Restaurants in Seoul: Gril5Taco Hongdae

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A few weeks back, I was skimming through some food pictures on instagram and I stumbled on this delicious fries platter. I asked the poster for the location, and to my delight, the restaurant is right here in Seoul - in Hongdae. I love Mexican fushion food - I've probably never had truely authentic Mexican before as it's hard to find, but I've always enjoyed the fushion options available.

The restaurant that I went to is called Grill 5 Taco. The sign says Grills but I've also heard it being refered to as Grill5Taco.

They have two floors for indoor dining, and a few tables set up outside.

The music is quite loud inside but it adds to the youthful and hip atmosphere. 

If you have trouble finding it, it's right across from The Design Museum - I've never been in there but it looks interesting. Grills is located on one of the smaller streets. It's not close to the main Hongdae street. It's best to GPS it beforehand.

On the outside, you can see their menu. Here's a sneek peak of the inside. I didn't feel right taking pictures inside because I really want to respect the other diners' privacy. You have to order at the front, then they give you a little round thing, that buzzes off when your food is ready. You have to get your own forks, knives, and napkins from the little stand. You also have to take your trash and tray back to the stand when you're finished. It's kind of like a fast food restaurant but with better atmosphere and pricier dishes.

Because, I couldn't handle the loud music (I'm getting old!), I sat outside - which was great because instead of sitting on a metal chair, I was able to get a cool low table and cot chairs. Thursday Island is a clothing brand. They might be doing a collaboration. I'm really not sure but there was this projector outside.

There as also this little room called Mr. Beau's Room where you can walk in and check out the things Thursday Island has to offer and a photobooth. The photobooth is there for a facebook event. 

I ordered the Short Ribs Burrito and the Seoul Fries. It took close to 20 minutes for the food to arrive. I think it was during their busy time. The burrito was smaller than I had imagine but it was so incredibly delicious!!

Seoul Fries: a bit of kimchi, bulgogi, onion, and mayonnaise.

I think the Seoul Fries were about 10 000Won (around $10 U.S.D.)

Would I go back again? Absolutely. I wasn't thrilled with the wait time but the food was great and I love the patio atmosphere.


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    1. Come travel soon! There are many beautiful places in Seoul^^ thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!


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