Friday, June 24, 2016

Skinfood is known for their amazing skincare line. However, their regular cosmetics lines have never really impressed me. When they came out with the Snoopy collection, I just completely fell head over heels for their cushion case cover. Isn't it just adorable? To this day, it's still my favourite cushion case - it's just a bummer that none of my other Innisfree, Herea, Iope cushions fit into it.

There are only two shades for this product. I have #1 Light Beige.  15g came with the case and refills are purchased separately. I purchased my cushion from TesterKorea. Although the Snoopy packaging is Limited Edition, you can still purchase the Honey Cover Bounce Cushion in regular packaging.

It doesn't have a scent. 

The cushion puff that comes with this product is unlike any that I've used before. It doesn't feel like blue ones that comes with the the Innisfree/ Iope ones. How much product it picks up shows right onto the cushion whereas with the blue ones, I feel like products sink and sit inside the puff. The cushion itself also seems to release a lot more liquid than the Iope/ Hera Innisfree ones. I merely need to tap the surface and a lot of product seems to come out. There's actually a slight curvature in the actual cushion so it's slightly domed whereas the ones I've used before has always been flat. I like that the puff picks up a lot of product because that means I don't have to jam it in like I do with a lot of others cushion foundations. 

I'd say that this has medium coverage. It's actually the most that I've seen from all the ones I've tried. The finish is a semi-matte.

I have mix feelings about this cushion. Although it's got really nice coverage, it's not really all that hydrating and blending is a pain. Because the coverage is so high, edges need to be blended out otherwise you'd end up with an obvious cushion mark on your face. However, often the case is  I end up having trouble doing that. The product doesn't seem to want to mesh together, especially around my nose. I always end up having trouble covering the pores there because the product just sits on top instead of filling everything in. It's also not very hydrating which is good and bad. It's good because the product won't slide around but bad because it's so hard to blend. When the product sits on top of my skin, it can look really patchy especially around dry areas like my nose. At the end of the day, I usually have a bit of redness peaking out from my chin and around my nose.

I'd say skip this. There's so many cushions in the Korean market that does a heck lot better.


  1. That's a real bummer considering how ADORABLE the packaging is but cute packaging isn't everything (though who am I to say that because I always factor packaging into everything ^^"). I personally haven't heard much about Skinfood cushions except for the Pore Fit Cushion Bottle which I'm dying to try out because it looks so weird!
    Thanks for another great review! I'm glad I didn't give in to the cute packaging on this cushion.

    1. You're welcome! The packaging is seriously the cutest! If more brands did collabs like this, I would seriously become a collector.

  2. too bad it doesn't perform well. The packaging is so cute, however. Same as you I'm never impressed by their makeup products but their skincare products are awesome. Thanks for the review ^^



  3. I just ordered it. I mainly purchased it for the skin care ingredients and the coverage. I'm awaiting its arrival. (OK, the Peanuts packaging didn't hurt). :)

    1. I'm surprise you're still able to find it! Skinfood has always been amazing in terms of skincare and their ingredients :)

  4. I just ordered it. I mainly purchased it for the skin care ingredients and the coverage. I'm awaiting its arrival. (OK, the Peanuts packaging didn't hurt). :)


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