Aritaum Pudding Tint: Lollipop Review

Monday, April 21, 2014
Hi everyone! How are you?

Today I've got the Aritaum Pudding Tint in #4 Lollipop to review for you. I'm not quite when this product came out but I'm certain that it was sometime not long ago.

As many of you know, Benefit came out with Lollitint this year. It's suppose to represent the color of the year, orchid (according to a Sephora sales lady).  Although I love the color purple, it hasn't always looked all that great on me. Because of this, I haven't picked up the Lollitint. 

When I saw this in stores at Aritaum, I thought, "Wow, that's just like Lollitint" and so I picked it up.

I love Chupa Chups lollipops. They always have really yummy flavors like chocolate vanilla ice cream and strawberry and creams... They remind me of my childhood when I would always buy one whenever I visited the Asian supermarket. 

The model is wearing Lolli Pop.

There are four colors available in this line. Polka Pink - a baby pink, Swing Coral - an orange, Tango Red  - a red based orange, and Lolli Pop - an orchid color. They retail for 5 000Won (about $5 U.S.)

Gradient Lips Vs. Full Color

Packaging: It's a glass bottle with a doe foot applicator and a plastic lid.

Texture: It's kind of milky and watery, like the Peripera Milky Tints.

This tint sets really quickly. As you can see in the picture, during the time it took for me to take a picture and to blend it out, some of the product has already set.

Color: Looking at the swatches of this and Benefit's Lollitint, I can't say that they are exactly the same shade. They are both orchids but the tone is different. 
However, for me, it's close enough.

Because of it's milky - watery texture, this product is really easily to spread. I usually dot it across my lips and let it sink a bit before blending it and adding a seond layer. If you blend right away, I find that the color  disappears really quickly. Although this is a light color, it's still really powerful! I have pigmented lips, but even just one layer allows the color to show up. It's more of  a berry pink color instead of a true orchid (which I don't mind) due to the pinkness of my lips.  Two layers allow the color to show up even deeper. If you want to create gradient lips, you can use a lip concealer and add this in the middle. I like to use to do this and then add another lip color onto. The color sinks in really quickly, so it's hard to blend it out after 10 seconds. 

My, oh my. Lip tints have gone a long way since they first came out.  Although this is in the traditional lip tint packaging, it is not drying at all. Even after this product set, I didn't notice any dryness. 

This tint, lasts pretty darn long!  I would say it lasts for over 6 hours. Even after using a cleansing oil, it is really hard to remove everything.

One layer hid the dry patches - very impressive.

I used a lip concealer over the lips before adding the product to the center. After applying the lip concealer, the product looks truer to color.

The Good:
- very cheap
- pretty close dupe to Benefit's Lollitint
- light color that still shows up on pigmented lips
- easily spreadable
- unique color
- great lasting power
- not drying
- sets quickly 

The Bad
- can't see the condition of the product or how much product is left because the bottle is opaque.

Overall:  I would say this is absolutely great if you want to try out Lollitint but don't want to splurge. As you know, it colors come and go. Although this product isn't disappointing, it's not mind blowing either. This is a decent lip tint with a unique color.

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