[REVIEW] Innisfree Jelly Tint #3 Orchid Lavender and #4 Sour Grapefruit

Sunday, February 28, 2016
One of the main reviews I started blogging was to provide useful information to shoppers and beauty enthusiasts out there. As someone who rarely buys anything cosmetics without reading about it first, it's only right that I contribute back to this community.  As a beauty blogger, writing reviews on products is something I love, lovelove doing. However, there are quite a few occasions where I have to bring myself to write honest, bad reviews on things I didn't enjoy and this is one of those products.

I'm the type of person who will apply on makeup and not look in the mirror for the next 5 hours. Now do you see why I need smudge proof liner and lasting lip products? I cannot be trusted nor have the patience to deal with things that are high maintenance. This is why I avoid bold lipsticks. However, bold lip tints that lock and stay in place? I need those. Lip tints are probably one of my favourite types of makeup. Today, I am reviewing the Innisfree Jelly tints. I must be on a lippie kick these days because I'm accumulating more lip products than I can ever use. These guys come in tiny sizes of 3ml for 6 000 Won (around $6 USD).  

The two colours I picked up are #3 Orchid Lavender and #4 Sour Grapefruit.

#3 Orchid Lavender - this isn't very pigmented and wears better as a gloss with a slight bit of colour

#4 Sour Grapefruit - this is much more pigmented and opaque than #3. It's a very warm, wearable red.

If you look closely, the shimmers in #4 (top) are very visible. #3 (bottom) swatches like it's got a bit of colour but on girls with pigmented lips, it's not really going to show up at all. 

These have a very slippery liquid thin feel to them. It spreads easily because of it's liquid consistency and doesn't tug nor patch up.

Fake, lemony dishwasher soap scent.

The performance of this product varies from colour to colour. #3 was very light, not opaque and definitely did not leave any tint behind. #4 was more opaque, more difficult to control and the shimmers it left behind was much more visible. For tints, these certainly don't last very long. I'd say it's on for around 2-3 hours before disappearing. They rubbed off easily onto cups.  Both colours had the same slick, slippery feel and the over powering lemon dishwasher soap scent. While these were on, they felt pretty moisturizing and nice. However the moisture doesn't sink into the lips and when they wore off, my lips felt a tad dry.

I like to use #3 when I just need a quick gloss of colour because that's what it reminds me of - a light slick gloss with just a teeny hint of colour. The gloss doesn't make my lips look greasy nor oily, just shiny. #4 isn't really my colour because of it's warmth so I don't reach of it often. Not to mention, I'm not fond of the very visible shimmer it leaves behind when the gloss wears off. It just looks like I've got glittery bits on dry lips.

I don't usually dislike Innisfree products but I'd say give these a skip. They're not long-lasting, moisturizing, nor pigmented. The pigmentation, performance of the colours differ from colour to colour so it's rather unpredictable. There are tons of tints out in the market that are better.


  1. Ahh, that's too bad! The colours look really pretty, but they're just average lip glosses at best, huh? The fact that they wear off so easily is a bummer. I mean, why call it a tint anyway? It's good that you gave it an honest review. I guess I can skip these!

    1. Yah I would recommend skipping these two colours if you're not looking for an average gloss - I forgot to mention, tthey're not sticky so it iisn't so bad!


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