[REVIEW] Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin

Saturday, September 26, 2015
Hi everyone, you might have seen this bad boy around everywhere recently. It's the Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin [contour kit?]. I saw it in numerous places but I think what really got me was Ssin's stamp of approval. As I've mentioned in my August Favorites post, I've recently gained a bit of weight - around 10 to 15 - to be exact and I've been using the Clio's Apple Bronzer to contour and make my face look less puffy.  While the Clio's Apple Bronzer makes an quick and obvious difference, this product does not. I will explain why.

Too Cool for School has always been known for their interesting, fun, and unique packaging with a school twist. I really like how artsy yet classy (ha), this little compact is.  It's actually quite flat and very compacted which makes it easy to take around and store.  Also, I really like how wide the mirror is. Because the lid is relatively shallow, you get the optimal usage from the mirror unlike some products which the lid concaved and thus puts a shadow over the mirror. 

Although there appears to be three shades in this compact, all the shades are pretty sheer. The texture is on the drier side as well. I like to swirl my brush in the product before application and usually I get a very natural shade. Because the texture is on the drier side, there is little to no fall out.

This compact is regular size. Although it shows three strips of color, it's actually very hard to use just one color. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for this. It usually picks up at least two stripes of color. I would recommend using the two stripes furthest to the left to shade and the two stripes of color to the right to add definition. Although the product is a bit dry in the pan, I have no trouble blending it out on the face. Because the overall product is quite sheer, you really can't over use it.

You can kind of see it along the hollows of my cheek here. 

I enjoy the natural shading effect that this product provided and would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of definition without looking like they've done some contouring. I don't recommend this to anyone who is looking for a high pigmentation bronzer to achieve a chiselled look


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