[REVIEW] Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes #1 Snow Magic #2 Pink Oyster #13 Brown Bunny

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've last blogged and I apologize for going MIA.  The main reasons have been lighting and dissatisfaction with my photos. Over the last few months, I've realized that I'm not happy with how my photos look. They're quite plain and I don't want that anymore.  I really wanted to improve but my mind just isn't picking up on any type of creativity or inspiration lately. I didn't want to put out anymore photos that I'm not proud of and the stress of it just made me stop blogging altogether. I've realized now that not blogging is counter-productive and so I'm back. My photos are just going to have to improve along the way.


Although I've been thoroughly enjoying the matte, naked look I've decided to come back with a little bit of bling to give my eyes a bit more life.  The holidays may be over but I love keeping a bit of shine in my daily life and there is nothing more sparkly in my collections then the Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes.

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes originally came out as part of a Limited Edition Holiday Collection back a few years ago. However, due to the amazing response and demand they received, Aritaum decided to make it part of their permanent collection and over the years, they've added more and more colours. To date, there are 35 colours and the collection seems never endingly expanding - which just speaks volumes of its success.

8 000 Won ~ Aritaum (Often on 1+1 deals)

(Source: Aritaum Website)

Today, I will be sharing with you my picks which are pretty basic colours. 
 #1 Snow Magic, #2 Pink Oyster, and #13 Brown Bunny.

Aritaum Shine Fix Eyes are housed in simple, plastic containers with a little plastic piece in the middle to keep the product flat. The tops of the lids are also flat making it easy to stack on top of each other. The large sticker on the back makes it easy to read the names. It's quite similar to the Maybelline Colour Tattoo pots except a study plastic instead of glass. 

In the pots, the shadows are soft and cushiony. Once applied on the eyes, they feel quite dry. There is quite a lot of product squished down in the little pots. The glitter, although fine, do have a range of sizes. 

#1 Snow Magic: before I even went into the store and swatched these, I knew I wanted Snow Magic. I feel that it's the most versatile out of all the shades in this collection because it could be layered on top of other shades of eyeshadow. It's just a white base shadow with white/silver sparkles.

#2 Pink Oyster: I fell in love with this shimmery pink sparkle. It's beautiful for the inner corners of the eyes and on the lower lash line. This is a great alternative to #1 because it offers the same brightening effect but more natural as it's less stark than the white in #1 Snow Magic. The base is a soft pink with a harmonious blend of pink, orange-gold sparkles.

#13 Brown Bunny: This is a beautiful neutral-cool brown with gold and silver glitter. Although I love the brown in this, the colour of the glitters are too cool toned to match it. Out of the three colours I got, the texture of the shadow on this one is the driest.

These shadows are beautiful and the sparkliest things you can find in the Korean market at the moment (which is saying a lot). Many people compare them to the Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill but I've never tried those so I can't comment on it. I do feel that although initially the shine is really bright, it does die down as time goes by. I think it's probably because the glitter falls off whenever you rub your eyes. In the case of #13, most of the glitter fell off by the end of the night, but the base colour did not budge one bit.

I love using #1 Snow Magic and #2 Pink Oyster on the inner corners of my eyes and at the centre of the lids as a highlight. It really draws a lot of light and focus without being overly obvious. #13 Brown Bunny is the only one I use all over the lids. I'd say the staying power is decent. I didn't notice any creasing or smudging at the end of the day but a lot of the glitter did wear off. For better application, I use a small brush to apply and blend. You can use your fingers but they will pick up a lot more product and thus creating a hassle to blend out.

 As these are meant for the eyes, the glitter is not abrasive. It doesn't irritate the skin around my eyes but they do irritate my eyes a little bit, especially when it comes to removal time. Glitter is a pain in the butt to remove and these do take a bit of effort to get everything off. 

I think these are fun additions for everyone's makeup arsenal but I don't think they're absolutely necessary. Personally I don't wear glitter on the daily so I don't reach for these much. However, I can imagine they would be great for the holidays and special occasions.


  1. These look so pretty! I'm more of a metallic eyeshadow wearer than glitter but the glitter looks so pretty!

    And in regards to your photos, I always loved your pictures! If anyone has plain pictures, it's me. Your photos always look so great and set up so nicely with the flower petals and such that I wouldn't change it much but that's just me.

    1. Thanks so much, Lily! You're so sweet :)

  2. Gosh, these look amazing! I love me some sparkle. I'll have to check these out.

    1. These are definitely sparkly!! With 35 colours to chose from, I'm sure you'll find one that you like :)

  3. I love glitter eye shadows way too much. I had one from Etude House that I used daily on the inner corners of my eyes, but it has since fallen behind my dresser and I haven't fished it out yet, and it's likely ruined because the lid wasn't even on it when it fell.

    It's too bad the glitter fallout was noticeable, but good to know the base colour of #13 didn't budge. I'm gonna have to try these out for myself some day. Maybe soon, since I'm looking to replace the one I lost/ruined. :D

    1. Hi Terri, the Aritaum Waanabe Shadow sticks are similar in terms of glitter but they're easier to control and have less fall out. I'm not sure if they've been discontinued though. Missha recently came out with something called Dewey eyes. It seems to be quite a hit so I recommend checking that out as well. It seems like a shimmery shadow with little fall out.


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