The Face Shop Natural Sun Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA +++ Review

Saturday, July 5, 2014
We all know that sun cream is really important year round so it's necessary that you find a tube that is right for you. As for me, I'm super picky. I have many requirements that sun cream has to pass before I'm satisfied with it. I'm also a firm believer that the sun protection in BB Cushions are not enough to protect the skin since it's applied on lightly. Usually you need a good amount of product for the sun protecton to work. Today I'll be reviewing The Face Shop's Super Perfect Sun Cream from their Natural Sun line.

What makes their Natural Sun line unique?
This product contains sunflower sprout extract 600ug - certified by ECO - CERT.

Price: about 8 000 (8 U.S.D) for 150ml - The Face Shop is always having sales so you are likely to pick this up for 20 - 50% off if you're in Korea.

It comes in a simple plastic twist - lid squeeze tube. The plastic is pretty soft so you're likely to be able to squeeze all the contents out.

Scent: It has a floral scent that's definitely noticeable. I didn't find it to be too offense but if you're sensitive to scents, then you might want to stear away. The scent fades after a few minutes.

Texture: It's a cream but it's more like a light lotion that is easy to blend out. Once you blend it out, it leaves a slightly dewy shiney layer that can look greasy if not blotted or powdered.

Performance: I have many requirements when it comes to finding a decent tube of sun cream: 
1. It needs to apply easily. 
2. It must not clog my pores.
3. The scent must be toleraable.
4. It must not roll up under my makeup base. 
5. It must not lift under my sweat.
6. Above SPF 30 PA +++

  I think these are pretty reasonable demands. 

would say that I quite like this product. 
1. It's easy to apply, easy to blend out
2. It doesn't clog my pores.
3. The scent is tolerable to me but maybe not to other people as it is a bit strong.
4. It doesn't roll up under my makeup
5. It lifts. When I sweat, my sun screen runs a bit. I start to see white watery bits above my lips, around my chin line, around my nose, and my forehead. Although it does run, I would say that it's better than the other sun creams I've tried. The amount of the white watery bits are not as much as with the others.
6. This is SPF 50 + PA+++.

The Good:
- affordable
- SPF 50 + PA+++
- does not clog pores
- does not roll up under makeup
- easy to apply
- easy to squeeze out all the product from the tube

The Bad:
- creates a shiney surface on the skin after application
- not sweat resistant
- floral scent


Since it met most of my requirements, I'm quite satifsifed with this product. I've alredy finished my first tube and likely to purchase a second one. If you have any sun cream recommendations, let me know in the comments! 


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