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Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Although Korean cosmetics online stores are popping up everywhere these days, it's hard to find a lot of information on them.  TesterKorea is the only site I've ordered from so far, so sadly at this time I cannot compare it to the services of other online stores. I can only review it from the services I've had so far. I've been really enjoying other people's reviews on online shops so I think with the incoming of my haul, it's a good time for me to give my opinion to help other shoppers as well.

*All products are purchased by me and I am not sponsored nor affiliated in any way. 

This is the Home Page. The tabs are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate.

They sell various products from MANY brands

Besides beauty products, they also sell fashion items and food.

You can also just buy samples to try things in the Sample Shop.

The cart and the process to check out. 

Before you can go further, you have to create and account or log on. 

There are many shipping options. Usually I go with register mail. K-Packet is only available for small purchases, I believe.

and many payment option. 

After confirmation of payment, the order is processed and shipped!

Reasons why I shop at TesterKorea
The website is easy to navigate
The prices are low
They sell recently released items relatively fast. 
Frequent sales and discounts.
Prices are comparable to in store prices.

Some things I don't like about TesterKorea
Prices can only be paid through baht or USD. (With the continually dropping worth of the Canadian dollars, it's hard to estimate how much the total would come out to be after paying in USD and then having it converted to CAD. Though, I'm sure that this is a problem that's going to occur with most online store so I don't fault TesterKorea too much for that. It just means I probably won't be online shopping in USD anytime soon.)

Shipping isn't free (understandable since prices are low. It's usually one or the other with all stores)

My Order Details
It took roughly about a month from the moment I placed my order to the time my order arrived. I always choose register mail because it's usually the most affordable, aside from K-Packet which is slightly cheaper.

A week after I placed my order, I was notified that one of the items was out of stock and because it was limited edition, it cannot be back in stock. I believe that this is an unusual case since I have not encountered it in my previous order experiences. They allowed me to choose another item to replace it. The difference in the prices were credited back into my TesterKorea account.
* I placed this order during their sales event so sales volume was probably higher than normal and thus it took a week to process. In the previous three times I've ordered, it took roughly around 4 days to process and ship out.

3 days after that, my order was shipped. They did warn me that replacing the out of stock item would take a few days delay versus just having the item go to store credit.
*Edit* I've placed another order and it seems each time, it takes longer and longer to be shipped out... Perhaps it's just TesterKorea adjusting to more and more shoppers?

3 weeks later, my order arrived. I'm pretty impressed with this as it's the holiday season. Normally it takes about 3 - 4 weeks for my online purchases to arrive anyways. I live in Canada so it's normal for anything and everything to take a while to arrive. (Except Sephora - they say 2 day delivery and it happens!)

My package arrived in a study, plastic box. Smalls things were packaged in clear little bags and loose items are wrapped in bubble wrap. Sometimes the paper boxes are slightly crushed but so far none of them items arrive dirty or damage.

Overall, I enjoy shopping at TesterKorea. Recent releases are accessible, things come clean and quickly, and prices are decent.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, let me know :) I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.  My haul post is here.

*All products are purchased by me and I am not sponsored nor affiliated in any way. 


  1. I shop for Korean cosmetics using a handful of online stores, but as of this year, I've been using TesterKorea for the majority of my purchases for the same reasons you've listed, plus they carry a ton of different brands, so it's sort of a one-stop shop for me. Usually, I'd have to order from a few different stores just to find everything I need/want.

    I also got an email during my last purchase because something was out of stock, so I guess lots of people have been ordering for the holiday season! Looking forward to seeing your haul post! :D

    1. Thanks Terri! It sucks when things go out of stock. The next haul has a lot of stuff I've been REALLY REALLY wanting so I can't wait to post it up!

  2. I placed my first order from TesterKorea on the 11th of December. I haven't received it yet and the tracking number pretty much went dead and stopped updating after the 18th. :/ But I can't wait to get my order and hope it's a success since I think TK has the best prices and good selections. I'm in the process of pretty much trying out a lot of online Korean beauty shops to see which one's the best.

    1. That's a good idea and I really agree that TK has a good selection and prices. I placed my order a few weeks earlier that you and the tracker also went dead around Incheon. Hopefully you'll recieve yours soon and I can't wait to read about what've you ordered :)


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