[REVIEW] IOPE Ultimate Hydro Cream

Monday, September 21, 2015
Moisturizers are one of the key skincare products that we use, yet choosing the best one for our skin is a really hard task. Today I will telling you about the cream that I've been using this past year. It's the IOPE Ultimate Hydro Cream. Readers of my blog know that I usually use Korean road shop skincare because I think they're just as awesome as higher end brands. However, I've heard amazing things about IOPE's skincare ranges and decided to give it a try.

IOPE ~ (around) 41 000 Won (around $40 USD)
50 ml
Background Information: IOPE is a higher end brand that is available at Aritaum locations and department stores. As far as I know, they do not have a stand alone store. They are well known for their quality skincare products as well as their famous IOPE Air Cushion, which was one of the first BB cushions to come out in the Korean market. 

Claims [translated]: Bio-liposome moisture cream gives skin deep clear water for moisturized skin.

1. 14 kinds of super fruit antioxidants protect the skin barrier through the effect of bio lipsomes containing extracts to cultivate a more clear and moist skin.

2. Excellent moisturizing ingredient, hyaluronic acid, forms a smooth film that helps keep moisturize in the skin.

After twisting off the lid, there is a plastic seal. This is to ensure that the cream remains fresh until it is opened. 

Although the cream is housed in a frosted jar, the jar is not glass! It's actually plastic which makes the product very light. The cream inside is a clear gel. I was really surprised to find that it has a sweet, citrusy, floral scent.  It's not too strong but you can definitely notice it. After application, the scent does not linger (which is great because personally, I'm not a big fan of it).

Since the product is more of a gel like consistency, it applies easily. I would say that it's probably great for people with oily skin who may dislike creamy moisturizers. I have normal to combination skin.  The gel cream also sinks into the skin quickly, leaving no noticeable film on the skin. This really shows that the cream is able to be completely enter the skin unlike some products that just sits on top of the skin. After application, I can notice that my skin feels really hydrated without any sticky or oily residue. I really enjoyed using this in the Winter and Autumn because it provided a lot of hydration without feeling heavy. You can still use this in the warmer seasons because it's not heavy and it will still allow your skin to breath but personally, I'd save this for the drier seasons.

Some people say that they've noticed their skin glowing after a few weeks of using this product. Personally I think that is a sign of well hydrated skin. Since I've always taken great care to keep my skin well moisturized, I would say I didn't notice an amazing improvement in the appearance. However, I did feel an improvement. My skin felt fresh and lighter and my hair never sticks to my face - simply because this product doesn't leave behind residue. I think that's really important benefit to keep in mind.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. It's great all year round and really provides a product that will sink into the skin without feeling too too rich or oily. 


  1. Adding this to my list of face creams to try! I've only ever tried IOPE's air cushion, but their skincare products all seem super promising. I usually save gel creams for the summer because I need something more rich for the winter, but I'm glad to hear that this one provides the hydration AND maintains the lightness of most gel creams. :D


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