Thursday, March 3, 2016
I use to love matte lipsticks and I still love them but lately with the anticipation of spring, I've been really digging the glossy look. Glossy lips reminds me of youth and freshness like gentle warm breezy, sunlight and dewy grass. Can you just tell that I can't wait for spring to roll in?

It has been a long time since I've found something I can truly deem as HG status. Today, I'd like to introduce one of my recent favourites - the Innisfree Treatment Tint in Cherry in Honey! When I first saw this product online, I knew I had to buy it because 1) Innisfree rarely disappoints 2) Treatment + tint? Yes! 3) The packaging reminds of me of the Beyond Alice in Glow Oil Tints (they're actually really different. A review for those ones will be coming up soon).


This product comes in two colours: #1 Cherry in Honey #2 Orange in Honey.

I couldn't find much information about the product and it also didn't come with a box, just a sticker seal with the product name on it.

10 000 Won ~ 5mL 

It has a slightly, slightly thick consistency that reminds me of honey. 

Very light to non-detectable

This lip treatment has a funny wand that reminds me of a little punching fist. The tip of the wand is small and curved into a C shape. I've never seen this type before and it really provides excellent precision in application.

Although initially I thought this was an oil tint, it's actually a honey "tint". I put "tint" in quotations because it really does not tint. However, that's the only disappointing thing about this product! Upon application, it gave my lips a slight warming feeling and a gloss of colour. The consistency of the treatment is just like honey but without being overly sticky. I can really feel the moisture sinking in. The thickness of this treatment allows the product to adhere to my lips better. While it was on, the colour didn't intensify but remained the soft wash of pink with a lot of shine. Within an hour, the super, pretty shine fades into a dimmer shine, and eventually within 2-3 hours, the shine wore off. However, my lips remain moisturized even when most of the product disappears because the honey had provided a barrier to keep moisture in. This is just what I expect from a treatment. Within 3-4 hours, the product is completely gone but my lips remained moisturized for another couple of hours. 

If you're looking for a long lasting oil tint with nice pigmentation, this is not it. However, if you're looking for a lip treatment that looks natural, glossy, and beautiful while providing suppleness to your lips, this is it!

(My top lip looks a bit full here because I accidentally, slightly busted it by dropping my iPad on my face that morning - D'OH!)


Overall, I'm really impress with this product. Even on days when I'm not going out, I like to put this on because it really makes my lips feel good - dare I say this makes my lips feel softer than my lip balm? If I wasn't so terrified of corals making my skin look shallow, I'd even go for Orange in Honey. 


  1. It sounds great, reminds me a bit of the YSL tint-in-oil, an be a good dupe perhaps?
    Jessie | Bear and Berries | Instagram

    1. They're quite similar but the YSL colours intensify over time and actually stain your lips :)

  2. As Jessie said in a previous comment, this really does look like a good dupe of the YSL oil tint!

    1. They're similar but not quite! I think the Alice in Glow Lip Tints are more similar as they're both oil and tints the lips. This one does not tint and feels thicker than oil. Nonetheless, it's still a great lip treatment!

  3. Makes your lips feel softer than lip balm!? Okay, I'm adding this to my cart now. The Cherry In Honey looks really pretty. Sometimes the orange/coral "tints" don't show up very well on me. :(

    1. Yes, it's really pretty :)! This one is just a light wash so I don't know if the orange/coral would be that prominent, esp since if those colors don't show up on you very well.

  4. Is this similar to the Beyond Alice in Glow Tints? I was thinking about trying it, but then again, I have so many lip products :D

    1. I think the packaging and the gloss is similar to Alice in Glows but other than that they're completely different products! This as a honey, lip treatment with a bit of pigmentation but no tint whereas Alice In Glow is a gloss which the colour intensifies and lasts on the lips. I have a lot of lip products too but this one is unlike anything I currently own :)

  5. i think this is more of a dupe of Clarins light lip oil

  6. I got the same one and at first was sooo disappointed in the pigmentation. I'd expected an actual 'tint', like you! But then... I've been using it nearly every day on top of other lip tints or on its own because it's just so, so moisturizing, and perfect for natural makeup looks, too.

    Now I'm really curious for your other oil tint reviews, because while I love this one as a lip treatment/allrounder product, I still want to get my hands on a real oil tint! :D


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