Saturday, July 16, 2016

Matte liquid lipsticks have been in for a while now but I haven't tried ANY so far. Why? because it's mainly the higher ends that are making it and also I've heard that it's incredibly drying - which is why I'm so excited to see Innisfree, my favourite Korean brand, come out with some this summer. Okay, it's not really matte, it's velvet but it's close enough. 

Innisfree Real Fit Color Liquids are not exactly matte liquid lipsticks. They come in two versions gloss and velvet. Velvet is close enough to matte that I'm willing to give it a try. The promotional pictures also look pretty amazing. I've purchased mine in V2 Dried Azalea. 

10 000 Won ~ 4.5g


The velvet version claims a velvet feather like fitting with camellia oil for hydration and clear colouration - all which I'm happy to say is true. The product is very opaque even with one swipe and fits onto the lips really nicely with a velvet, almost powdery finish. The more you blend it out the more velvet like it becomes. No matter how long I wore it for, it never felt drying. I think it's similar to the NYX soft matte lip creams but better.

Here is where one of the problems lie. The product comes in Innisfree's usually non-fuss, simple tubes with a flexible doe apply easily on the lips. 

Here is where one of the problems lie. The product comes in Innisfree's usually non-fuss, simple tubes with a flexible doe foot applicator. The applicator picks up WAY too much product for the tip to apply easily on the lips. I would say the doe foot is not the right applicator for mousse products. They might have done better with a brush tip.

Because the tip is really flexible, if you don't use all the product before putting the product back in the tube, it gets onto the tube opening like this...




The first thing you might have noticed is that the actual product of V2 is that it's not really all that true to the promotional picture. From the picture, I would assume that the colour be kind of a dusty rose / pinky mauve shade. The actually colour is a pretty average medium, cool tone pink leaning a bit red. 

Top is one swipe, bottom is swipe blended out.

You can see that as it blends out, it goes from mousse to something of a velvet powdery finish. 


Since the wands pick up so much product, I had to be pretty careful when I applied it. I usually swipe in the centre and blend out the outer edges with my fingers. I'm really happy that the formula doesn't cling onto any dry patches and that it applies on smoothly because that makes it worth the hassle of application. You might want to swipe off the excess product for easier application. Although it does provide a velvet-powder finish, I would say that it takes a long time for it to become matte. 

A slight fruity, floral scent.


Innisfree Real Fit Color Liquid is not what most would consider a traditional matte liquid lipstick. It never claimed to be either. It's a mousse that results in a velvet-powder finish that is also very comfortable and non-drying on the lips. The original cream consistency allows the product to spread onto the lips easily without clinging onto drier areas or clinging into patches.

The lasting powder on this is not that great since it rubs off onto everything but it doesn't leave an awful mess on the lips either. It fades evenly the way regular lipsticks will.

I don't think I would purchase more because it rubs onto things way too easily but I am happy with the colour I've chosen. Although it's nothing original and not true to the promotional, it's still a pretty bright colour for the summer. 


  1. Awww, it looks so cool on your lips. I'd be happy to try out them too. *w*
    I love your blog. I'm your new GFC follower, I hope you can follow me back.

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  2. Nothing pisses me off more than inaccurate color swatches! The color looks great but such a shame about how messy the applicator is and the lasting power. Definitely not worth. I was pretty close to picking this up during my last online order but sort of glad I didn't.

  3. Damn i just bought it because of the mauve colors . I should read your review first duh:(

  4. The colour looks really nice on you. It sucks they rub off though.
    I just put up a new blog post on new skincare I found from Sephora. I have a couple more posts coming this week. I'm a bit new to blogging and would love it if you checked out my blog!



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