Friday, July 1, 2016

H&M completely revamped their beauty products last year. Instead of the generic makeup with H&M slapped on, they've now got fancy, vintage, distinctive H&M packaging with products that have been receiving raving reviews. Although I was eager to get my hands on some, I had to head downtown to Eaton Centre to get my hands on some. They got two ranges for the lipsticks, the black and white packaging for matte and the gold and white packaging for creams. Fancy Freesia is part of their cream line. 

Even though most of the reviews have been entirely positive, I've only picked up one lipstick. Quite often, overly hyped up products only lead to disappointment so I wanted to test the water before I purchase more. I'm happy to say, this lipstick is fabulously amazing. I also wanted to try one of their blushes in the colour Cameo Pink, a dusty nude pink, but it wasn't there.

 I've been looking for a good purple lipstick so when I saw Fancy Freesia, I knew I had to have it. Even the lipstick bullet is elegant isn't it? I'm truly impressed with H&M's packaging design. Hands down the best in the drugstore range market. This lipstick retail for 12.99 CAD but really looks a lot more expensive. I do have to admit though, that the plastic is pretty light. So even though, it looks expensive, it doesn't feel expensive. For 12.99 what can you expect?

They've a sticker at the bottom of the lipstick and around the outer box but as you can see, it's not really a true representation of the actual colour. The actual colour is less purple and more pink. It's gorgeous and very wearable. 

This lipstick glides like a dream - soft, opaque, smooth. I don't want to hype it up too much but in terms of all the lipstick formulas I've tried, this is truly one of the best. I'm quite interested to try their matte line as well. 

Fancy Freesia applied on smoothly and easily. It felt really thin on the lips so it was easy to forget that I had even got lipstick on.  It didn't catch onto lines nor dry patches and I was really surprised by how evenly and beautifully it wore. It really clung onto the lips like second skin for  a good 4 -5 hours. I had to use a lip brush around the outer edges of my lips but no lip liner was needed because the formula didn't feather. There's a slight vanilla scent to the lipstick but nothing overwhelming.

Overall, I highly recommend H&M's lipstick line!


  1. It looks really good on your lips! So smooth! Yeah I've heard a lot of good stuff about H&M's makeup line but was a little skeptical as some of them were from sponsored Youtubers but glad to hear the hype is real!

    1. Yip! I'm also skeptical of promotional stuff lol~

  2. I have never tried anything from H&M's makeup line, but I think I will now! The color is gorgeous! Great post :)
    -Jenna <3
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