Holika Holika Single Eyeshadow Review

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Hi everybody, today I have a review on the Holika Holika single pan eyeshadows. They come in a wide range of colors , mostly shimmer, but I've only picked 6 which I am going to review for you today.

This line of single pan eyeshadows is called the Jewel lights which is why all the shadows have some kind of shimmer or frost to them - with the exception of SBR02 - which may have been added in as a blending out color. 

I'm very impressed with these shadows. The quality is quite comparable to higher end eyeshadows even though they are very affordable. They are very soft and pigmented. It has little to no fall out. They are easy to work with and easy to blend. I've never wore these with a primer and they still stay put for quite a good few hours.

The quality of the six I have are pretty uniformed with the exception of SBR03, I find that the black is a bit more dry and patchy than the rest of the shadows and I don't like how the blue shimmers fall off so easily. Other than that, they are by far my favorite Korean brand eyeshadows.

One thing to keep in mind is that, Holika Holika does not have empty palettes to store these in which is why I made my own using the tin case from Clio.  They are a bit of a hassle to carry around because they're small, even though they do come in sturdy individual cases.  They are easy to depot. You can check my post on how to depot them.

SPK02, SBE03, SBR03
SPK02: a very pretty frosty light pink-peach
SBE03: a satin-frosty steel grey blue
SBR03: a matte black with blue shimmers - I notice the shimmers fall off easily, leaving just a matte black

SBR02, SBK02, SBK01
SBR02: a matte peachy-brown; tan 
SBK02: A satin bronze
SBK01: A warm-tone satin brown

What I Love About Them:
- affordable
- high quality
- pigmented
- soft
- pretty
- easy to blend
- long lasting, even without a primer
- comes in an array of colors
- cute sturdy individual cases
- easy to depot

What I don't Love About Them
- may be hard to find out side of Korea
- not available in palette form - individual cases can easily be misplace.

Score: A

All in all, I think these single pan eyeshadows are fantastic, especially if you are a lover of shimmers. 

If they continue to make more matte or satin colors with this type of quality, I will be sure to collect even more of them. Holika Holika should come up with a empty palettes for us to store them in, so we can collect more colors.


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