[REVIEW] Biotherm Pure-Fect Skin Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel

Friday, February 19, 2016
When Sephora mailed me a $15 discount code to be used for orders over $50, I spent days planning out my purchase so that I was exactly a bit over $50. Little did I know that I would NOT be able to use this discount code for online purchases! Why Sephora??? WHYY??? It even says on the email that I could use it online! (After doing further research, codes could be used online in USA but not in Canada.) This cleanser was online only and not available at any of the Sephoras near me so although I couldn't use my code, I placed my order anyways, thus spending $50 + no discount.

I've never used anything from Biotherm before but I used to always see their advertisements everywhere in Korea. I remember going to the washrooms at Lotte or Shinsaegae and just seeing giant pictures of their famous gel cream all over the stall doors. Something so loved and well received in the land of skincare must mean that they are an awesome brand.

Bother Pure-Fect Skin Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel (Normal to Oily Skin) Anti - Bacterial Action

"Did you know that 70% of women aged 20 and older suffer from shiny skin, enlarged pores and imperfections? Help your skin look perfect and pure with the triple-action power Pure.Fect Skin. Featuring L.Digitata, a powerful marine algae that produces a powerful purifying anti-bacterial protection, this complete range helps to matify your skin while keeping it hydrated, balanced, and clear of imperfections." - Source: Biotherm 

$21 CAD ~ 125ml (Sephora)
(Also available at Biotherm counters and Shoppers Drugmart)

"Lather up with lukewarm water in the palm of the hand, before applying to the face using gentle massage movements, avoiding the eye area. Since thoroughly. Morning and evening."

It has a fresh, slightly sweet floral scent with a hint of smoke. Where does the smoke come from? I have no clue. Yet every time I was my face, I notice it. I'm not sure if it's just a matter of subjection because although I really notice it, others may not pick up on it. The scent isn't that strong and unlikely to offend anyone.

A clear liquidy gel. 

 This gel cleanser is so thin that if you leave the lid open, it will leak. Despite it's liquidness, a pea size amount is more than enough. With a bit of water, this bubbles up. I like to massage this all over my face focusing especially on my chin where I get the most breakouts and around my nose. It has really help remove oil and sweat without ever making my skin feel dry or taunt. It also rinses off really easily without clinging to my skin like some cream cleansers can. 
It claims to help oil control and balance imperfections but I'm not really sure it did that much for me. I didn't notice that my skin was particularly less oily nor clearer.  For this reason, I think this is a nice cleanser but nothing amazingly effective.   The results might be better if paired with the Pure-Fect Gel Toner which I don't have.

 I really enjoyed this cleanser. I've never seen anything foam up from a gel like this and I really enjoyed the experience of it. It has made cleansing a breeze because it's simple to put on and simple to rinse off. I'm not sure I will repurchase it as its expensive and I'd like to try other cleansers as well. However, at the moment, it is my favourite. 


  1. great review! I'm always on the market for new cleansers. and the photos are so beautifully taken (:

    Life in Pastel

  2. Replies
    1. Don't worry, the lid is secure ^^ It will only leak if you leave it open.


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