PureHeal's Propolis 90 Ampoule Review

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Like me, you might wonder: What is propolis? Why does it sound so chemically? Well don't fear, propolis is something natural from bees.

According to the box:
" Propolis is mysterious mixture of natural materials made by honeybees, which collect the sap of plants and mix them with their saliva, adding beneficial enzymes. It is rich in flavonoids and other organic compounds, minerals, vitamins and amino acids to protect the skin from both internal and external irritants and repair damaged skin. It helps restore skin to health by soothing sensitive skin".

It also claims "90% Propolis Extract Ampoule Helps to protect skin and relieve sensitive skin problems".

The picture below will give you more information ^^.

Source of the Picture: Qoo10: http://list.qoo10.sg/item/PUREHEALS-PROPOLIS-90-AMPOULE/412494687

This product has a dual function of whitening and anti-wrinkle. 

When I was at Seoul Station, waiting for my train, I wandered into the gift shop they had in the middle of the hall - I forgot the name but you cannot miss it. It's the only one that is smack middle of the hall. I was so suprise to see that in addition to traditional gifts and souvenirs, it also sold cosmetics from brands that don't have their own road shop (or at least none that I've seen) - such as Lioele and PureHeal's. PureHeal's had a collection of items being displayed there but this was the one that really caught my attention.

It retailed for 14 000 Won (or around that) / 30 mL.

From the jar, it has a very strong, unusual scent. It's smells a little sour and kind of reminds me of lemons - only kind of because it doesn't have the freshness that lemon scents have. It's just not my cup of tea and luckily after rubbing the product into the skin, the scent fades off. 

This product has a very liquidy, slightly viscous texture. It spreads out easily and isn't sticky at all. After rubbing it into the skin, the product disappears. On my skin, I saw no extra glossiness as the product absorbed completely.

As you can see it comes in a simple yellow glass bottle with a glass dropper and rubber squeezer. This allows for control of how much product you want and sanitation. I found that half a wand of product was enough for my face.

The product is actually a clear liquid. This is only one droplet from the wand. 

The product spreads easily so you don't need a lot.
Once rubbed in, the product absorbs completely and leaves no traces. If you apply another moisturizer on top - that's another story.


I apply this product twice a day, once at night and once in the morning. After seeing all those claims about this product, I really had high expectations. There are quite a few acne scars on my cheek that I had hoped this product would fade as it did claim to repair damaged skin. However, after using this product for around three months, I haven't noticed any significant difference in my skin nor the scars. Which is a little bit disappointing as this product claims to have many benefits . I had expected it to whiten (brighten*)  my skin and improve my wrinkles as well as protect my skin from my environment. It didn't fulfil it's claims.  I'm still prone to redness, breakouts and I don't think my skin is any less sensitive to my environment. 

One thing this product does really well is that it's highly moisturizing. Even though the product was absorbed so quickly into my skin, I felt like the moisture really stayed. 

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The Good:
- quickly absorbed
- no stickly layer
- highly moisturizing
- dropper allows for precision
- affordable

The Bad:
- none of the claims worked for me - except from providing moisture
- strange scent

I wouldn't repurchase this product. Besides providing a good amount of hydration, I felt that it didn't live up to its claims. However, just because this product didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't for you. Each person's skin is different and how effective something is depends on your lifestyle, genetics and many other factors. 


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