Saturday, January 14, 2017
A few months back, I purchased 3 of the Missha Eye Fit Stick Shadows, well... I've just purchased four more. These are seriously amazing and great for the daily person on-the-go. Just throw these in the bag, no need for brushes or sharpeners. These are so smooth and long lasting that at this rate I might just need all the colours.

I find these really convenient as they're easy to use and also very long lasting. They don't budge on me nor do they tug! If you want to read my original review, please click here. 

Source: Missha U.S.
Since my previous review, I've noticed that they're now selling this on the U.S. Missha website. There are some colours on here that I didn't see from the Korean websites. I purchased mine from Testerkorea.

Source: Missha U.S.

The four colours that I purchase are: Spice Wood, Cocoa Drizzle, French Roasting, and Mochaccino.

I really like how the colour is on the end of the pencil. I store them upside down so that I know which colour I want. Did I mention these are twist ups? No need for a sharpener!

French Roasting: a matte dark brown
Cocoa Drizzle: A soft coffee brown with noticeable gold glitter
Spice Wood: a warm tone brown with slight sheen
Mochaccino: a cool tone gold -brown with slight sheen.

My thoughts on these haven't changed at all from my original review. They're amazing, budget friendly and out perform all my other shadow sticks. HIGHLY recommend!

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  1. Cocoa Drizzle looks just gorgeous! I used to be really meh about shadow crayons like these, but ever since I figured out how to blend these, I'm really in love with this format now haha



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