[REVIEW] Missha The Style Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon Dolly Coral

Monday, November 30, 2015

Missha is one of those brands where I tend to experience the most hits and misses with. Although I usually really like their packaging and the concept of their products, the actually quality and performance of the products either works really well with me or it does not. They also have different things under different lines, for example their Signature line is much more expensive than The Style line. 

"Bold, vivid colors for beautifully defined lips.
Long-lasting crayon on one end and soft cushion tip on the other end.
Cushion applicator provides smooth adherence with a natural smudge blending effect.
Fast and easy, multi-functioning smart makeup with the all-in-one lipstick + lip liner + cheek tint."

Picture Source:  Missha US Website

When they released the Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayons, I was truly intrigued with the pretty colours.  I like how none of the colours in this line overlap. They're all very distinctively different to each other even though they might not be unique.  The colour I gravitated towards the most is Dolly Coral.  I don't like to using testers in stores, so I really had to depend on the promotional material to gauge whether it would work for me.

Picture Source: Missha US Website

The concept of the Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon is really similar to that of Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tints (reviewed here) - one end is the actual product, the other end is a cushion tip, and both products twist up. Both products allow the user to achieve a lip gradation. I'm personally not a fan of how that looks on my lips so I use it full on.

The size of the crayon is similar to the Clinique Chubby Pencils. 

Twisted All The Way Up

I would describe this as a warm tone coral red that is very similar to but warmer than the VDL Cube Lipstick I reviewed in the past (reviewed here). The formulation is different though. 

After seeing how pretty this looked on the model in the promotional pictures, I really wanted to like this pencil. However I have some issues with it. As a colour, it's indeed very beautiful but doesn't compliment my skin tone. It seems to bring out the yellowness in my skin. This isn't much of an issue because I'm sure it would suit other people better. 

The biggest issue I have with it is the formulation.  Even after I have exfoliated and moisturized my lips, this product applies on very patchy. On dry lips, it sinks in the cracks and dries to a matte finish. On moisturized lips, it still catches onto ridges and patches up. If you use the crayon for gradational purposes, you can smooth out the patches with the cushion tip. Over blending will shift the colour around so it's not very easy to control. 

The biggest merit for this crayon is its long lasting ability. One time, I had applied this crayon on in the afternoon and even after dinner I could still see the colour. It wasn't as fresh and vibrant as right after application but it had faded beautifully and the coral colouring was still there. It's quite amazing since I had oily fried chicken that night. 

Overall, I would pass on this lip crayon. The color is beautiful (just not flattering on me) and it's long wearing but I found this product hard to control.  Missha makes many wonderful products that I do like but this was just not one of them and I don't see myself reaching for it.



  1. That's such a shame, I was hoping for a rave review on this as it seems to be quite similar to the ones that Maybelline came out with some months back! I've been quite keen on trying those out but I've yet to see them in person. Ah well, again, on the hunt for something similar but awesome Xxxx

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

    1. The Aritaum Cushion Tints are even more similar to the Maybelline ones and those are much nicer :)

    2. Cool cool - I'll go see if I can find them somewhere! Thank you! xxx

  2. I've heard great things about Missha as a brand, but yeah, this sounds like a pass. I like the idea of the ombre lips, but it doesn't appear as easy as they make it seem!
    Ivory Avenue

    1. There are so many great things from Missha, just not this one IMO and I agree with you Ombre lips are not easy at all.

  3. The color is so pretty, too bad you didn't like the formula too much though!

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. It's okay ^^ I've found other several similar colours in my collection. I guess I'm really drawn to corals lol.

  4. Ahh too bad the formula doesn't work out for you.. This is a nice color ^^
    But, I rarely have good experience with Korean lip products anyway,which is a shame since they have a lot of nice looking products :)


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