August Favorites

Friday, September 4, 2015

August has been a relatively slow month but stressful month for me but I do have some favourites to share with you. Unlike my usual monthly favourites, this time around I will be including some of my non-beauty favourites as well. Enjoy!

Beauty Favourites

Skinfood Vita Water Drop CC Cream 
This CC Cream isn't new to the beauty world and it hasn't received a lot of love either. However, I really enjoyed it. The consistency is light and slightly runny and the coverage is light. It gives me just enough coverage to even out my skin tone while still allowing my skin to breath. It has SPF 35 PA+++ which is perfect for days when I don't want to wear sunscreen. 

Clio Touching Apple Cheek #5
Although it looks like you have to twist, you actually just have to pull to take the cap off. I forget this every single time! Sadly, what you see is what you get. The product doesn't twist up.  Salty and savoury food is my guilty pleasure and it bloats up my face and that makes contouring my new best friend.  I've been enjoying this product for its convenience - a few swipes along my jaw bones and a little blending is all it takes.  The color payoff is nice but it's easy to over blend it.

Maybelline Illegal Lengths (Waterproof)
Western mascaras don't usually work that well for me but this one was just awesome. It's been pretty good at holding curl and the fibre extensions really give my eyelashes the length it needs.  Some people say that this is similar to the Maybelline Lash Stilleto but I have to disagree. Although both mascaras have a similar brush and contain fibres, the Lash Stilleto's formula is wetter and provides more volume. As a result, it weighs down my eyelash curl. It also irritates my eyes, something the Illegal Lengths doesn't do.

Origins Spot Remover
Due to being under constant stress, a huge pimple appeared on my face. I applied this twice a day and noticed that the pimple popped on its own after a few days. Usually for large pimples like this, it would take a month or so to clear. I think this product definitely helped speed up the process. 

psssst! Instant Dry Shampoo
What's summer without a good dry shampoo? I've featured this before in a previous favourite and I still feel the same way about it.  It absorbs hair oil quickly, thus giving flat hair some volume.

Non-Beauty Favourites

TV Show: Destined to Love You  (Chinese Drama)

Look at Bosco Wong's serious poker face. It's quite hilarious how he's able to maintain it  when all the other squad members are fooling around. 

My goodness, Chinese dramas have recently really stepped up their game.  The story is set in the late 1910's Shanghai at a military academy. The main heroine is a circus performer (Joe Chen) who steals the identity of Xiao Han (an instructor). There were so many aspects of this drama that I enjoyed. The rich and vibrant backdrop to the story is amazing and visually stunning. I loved both the full colours that were incorporated into each scene as well as the characters' costumes.  Another thing I love were the characters (besides the villains of course). I suffered from major second lead syndrome in this drama. I think Bosco Wong did a great job portraying the very reserved Shen Wen Tao.  There was also so much love in this drama - not just between the leads but also among the side characters and the good nature bromance amongst they squad members (whom all looked very dashing in their uniforms).  If you're getting tired of Korean dramas, Chinese dramas are a refreshing change! The only problem is that I couldn't find all the episodes fully subbed. I had to watch the later half only partially subbed.

Game: Cookie Run

Cookierun is addictive like many repetitive cellphone games. There are many cookies and they have their own unique skills. You have to jump and dodge obstacles. The longer you run, the more points and coins you can collect. These cookies are the cutest. In the past year, new stages and episodes have been added. However, the overall objective of the game has remained the same - to get out of the oven. If you're just starting out, I highly recommend you to look for the secret codes online to get free crystals.  You need a Line account to play. 


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