[REVIEW] Innisfree Water Glow Cushion

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
(cushion case taken from Limited Edition Ampoule 2015 collection)
 Innisfree Water Glow Cushion SPF 50+ / PA +++ ~ 20 000Won (for case + cushion)
Refill ~ 12 000 Won
Ever since the weather started being a bit drier, I've brought out my Innisfree Water Glow Cushion to use. Out of all the new Innisfree cushions, I think this has to be the most similar to the original version and it's definitely my favourite. As I often do, I have only purchased the refill and popped it into one of my cushion cases. The last time I've checked, Innisfree cushion cases are compatible throughout their versions so you can just buy refills instead of collecting a whole lot of cases. These refills are NOT compatible with the Hera, Iope or Laneige. 

Also, unlike the Hera, Iope, and Laneige cushions, each order of the Innisfree cushions comes with one cushion (15g) and one case. Unless there are special offers going on, refills are always sold separately. For Hera, Iope, and Lineage cushions, each case comes with one cushion (15g) and one refill (15g) - you can also buy refills separately of course. 

[Water glow cushion full of moisture]

1. 100% squeezed Jeju green tea water fills the skin with essential moisture.

2. Moisture coating effect from the water glow complex

3. It cools down your skin upon application to soothe the skin from environmental damage

4. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+ PA+++

It comes in three shades. I find that #13 Light Beige is extremely light and not very natural unless you are extremely pale. #21 Natural Beige is the color that I have. It's very light but natural unlike #13 which is super light and bright. #23 True Beige is just a shade or two darker than #21 Natural Beige. Overall, it's the typical shade selection from Korean base makeup so there really isn't much of a range and definitely does not cater towards people with darker skintones. 

The Innisfree Long Wear Cushion has a much wider range of six colors that does cater to darker skintones. 

Picture Source: Innisfreeworld
No. 21 Natural Beige

Currently there are three versions of the Innisfree Cushions: Water Glow, Long Wear, and Ampoule Intense. The texture, coverage, SPF and staying power in each of these versions are different. Long Wear is meant for use in the summer because it's much more mattifying compared to the other two. The staying power is also much better but I, personally, found it a bit dry on my skin. Ampoule Intense is meant for the winter because it is infused with ampoule. It can look oily if you use it in the summer. Water Glow can be used year round. When testing these in stores, I found Water Glow to have the nicest coverage and consistency for my skin. I would say it is a light to medium coverage. It adds just a bit of glow and has a good amount of SPF. 

Tip: One of the issues that I tend to have with cushions is that I tend to use up all the products at the top. An easy way to remedy this is to flip the cushion cushion upside down for a day or two. This allows the product to flow to the top of the sponge again. If this doesn't work, you can just flip the actual sponge over. I learnt this trick from the YouTuber: BeautyBemused in one of her videos. 

Further claims: lasting moisture, radiant glow, natural coverage, with mineral powder, and infused with Jeju green tea. 
The consistency of this cushion is true to its name. It has a slight watery, but not runny nor oily consistency, that pats on easily and sets quickly to an almost matte finish. In the picture, I've applied two coats onto the liner. I would say that it can be built up to a medium finish. 

When applied the Water Glow Cushion evened out my skin with a single layer. With two layers, it added more coverage. It  did a great job in cover the pores on my cheek and evening out redness. However, I did find that it caught onto and accentuated dry areas on my nose and some parts of my cheek. The focus of this cushion is using green tea as a moisturizing factor. While it definitely does add moisture, it's definitely more of a watery moisture than an oily moisturizer. I think this is what makes it useable even for the summer time. In comparison, the Ampoule Intense version would probably be more forgiving of the dry patches due to it being more of an oily moisturizer. 

The Water Glow cushion added a nice healthy and radiant glow to my skin. It's one that looks extremely natural yet quite matte. I find that to be quite an accomplishment as most cushions tend to give me the oily glow.  If it didn't catch onto dry areas on my face, this would have been the perfect cushion. Right now, the weather has been extremely dry and my skin is suffering from lack of hydration from my skincare so I don't blame this cushion at all. It lasts for around 5 hours on my skin before I start getting oily around the T-zone. 

Overall, I really like the Water Glow cushion. It's moisturizing enough for summer, spring and early autumn. Not only has it a really high SPF, it applies easily and has great coverage. 

If you've any questions, please feel free to leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm always on the hunt for cushions that are more matte than dewy. I love the case you have too!

    1. Thanks! If you love matte cushions, you might also want to check out the Innisfree Long a wear cushion. That one is definitely quite matte. Another matte one would be from Laneige. I think it's their pore control version ^^

  2. Since I usually bought Laneige, Here cushion which came with refill, it kinda surprised me when I receive Innisfree or Etude cushion without refill, haha

    Compare to the other Innisfree cushion, which one do you like the most?

    1. Hi Mizu! I've only tried the Water Glow and Mineral (discontinued one). I'm waiting for the season to get drier before I try the ampoule intense one. So far from watching these in stores, Water Glow is my favourite. Ampoule Intense can get too oily and Long Wear is a bit drying. However, it's all up to your personal preference and the climate you live in :) Water Glow seems like the most versatile so I like that one best.


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