[REVIEW] BEYOND Alice In Glow Oil Tint

Monday, March 14, 2016

Around last autumn, Beyond released an Alice in Wonderland themed limited edition collection. Although, Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite fairytales, there wasn't much I wanted to get from the collection. It wasn't until I was looking for dupes of the YSL Oil Tint that I found interest in the Alice in Glow Oil Tints. Review of these is way overdue as it's been around for so long and a Beyond x Alice Season 2 has just been released! You can still find this product around eBay and Korean shopping sites. They retailed for 10 000 Won (~ $10 USD) in Korea.

Isn't the packaging just adorable? The Korean beauty scene is really killing it with their packaging. 

If you're not familiar, BEYOND is a brand that focuses on the environment and animals. I recall that a few years ago they had a cute lipstick line where a portion of the revenue was given to a wildlife charity. They're also really well known for their crazy, animal masks.
This pretty much sums up the brand!

There are five colours in this range: #1 Care #2 Orange #3 Pink Red #4 Burgundy #5 Violet

The two colors I chose are #03 Pink Red and #04 Burgundy


The Card Soldiers are the main theme for these tints - being on the box and on the actual tint tubes. They're so cute!! The tubes themselves are plastic, with a plastic lid. The white area near the top is opaque but the bottom is semi-transparent so you can still see the product inside.

The wand is really similar to the YSL Oil Tints. There's a hole in the centre but excess product is squeezed out when you pull the wand from the tube.

The wand is slightly curved and I find that it really helps give more precision (which is really important!)

This has a soft, fruity scent that is unlike anything I've smelled before. It's very distinctive.

When I was looking for reviews, this colour came up the most. For some reason, it tends to give me a natural gradation every time I use it. Despite the outside tube showing a orangey colour, the swatch of this is pink with a bit of red. 

I really wanted this to be a true burgundy but it actually ended up looking almost exactly the same as #03 Pink Red but with a bit of purple berry. 

The tint that's left behind from both colours are the same. You can see how it's already drying into the lines of my lips.

After hearing all the raves on this product, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. When I finally received it, I put on #4 Burgundy immediately and fell in love with how beautiful, absolutely beautiful it looked. It gave me shine and colour that just made me feel like I've just put 100% more effort into my appearance. 

The gloss applies on easily and smoothly. It doesn't feel thick nor sticky. Initially, it honestly doesn't feel like there's anything on my lips. The only way I could tell that I had it on was the shine! Although, it initially applies on rather light and almost clear, the colour intensifies quickly to a brighter colour.  You got to be careful with how you apply this. I've used it like a clear gloss before and went slightly over my lip lines. The results? I looked like a kid who had drank a bowl of Kool Aid - yes a bowl. After the shine wore off, it started to feel drying. It felt like the tint started to really cling tight onto my lips. The shine was probably the oil and it lasts only about 2 hours on me. The tint that is left behind lasts forever - really. I had to scrub my lips with remover to get the remaining tint off at the end of the day. Although the colour is beautiful, I found it to be very drying and lip balm doesn't seem to help. 

How does this compare to the Innisfree Lip Treatment? They're both glossy and the packaging looks similar but that's about it. The texture, longevity, colour intensity, hydration are all different.

There are some serious pros and cons to this item. It's very beautiful and the tint effect is amazingly strong and vibrant... but it's also very drying and the colours seem really similar to one another. Personally, I like these. For how pretty they look on and off, the dry lips may be worth the price.


  1. What a total downer that this was drying! My lips are already super dry as it is so I don't think this product would help my lips at all. :( Too bad as it looks really pretty and I'm a HUGE fan of Alice in Wonderland also!
    Are you gonna pick anything up from the second season?

    1. I'm thinking about picking up some skincare but I've never tried nor heard about them!

  2. Awww I'm sorry about the fact it dries your lips out :c
    The packaging is utterly adorable though. I have never
    heard about the 'Beyond' line but I love their green
    vision c: Xx Ice Pandora

    1. Beyond really isn't that famous but they're really cute!

  3. I was actually going to buy this, but after seeing your review I changed my mind on it! I still went ahead and bought the cushion though, because even if it's not that great the packaging is just to die for...
    I've only just followed your blog but I really love your posts ^^

  4. Oh, your review is already up! ^^
    I love how the colors look in your swatches, and I had my eyes on these because of the packaging anyway.
    Now I'm kinda conflicted because when I started looking for a good oil tint, I expected them all to be moisturizing like a, well, oil. I have super dry lips, so maybe I'll keep looking around a bit longer (or just cave because Alice in Wonderland!)


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