Sunday, January 15, 2017

A while back Missha collaborated with Line to create a series of really cutely packaged makeup products. I was so busy at that time that I completely missed out on it. Lucky, the colours from the collaboration was part of their permanent line. Though, not as cute, I've finally gotten my hands on Missha's Maple Latte in their original packaging. Remember my review on the Missha M Glossy Lip Rouge? The packaging is identical so it's got a friend now :) Although the packaging is mostly plastic, it's got a real sturdy feel and weight to it. It's one of those caps that you know you can count on not to fall off and make a mess in your purse. I also really appreciate that the lipstick twists all the way. No one want's lipstick all over the cap, especially a clear one.

 The colour sticker at the top shows the colour of the lipstick. 

and... also on the bottom of the lipstick. It's great if you store your lipsticks upside down. You'll know exactly what colour it is.

The bullet of the lipstick is pretty accurate in colour to the stickers and the swatches. Although it falls in the Matt categories of the Missha M lip rouges, it's got a bit of a cream finish. It dries down to a matte eventually though. 

Maple Latte is usually described as a pumpkin brown. I agree with it completely. It's quite warm with just a tiny hint of red, brown, and orange. However, the strangest thing is that in certain lighting, it pulls a slight mauve on me. I've seen this happen on Camera and the promotional picture as well. Where does the mauve come from?! Maple Latte is definitely more of a fall colour, though you can wear it year round. The warmth of the colours reminds me of Maple leaves and the name "Latte" reminds me of Pumpkin Spice Latte. None the less, it's a beautiful, wearable daily colour.  

With one swipe, there is pure pigmentation. I wouldn't say that the lipstick is moisturizing as it can tug just the slightest if you're lips are dry but it's not drying at all either. On my lips, it lasted pretty really well despite transferring onto napkins.

Overall, I really like this lipstick. The packaging is classy and sturdy, the colour is unique and the formula is great. I am definitely considering getting other colours from this line. 

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