Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge in GCR03 Wanna Coral Review

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hello everyone! Today I have a quick review for you. It's the Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge in GCR03 Wanna Coral (워나 코랄). This is from their M section, Spring Wanna Collection. They have three main colors this Spring. Wanna Pink, Wanna Orange, and Wanna Coral. These are also hit colors all through Korea this spring. 

This lipstick caught my eyes right away with its familiar, simple and sleek packaging. It looks a lot like the Shu Uermura lipsticks! It has a SPF13 - not much sun protection but better than none right?

Price: 11 800Won

Isn't she gorgeous? Missha does well in its advertising :)

There are four products in each Wanna collection - A matte shadow, shimmery shadow, lipstick, and a nail polish. As I've already got far too many eyeshadows and nail polishes, I only picked up the lipstick.

I also chose the main color in their Wanna Coral line. I absolutely adore the color from the first time I swatched it. If you don't like coral, there's actually a whole range of pinks and oranges to chose from. There's also a matte section. 

As you can see, it looks quite soft in the tube. I'm worry it might melt in the summer.

Wanna Coral is a salmony pink color which is really popular this Spring. You can apply one layer for a very natual look or apply multiple layers for a more opaque color. According to the promotional material, you may add a light layer for a "shy-girl" look or multiple layers for a "glam" look. 

This has to be the smoothest lipstick I've ever applied. The texture is so smooth and soft that it really reminds me of an extremely moisturizing lipbalm. Although this lipstick claims to contain argan, rosehip, and brazilian nut oil, it does not feel oily on the lips at all. It feels very light, moisturizing, and nonsticky. It provides a glossy finish with sheer color in just one layer. I've had no problems with it clinging onto dry skin. However, the downside to moisturizing lipsticks is that they do not last long on the lips. Even without eating anything, this lipstick barely stays on for more than one and a half hours. I've notice that it doesn't transfer heavily at all but the color just seems to disappear as time goes by.  I didn't have any problems with reapplication after the initial color fades off so it's easy to apply a second coat

The Good:
- beautiful glossy shine without you lips looking overkill
- decent buildable opacity
- feels very light
- affordable
- moisturizing
- smooth application
- sleek packaging
- has SPF
- easy to touch up

The Bad:
- wear time is less than a couple of hours with no eating

If you love glossy lipsticks and don't mind reapplying every couple of hours, than this is a lipstick for you. 


  1. This looks like it's really moisturizing! I really think Missha is stepping up it's game. Thanks for the review!

    1. Yes, they really are! Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. Love the packaging! Thinking about purchasing the lipstick!:)

    1. They've got a"Matt" range in the same packaging too :) I'm pretty sure they mean "Matte".

  3. Thats the prettiest coral I ever seen!looks so great on you. I have darker/pale lips, I wonder how it will turn out

    1. Perhaps a lip concealer can help you :)


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