[REVIEW] Essence Shine and Sheer Lipstick 02 CUTE NUDE

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Earlier on this year, I wrote about Essence's LongWear Lipstick in 06 Barely There. Since then, I've actually acquired more things from the brand - some which I love and some which are meh. A few months ago, I noticed that they repackaged/ revamped their Shine and Sheer Lipstick line. The colours have changed and the packaging have changed as well. I didn't give it much though since I'm not crazy about sheer lipsticks. However, during my frequent random beauty isle visits one day, I decided to pick one up.

I'm on a bit of a nude kick recently. I'm quite fair with cool yellow undertone which makes it hard to find the perfect nude. Joe Fresh's lipstick in Rose was the perfect pinky-nude and I still love that lipstick, but I'm sure all make-up enthusiasts can relate, we never stop even when we've found the perfect shade. The colour I picked up from Essence's Shine and Sheer line is 02 Cute Nude. At Shoppers (Canadian Drugstore), there were testers available. I believe there were 12 colours.  Though when swatched together, they all looked pretty similar.

Although I can't exactly remembered how these looked before, I'm pretty sure they've made an improvement. The packaging is a simple clear, tinted cap with a silver bullet with a colour coordinated sticker at the bottom. It's not very expensive looking but to me, it's the product that's inside that truly matters + plus, did I mention this was only $3.49 CAD?

A soft, sweet vanilla scent with a slight touch of synthetic lipstick smell. On the lips, all I can smell is soft vanilla though. It’s pretty pleasant.

02 Cute Nude is a soft nudey pink. It's very sheer though it can be built up just a bit, not a lot. If you've got pigmented lips, this will just slightly skim over the tops of the lips but it will still allow the natural lip colours to show through. It will not nude out the lips completely no matter how many layers you put on top.  The shine is also more of a moisturized lip balm type of shine rather than a glossy, slick shine. 

I’m glad that they named this line Shine and Sheer because that’s exactly what these are. In addition to being slightly shiny and sheer, they’re actually pretty moisturizing. When I have it on, it’s got a bit of that Nivea lip balm feel. However, also like a lip balm, the wear time on these is pretty weak. I’d say this lipstick only lasts about an hour or two on me. However, since the pigmentation is pretty weak, re-application is easy. I don’t think you need a mirror for it. For $3.49, I can afford to have one in each of my bags so taking it out with me for reapplication on the go isn’t a problem at all. I’m also pleasantly surprised at how well it shows up on my lips. The swatch was pretty sheer so I had low expectations of this showing up on my lips at all. Even though it doesn’t completely cover up my lips, I still love how it tones it down just a bit!

Overall, I recommend trying a shade from this lipstick line. I find it quite refreshing from the trend of super pigmented matte liquid lipsticks that are raging around. Essence's Sheer and Shine lipsticks are just what they claim to be, sheer and shiny. If you don't like it as a lipstick, think of it as a tinted lip balm because they're that comfortable and moisturizing!


  1. Again, it seems like every lip colour you review suits you so well! I really should look more into Essence since they just added a whole bunch of their products at Target but I keep on overlooking them. While I'm not a sheer nude kinda person, I'll look into the deeper colours from this line. :)

    1. I'm really picky when it comes to lipsticks so I tend to chose colours that I know will suit my skin tone :) You should definitely take a look at them before people start messing with the products. Most of the essence products in Canada don't have safety seals :l


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