I really loved how convenient it was. As someone who wakes up at dawn for work, I like to sleep as much as I can (they're not exaggerating when they say Koreans sleep very little).  BB cushions saved me so much time because I didn't need to blend. All I had to do was pat - pat - pat - then I looked somewhat more awake and presentable. 

When you open the case, it looks just like the others. You see a special puff.

Under the puff, you'll see a plastic cover.

Lifting the cover, you'll see a seal - which you remove completely after the first use. It's not really sticky. So even if you wanted to keep it on the product, it's not possible.

Whereas both the Hera and Iope cushions made my skin look dewy and radiant, this BB cushion actually makes my skin look a lot more natural. It doesn't have as much of a dewy shine as the other ones have but it's not completely powdery matte either. It just looks like natural skin. I would say it gives light coverage - enough to even out skintone and light dark circles but not even to cover blemishes. I suppose you can build it up but at most it can only be medium coverage. I've got some pimple scars along my chin and no matter how many layers I pat on, I cannot cover them at all.

Although it can't completely cover my dark circles, I love how this product doesn't sink or dry up under my eye area. For some reason, it just seems to airbrush that area the way no other product has done before. Also, this product really covers my pores really well. It seems to cover the pores on my cheek really well and makes my skin look so flawless. 

Although it claims to be longlasting, I found that it lasts about 4-5 on me. Reapplication and touchups are quite easy to do. 

I think matching your makeup and skincare to the season is really important. Something that you hate in the Winter, you might love in the Summer and vice versa. Take my Hera BB cushion as an example, I loved it in the Autumn and Winter but once it hit summer, it was completely useless. Under Korea's intense summer humidity, it would lift up from my skin and be a very obvious white milky cast. It's summer here and I find that the Innisfree Mineral Cushion also lifts but it's not as severe as the Hera.

The Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion has a slight herbal scent. It's noticeable in the product but not on the skin.

The Good:
- natural finish
- lasts longer than other BB cushions that I've tried
- reapplication is easy
- convenient to use
- saves time in the morning

The Bad:
- only light - to almost medium coverage
- discontinued
- lifts slightly under sweat


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