[REVIEW] Faith in Face Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming Mask

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Youth doesn't come twice, hold it tight."

One of the best hydrogel masks in the Korean road shop market has to be the Faith in Face masks. There are quite a few variations of this mask and a few years ago, I reviewed After Shower Look - which is still my absolute favourite. The one I'm reviewing today is the Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming Mask.

On hydrogel masks: I find that hydrogel masks tend to be more effective and hydrating than regular sheet masks. They come in this jelly form. Unlike some other hydrogel masks that I've tried, the Faith and Face masks actually have a grid lining on one side of the gel mask. This ensures that the gel does not ripe when you're putting it on. Make sure you place the real gel side on your face and not the grid side (a mistake that I made before and I'm not talking about the plastic guide sheets). Hydrogel masks typically come in two pieces - one for your upper face section (forehead to nose) and one for lower face section (around the mouth). This allows the mask to fit the face better than sheet masks.

The Hold Me Tight Lifting and Firming mask aims at anti-aging.  Although, the recommended time is 20 minutes, I left it on for 30 minutes to get the most benefit from the gel. The essence it left behind is very sticky. Even half an hour after I removed the mask, I could not let my hair touch my face without it sticking. How sticky was it? It hurted when I pulled my hair from my face - that was how sticky it was. True to its name, it really did hold my face tight - tight to the point where it was almost painful to move my face. This tight feeling lasted for 30 minutes. However, my face did feel significantly firmer and more hydrated. The dry patches on my face were completely gone after I used this and I made sure to place another cream on top to seal in the moisture that this mask has given me.

The packaging is just so cute. It really reminds me of Soap and Glory with the whole retro + baby pink feel.

Because of the firming effect that this mask gives, this will be nice for people with more mature skin looking for a quick fix before a big event.  Effects from masks tend to wear off after a few days, so it's never a magical fix.  Due to my skin needs, I will probably just keep purchasing the After Shower Look. It really helps with the appearance of my pores (temporarily) and hydrates my skin. 

Overall, I find Faith in Face Masks to be extremely effective. I highly recommend finding one that suits your skin needs and trying it out. These are available at Olive Young in Korea and YesStyle online.


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